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The Fix is in Part II: Hillary’s Benghazi cover-up

19 December 2012 3 Comments

Yesterday, John Bolton, President George W. Bush’s former U.N. ambassador, alleged that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concocted a “diplomatic illness” to avoid testifying on the September 11 anniversary attack in Benghazi, Libya this week that killed four Americans: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith, a computer expert.

Over the weekend Clinton reportedly fainted and suffered a concussion. She continues to work from home (where she could also testify by a live feed). While it might sound callous to some people, there is very good reason for Ambassador Bolton’s skepticism considering the last time Hillary avoided testifying it was due to ‘scheduling conflicts’ which included a wine tasting in Australia. But it goes much deeper than that. Hillary turned dodging indictments and perjury charges into an art form during the Clinton era. The question is will lawmakers on both sides of the aisle finally hold her accountable or allow Hillary to continue making a mockery out of the rule of law?

Rewind to the first Clinton scandal, Travelgate.

Excerpted in part from The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House and on the World Stage (One Rock Ink Publishing).

It was May 1993 when the Clinton administration fired the White House travel office staffers to ostensibly give the travel office business to the Clinton’s friends.

As Linda Tripp, of President Bill Clinton impeachment fame, who served in Hillary’s White House counsel’s office at the time, recounted to me, “[Travel Director] Billy Dale was escorted out of the White House by the FBI, put into a paneled van with no seats and told to sit on the floor the day the Clintons removed him. And I watched Hillary orchestrate that whole thing; siccing the FBI on them, getting them out. Careerists, while they’re not political, do serve at the pleasure of the president. All President Clinton had to say was, ‘We’re replacing you.’ It would’ve been unheard of, but was within his legal purview to do.” Instead the Clintons did what Linda said they always did: “Destroy their enemy and ruin them.”

In December 1994, Billy Dale was indicted on two counts of embezzlement.

Hillary described Travelgate with cool indifference as, “perhaps worthy of a two-or-three-week life span, instead, in a partisan political climate, it became the first manifestation of an obsession for investigation that persisted into the millennium.” But for Billy Dale, it wasn’t a partisan manifestation. It was the termination of a thirty-plus-year career, and a fight for his freedom. If convicted, he faced a maximum of twenty years in prison and up to $500,000 in fines. After fighting his criminal charges for almost three years, Dale was exonerated after a jury deliberated for one hour.

Meanwhile Hillary repeatedly denied having any involvement in the firings, in public and under oath.

Three years after the firings, a staffer’s memo (the Clinton White House had previously withheld) revealed, that Hillary had insisted that “the travel office staff be replaced.”

The memo read in part: “Once this made it onto the First Lady’s agenda, [Vince] Foster became involved, and he and Harry Thomason [friend who wanted White House travel business] regularly informed me of her attention—as well as her insistence that the situation be resolved immediately by replacing the travel office staff.” Hillary conveyed “her desire for swift and clear action.”

Seven years after the firings Special Prosecutor Robert Ray (who succeeded Ken Starr in the Office of the Independent Counsel), concluded in his final report that Hillary’s sworn testimony was “factually inaccurate.” “The overwhelming evidence establishes that she played a role in the decision to fire the employees. … Thus, her statement to the contrary under oath was factually false.”

Seven years later, the public had tuned out. Ten years later, the Clintons re-wrote the facts about Travelgate in their respective memoirs absolving Hillary of any wrongdoing or of telling falsehoods to investigators—a prosecutable offense.

After Ray’s report on Travelgate was released, Dale said, “Everyone, especially Robert Ray, knows Hillary Clinton lied under oath about her role. It is disappointing that the Office of Independent Counsel … would not prosecute her simply because of a fear of what a Washington, D.C., jury might do.”

Billy Dale was absolutely right. Indeed it was. When perjury and law breaking are not held to account it is emboldened and grows more lethal. Hillary, (with President Obama, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and David Petraeus) already misled the public when they falsely blamed a YouTube video for the deadly attack in Benghazi. No wonder Ambassador Bolton believes that it is possible that Hillary has come down with “diplomatic illness” to avoid testifying.