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How To Free Your Mind So You Won’t Be Deceived By Fake News Or Misinformation

Marinka Peschmann's Break Free from Media Echo-Chambers 30 Day Challenge

Do you get upset, fearful, or angry when you see what’s going on in the news and on… social media?  Are you feeling drained and powerless?

Have you LOST any friends or loved ones because of politics, conspiracies, fake news, and fights over media outlets?

If the answer is “YES,” you might be in a media echo-chamber or know someone who is. It’s time to break free.

The truth is not left or right.

Your MISSION should you choose to accept it is to break free from politicized media echo chambers for 30-days so you can become better informed, and live a more peaceful and hopeful life.  The Break Free from Media Echo Chambers 30-Day Challenge will show you how.

The BREAK FREE from Media Echo-Chambers 30-Day Challenge

Marinka Peschmann's The Break Free from Media Echo-

This challenge guides you through a daily process where you make a SMALL change in your life for 30-days that could have a huge, life changing, impact.

At the end you should be able to focus on solutions to real problems, and stop being freaked out by fake ones.

BUY The BREAK FREE from Media Echo Chambers Challenge for yourself, for a loved one, or an estranged friend.  

Take back your power. Invest in you!

FREE YOUR MIND and be a part of the solution to this fake news, misinformation and defamation online crisis.

Because what’s published in America does not stay in America, if you consume news and information, this challenge is for you too.

The time to break free is NOW!

The Break Free from Media Echo-Chambers Challenge is available in paperback and hardback.

GET STARTED NOW. Click the SHOP NOW button below and get your copy.

Take the 30 Day Challenge
Get started now. Set yourself free!

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