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Marinka Peschmann is a ghostwriter, author, occasional journalist, and consultant. Words can lift up, educate, expose injustices, and… Continue readingAbout

A Review: The Whistleblower – The Masterpiece of our times

In finding the ever elusive truth, it is those working quietly in the background who prove most successful in bringing the real story to the surface; those rare few far too busy finding what matters to make time for bows in the limelight; those like investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann who steadfastly refuse to put themselves ahead of the story. By unearthing the political intrigues of our time and for putting the public back on the chessboard in time for the political play of a presidential election year, The Whistleblower should be called what it truly is: a masterpiece. … … Continue readingA Review: The Whistleblower – The Masterpiece of our times


From showbiz and celebrities to true crime, education, and covering U.S. politics and the United Nations, Marinka also… Continue readingBooks