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The Whistleblower’s Online Endnote Accompaniment

28 December 2011 No Comment

The Whistleblower’s Online Endnote Accompaniment

Additional Resources and Official Reports
Investigation of Whitewater Development and Related Matters Final Report, June 17, 1996.

Whitewater: Foster Report (note: This is the full text of the report on the 1993 death of White House counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., compiled by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr via Washington Post. This file does not contain the report’s footnotes or appendix.)

Starr Report. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s report to the House on President Clinton. Editor’s Note: Some of the language in these documents is sexually explicit.

Final Report of the Independent Counsel In Re: Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association, Robert W. Ray, Independent Counsel, January 5, 2001.

The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (Indexed Hardcover, Authorized Edition),


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3. Camille Paglia, “Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has done feminism no favour,” The Telegraph, May 24, 2008.
4. Hillary Clinton, Living History, (Simon & Schuster, June 9 2003).
Also see: Bill Clinton, My Life, (Alfred A. Knopf, 2004).
5. Jennifer Epstein, “Newt Gingrich: Obama is Clinton’s 3rd term,” Politico, January 21, 2011.
6. Carol E. Lee, “Obama exits, Clinton keeps talking,” Politico, December 10, 2010.
7. Chris Matthews, “President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon,” MSNBC, updated February 11, 2011. “There isn’t a single political figure today with the global reach and influence of Bill Clinton—a former U.S. president turned humanitarian and diplomat extraordinaire. This Presidents’ Day, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will take viewers behind the scenes of Clinton’s life in the one-hour documentary “President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon.”

Chapter 1: Under Siege
8. Dispatches, BBC News, January 6, 1998.
9. Matt Drudge, “Newsweek Kills Story on White House Intern. Blockbuster Report: 23-Year Old, Former White House Intern, Sex Relationship with President,” Drudge Report, January 17, 1998.
10. Matt Drudge, “Controversy Swirls Around Tapes of Former White House Intern, as Starr Moves In!!” Drudge Report, January 20, 1998.
11. “Clinton Accused. Key Player: Paula Jones,” Washington Post, October 2, 1998.
12. “Referral to the United States House of Representatives pursuant to Title 28, United States Code 595(c), Submitted by the Office of the Independent Counsel,” Starr Report, September 9, 1998.
13. Betty Currie deposition, Starr Report, January 27, 1998, p. 560, see p. 78.
14. Hillary Clinton, Living History, (First Scribner Trade paperback edition, 2004), p. 440.
15. Susan Schmidt, Peter Baker and Toni Locy, “Clinton Accused of Urging Aide to Lie,” Washington Post, January 21, 1998; p. A1.
16. Susan Schmidt, Peter Baker and Toni Locy, “Clinton Accused of Urging Aide to Lie,” Washington Post, January 21, 1998; p. A1.
17. Dick Morris, “The Clinton Years,” ABC News Nightline/ PBS Frontline, January 16, 2001.
18. Bill Clinton, The Oprah Winfrey Show, June 22, 2004.
19. President Clinton with Jim Lehrer, PBS News Hour Interview, January 21, 1998.
20. R.W. Apple Jr., “The President Under Fire: The Power Broker; Jordan Trades Stories with Clinton, and Offers Counsel,” New York Times, January 25, 1998.
21. “A Chronology: Key Moments in the Clinton-Lewinsky Saga,” CNN.
22. List of deceased persons reportedly associated with the Clinton Administration, (left on Linda Tripp’s chair by Monica Lewinsky, according to Tripp), Judicial Watch.
23. “Tripp’s Life Threatened, attorney says,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, May 27, 1998; p. 12a. “Asked whether Tripp was taken to a safe house after the allegations surfaced, Zaccagnini said, “Linda Tripp … was the subject of a lot of press scrutiny and there were some threats made against her life. As a result, the FBI, in conjunction with Starr’s office, decided to move her to a secure location.”
24. “Mrs. Tripp says she is thinking about doing a book,” Associated Press, February 16, 1999.

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