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Stuff for Stress

Stuff for Stress

With the pandemic and the real world consequences of defamation, misinformation, disinformation, fake news, and other problems stressing people out, it can get scary when stress starts breaking your body down and affecting you physically.

You have to be good to yourself first and foremost.

When I wasn’t taking nature walks to de-stress when I was litigating as a defamation, false light pro se plaintiff, below are some items that I used (and continue to use) which helped to keep stress somewhat at bay.

Perhaps some (or one) of these items might be helpful and healing for you too.

Be good to yourself today and everyday.

Click on the item images to learn more about them and/or to buy.

Please note, I am not a medical doctor, so check with your doctor before using any items I recommend. The items on this page are linked to Amazon affiliate links. As such, I would receive a small commission from the sales of certain items if you decide to make a purchase, but the price remains the same for you.


The Firm, Slim & Sculpt Stability Ball Workout

Great for exercising, but also a huge help to stretch out your back. You might want to lie on it backside down and let the weight of your head do its thing.

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Pro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine – Whole Body Workout

If you are stiff from being in front of a computer, the vibrations of this exercise machine helps to loosen you up. Crank up some music and give it a go. You can dance on it while building some upper body strength. Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Back, Neck, Hips Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion with Heat,Vibration.

The benefits are self explanatory. Sit back, enjoy and relax. Consider listening to some beautiful classical music and/or nature sounds.

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Cervical Neck Traction Device for Instant Neck Pain Relief

Neck decompression is helpful after hours and hours of being in front of the computer. I like to use it for about half an hour before bed because you might get a little sleepy as the tension pours out.

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Therapist’s Choice Inflated Air-Filled Stability Balance Disc with Pump (Blue).

You can stand on this disc, sit on it, or lean against it in your chair to help relieve pain and tension. It hits several pressure points too.

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller – Relieve Foot Arch Pain

This is an inexpensive way to relieve stress, and it’s small enough to take with you when you travel. Click and scroll down to see a foot reflexology chart.

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Back Brace Posture Corrector For Women and Men

Sometimes people don’t realize how hunched over they are until they try on one of these posture supports … whoa…

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

If you want to learn more about the healing benefits of aromatherapy, you might want to read Aromatherapy Uses and Benefits from Healthline.

Click the image below to learn more and/or to buy.

Essential Oils Top 6 Gift Set Pure Essential Oils

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Non Slip

If you’ve never done yoga, and don’t know the healing benefits of it, there are several excellent yoga instructors on YouTube to help get you started.

Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set — for Healing and Mindfulness

The healing benefits of sound… Click the image below to learn more and/or buy.

There are several chiropractors on YouTube who demonstrate different stretches and exercises to help relieve pain and stress. Just go to YouTube and do a search.

Bigelow’s Wellness Teabag Variety Pack

Sit back, sip, enjoy, relax

MERCH: Mine sets boundaries and lifts people up.

Here’s a sample:

Marinka Peschmann's Merch
Free Speech, Fake News Mugs
Fake news spiral notebook
Fake News Journal
Fake News Free Zone, No Time for BS
Fake News Free Zone, No Time for BS
Marinka Peschmann's Merch politics free zone
Politics Free Zone

It’s time for a healing and upbeat musical interlude. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to the 1980’s.

Enjoy Howard Jones’ “Things can only get better.” See his official website.

Chronic and mismanaged stress may lead to depression.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text HOME to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line.

If you need help in Canada, please call 1-833-456-4566 for the Canada Suicide Prevention Service.

For Military Veterans Canada and USA, please call 1-800-273-8255 Press 2 for Spanish. For help around the world, please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources.

Are you in an abusive relationship? There is help. Please reach out. You are not alone

If you are in an abusive relationship in the United States please reach out to the national domestic violence hotline. Recognizing abuse is the first step.

If you are in Canada, please go to The Assaulted Women’s Helpline if you are in Ontario and to Domestic Abuse Help in Canada if you are in other provinces and territories. Thank you.

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