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Viva the Bill Ayers Weatherman Revolution v. the Tea Party Movement

4 April 2010 8 Comments

The attacks on the tea party movement continue. In a March 28 New York Times article, When Does Political Anger Turn to Violence? The NYT ran a photograph juxtaposing the 1960s terrorist group, the Weather Underground Organization, on top of a photo of protestors protesting Obamacare in Washington.

The caption: “Varying degrees of rage: The Weathermen, including Bill Ayers, second from right, during the Days of Rage in 1969, and anti-health reform protesters in Washington on Sunday.”

In the article, the “anti-health reform” protestors are identified as tea party protestors. Bill Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist and former leader of the Weathermen, by his own account, is President Obama’s “family friend,” who launched Obama’s political career from his house in Chicago. Today he is a “distinguished” professor. During his Weathermen days, Ayers said: “We are revolutionary Communists. We’re fighting to destroy imperialism and established (sic) a socialist state.” Does that sound like the Tea Party Movement?

Let’s take a look at Ayers’ Weathermen to identify where their anger came from that turned to violence to see if the NYT is on to something. We know the anti-health reform/tea party protestors are angry over Obamacare.

We also know that the tea party protestors did not travel to Fidel Castro’s Cuba to conspire against America, unlike Bill Ayers and his Weatherman. According to declassified 1976 FBI reports, released under the Freedom of Information Act, Ayers, and his future wife Bernadine Dohrn traveled to Castro’s Cuba before the October 1969 Days of Rage riots as part of the Venceremos Brigades.

The Venceremo Brigades was a Cuban spy operation tasked to recruit “individuals who are politically oriented and who someday may obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. Government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence.”

“The ideological mating between the American radical left and the Vietnamese Communist, with Fidel Castro playing matchmaker, exploded in…the streets of Chicago. It is love that feeds the inextinguishable hate against the United States.”

Following are highlights–according to the FBI.

In a September 1969 speech entitled “A Strategy to Win” Weatherman Ayers said, “We’re not just saying… bring the U.S. troops home and deploy them some place some other time, we’re saying bring the war home…”

How did Weatherman Ayers propose to achieve his objectives? By quickly setting up a “National Action Staff,” all over the county to “build a revolutionary youth movement…”


One of the most important reasons for calling the National Action lies with the decision… that it was possible and necessary to build an anti-imperialist, working class youth movement in the mother country…

And what became clear to people—through the struggles at Columbia and Chicago, at San Francisco State and at Kent State—was that putting forward our politics in an aggressive way was the ONLY way to organize the masses of people in this country. That only by dealing with the issues of white supremacy, the black liberation struggle, Third World struggles, and the fight against imperialism, only by challenging the consciousness of the people could we ever develop a movement capable of helping topple the imperialist state…

Chicago is the site…We are coming back to turn pig city into the people’s city.”

After Ayers’ Days of Rage, a four-day “war on the Chicago police” where 287 people were arrested and 59 police officers “sustained personal injury,” the FBI report tells us on October 21, 1969, the New Left Notes reported a Weatherman update:

“…We came to do material damage to pig Amerika and all that it’s about — its school-jails, its pig armies, its fat businessmen, and its greedy empire. We came to do it in the road—in the open—so that white Amerika could dig on the opening of the a new front, on the birth of a new brigade in the world liberation army. We came to attack—because we know that the only things to defend in honkie Amerika are the privileges—the cars, the apartments, the hotels, the TV’s,–that we’ve gained off the sweat of the people of the world. We came to vamp on those privileges and destroy the m—–f—– from the inside…

From here on it’s one battle after another… Pig Amerika—Beware: There’s an army growing right in your guts, and it’s going to help bring you down.”

Now we know where the Weathermen anger came from. Was NYT attempting to draw a moral equivalency to the tea party movement and Ayers’ Weathermen?

That remains unclear as does the reason why Ayers, who dodged prison because of a prosecutorial misconduct, befriended Barack Obama.

Perhaps, the FBI report offers an answer, “Good revolutionaries are never deterred by odds.”

Incidentally, Bill Ayers expertise in creating youth movements may help explain how President Obama, formerly a relatively unknown Senator from Chicago, was able to build such a remarkable youth movement and grass roots organization that outmaneuvered Hillary Clinton and propelled him into the White House. Perhaps that’s a story the New York Times might want to check out.

Update: Is it me, or does the Occupy Wall Street movement remind you of Bill Ayer’s ideological plans for America? The destruction of capitalism. Read all the FBI declassified reports and decide for yourself.