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The Whistleblower: How the Clinton’s Stayed in Power Dedication & Prologue

4 January 2012 3 Comments

To Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, and the author of the Drudge Manifesto, (who dedicated his book to Linda Tripp). And to all whistleblowers and truth-tellers who stand tall in the face of adversity and deception.


Once upon a time, the United States of America was one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Today America is a divided country with fading freedom and selective justice. Congress rams legislation into law without reading it. Elected officials, choosing power over principle, act as if they are above the law, with no accountability or consequences for their actions. Good, hardworking, patriotic Americans are penalized and smeared, while the corrupt and incompetent are rewarded. God-fearing people are mocked, while others worship at the false altar of celebrity, money, and politics seeking salvation that never comes.

Americans are waking up, disillusioned by the Obama administration’s transformation of America. Candidate for president Barack Obama told voters that’s what he would do. “Change” is what he promised. He is accomplishing his promise by using the tactics of Saul Alinsky, the father of community organizing and author of Rules for Radicals—the guidebook to pushing a progressive, social justice way of life onto America, where the “ends justify the means.” In Alinsky’s view and that of his acolytes, progressive social justice is the redistribution of wealth and the primacy of the societal good over individual liberty. His teachings are the blueprint for President Obama’s “hope and change” agenda. Alinsky’s book, dedicated to “the first radical known to man—Lucifer,” became the inspiration for several leftist politicians.

History is repeating itself. The Clinton White House followed the Alinsky methods.

As more Americans worry about their futures, and the future of their country, we must look at the past to understand the present, so we can make informed decisions about our future.

If you wonder how the disgraced and scandal-ridden Clinton White House dodged indictments in the 1990s and reemerged in the increasingly scandal-ridden Obama administration in 2009; if you wonder how the Obama administration will dodge indictments, keep reading.

When I started writing this book, I thought I would be telling the story of how Linda Tripp (who served in Bill Clinton’s Oval Office and Hillary’s counsel office), transformed from a dutiful employee into a crusading right-wing whistleblower, who almost toppled a sitting President of the United States. Instead, I found myself writing a different book entirely—an account of how the Clinton White House clung to power to reemerge on the world stage and in the Obama administration. This book chronicles the strategies and tactics the Clintons used during the 1990s’ investigations and beyond to stay in power. They are the same tactics the Obama administration is using today.

During Hillary’s 2008 failed bid for the presidency, author and social commentator Camille Paglia noted, “For all the claims of media bias and ill treatment by her male fellow candidates, Hillary has got off absurdly softly in this campaign. No one—neither her rivals nor mainstream journalists—has had the guts to explore or even list the bursting catalogue of past Clinton scandals, in which Hillary was nearly always hip deep.”

Paglia is right. It’s time to vet the administration and the “ends justifies the means” ideology serving in the Obama White House that seeks re-election.

While I use the experiences and insights of Linda Tripp to portray the Clintons as they really are, Republicans and Democrats alike misread the Clinton era. Linda Tripp was not a whistleblower. She was an enabler; a woman who acted out of fear and self-preservation rather than a sense of obligation to justice. Thus in this narrative, she became the means to an end.

When Hillary and Bill Clinton vacated the White House, they left the way they had entered: dodging scandals and indictments from Whitewater to Pardongate. Many believed it was impossible for the Clintons to rehabilitate their image and return to power. “It’s time to move on … the Clintons are old news,” became conventional thinking.

Thus, Clinton investigations ceased. Deals were struck with special prosecutors. Bi-partisan hands were extended in the spirit of goodwill. Hillary and Bill Clinton rewrote history in their autobiographies, Living History and My Life. Bill launched his Clinton Global Initiative to “solve” the world’s most pressing problems. Hillary ran for President.

It was a gross miscalculation to underestimate the Clintons. They are back with the Obama administration, in what has arguably shaped up to be the Clintons’ third presidency. Virtually every major position in the Obama administration has been filled by someone involved with the 1990s Clinton White House. Hillary directs foreign policy as Secretary of State; and Bill Clinton has become, according to MSNBC the “President of the World.”

As British Statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Yet, scores of people have forgotten how individual Americans like Linda were targeted, smeared, vilified, and indicted for speaking some truth about the Clinton White House. The Obama administration is like the Clinton White House on steroids. The administration is using the same Clintonesque-Alinsky tactics, except the Obama regime takes these tactics further; rather than targeting and smearing individuals, entire segments of the population are under attack. Tea Party patriots, conservatives, capitalists, the military, and anyone who disagrees with the Obama administration’s big government policies is vilified. This will not end until their Progressive-Alinsky way of “governing” is exposed, because whether the 2012 Democratic Presidential nominee is Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or another Democrat, the same players who share the same ideology will be involved.

Had this story been told years ago—by those in the know, had they blown the whistle—it could have changed the course of American history.

After reading The Whistleblower you will know why they remained silent. You will learn how to stand up against corruption, stop the selective justice and special rights system that benefits Washington’s ruling elite, and begin the restoration of the rule of law and honor that made America exceptional as “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” It is never too late for the truth to be revealed and for past injustices to be righted. This book is a cautionary tale of how what begins as a seemingly small benign act of accommodation can evolve into more involved and deeper corruption.

Linda once said to me, after enduring the politics of personal destruction and a criminal indictment, “If you believe nothing else, believe this: If the Clintons can do this to me, they can do it to you.”

She was right. This is the book the Clintons, the Obamas, and those who share in the Progressive Alinskyite ideology never wanted you to read.
                                                            —Marinka Peschmann

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