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She’s in: The Hillary 2016: Prison or President? campaign… Updated: Hillary for America Takedown Request

She’s back! It’s official. Last week Hillary Clinton threw her hat into the ring as the inevitable Democratic nominee for president again, and hit the campaign trail in a “Scooby Van.” Despite Hillary’s contrived, disastrous rollout, according to Steve Kornacki’s MSNBC’s panel, as one woman to another, I say, “You go girl!”

And as that aforementioned woman, I’m pleased to say that here at the Hillary 2016: Prison or POTUS? (President of the United States) campaign headquarters –that’s HILLPoP2016 for short, we’ve been ready for Hillary for a really long time.

To honor the latest Hillary rebranding effort as a “champion for everyday Americans,” we’ve added some new styles to the Hillary 2016: Prison or POTUS? campaign, like this one below.

Hillary for President
Note: Take down! This bumpersticker is no longer available. Hillary for America’s legal department lodged an intellectual property right’s holder trademark complaint against HILLPoP2016’s latest styles. While HILLPoP2016 thinks our H is different (the arrow faces left and is orange for instance), one must pick their battles. HILLPoP2016 respects Zazzle’s decision regarding their terms of service agreement and wishes more corporations would enforce them.

Despite Hillary’s supporters saying that it’s time for a woman president, HILLPoP2016 (like Fox News Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points,” get it?) would also like to see a woman president one day, just not Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, if being a woman was the only qualification necessary to be POTUS, like these students from the University of Washington believe, as an illustration, HILLPoP2016 could also be the first female president. But with the added bonus of not having a history of dodging criminal indictments like Hillary.

Watch from Campus Reform:

Hillary Clinton White House 2.0

Let’s be blunt, if past is prologue, for new voters, like the Generation Y’s, who are too young to remember Hillary’s scandal ridden, indictment dodging first presidency in the 1990’s, as co-president with Bill Clinton, to vote, or not to vote, for Hillary is not a hard choice.

Any questions? Read HILLPoP2016’s Clinton books, The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power, Following Orders: Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer and scores of others from both political aisles covering Clinton White House 1.0 to see what Clinton White House 2.0 will look like.

It already does. HILLPoP2016 looks forward to the upcoming publication of Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, by Peter Schweizer.

We are fair here at HILLPoP2016, don’t play politics, and go where the facts lead us whether we like them or not. See Media Matters response documenting Schweizer’s History of Errors, Retractions, and Questionable Sourcing. Time will tell if Schweizer’s book is properly sourced, or not.

We would like to congratulate the early HILLPoP2016 campaigners who had the foresight to know that no matter how bad things appeared, scandal-wise, for Mrs. Clinton—Benghazi, Radar’s Bill Accused! Jeffrey Epstein ‘Sex Slave’ Demands ‘Criminal Charges’ Against Clinton, Dershowitz, & Prince Andrew — Explosive New Affidavit, etc. etc., that Hillary would run for president again. Congratulations.

See a happy HILLPoP2016 campaigner.

Hillary 2016 T-Shirt Happy Campaigner
Hillary 2016 T-Shirt Happy Campaigner

While some people tiptoe around Hillary and the Clinton machine, HILLPoP2016 doesn’t because we have documented Hillary’s accomplishment of dodging indictments which is supported in part by the Congressional record, and multiple congressionally funded Office of Independent Counsel investigations. We know Hillary has received special treatment that does not apply to the everyday Americans she claims she wants to represent and champion as president.

Read: The Whistleblower Chapter One: Under Siege
Read: Following Orders Prologue

These books may help explain why the illustrious tabloid, The National Enquirer, claimed that HILLPoP2016 is Secret #1 & #2 out of 8 secrets to destroy Hillary’s presidential bid in their WORLD EXCLUSIVE: INSIDE THE $500 MILLION PLOT TO DESTROY HILLARY CLINTON (who knew?).

It is worth pointing out that presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), and Kathleen Willey, were the only other people named in this otherwise hyped-up, anonymous-sourced article.

While The Enquirer’s track record, in regards to disgraced former presidential hopeful John Edwards, was bang on, and they quoted HILLPoP2016 correctly when they wrote in

Secret #2: “Hillary should not be in the White House. She should be in jail,” there were reporting problems, including the alleged $500 million conservative cabal bent on taking down Hillary. It is still MIA. Are the Clintonista’s up to their old tricks again? Retraction? Correction National Enquirer?

Yeah. It’s always Clinton time, and as Hillary said, she is back! The truth is she never left, but why get stuck in the semantics? It’s the Clintons, and only a fool would think that mattered.

Who is really back is that White House intern—Monica Lewinsky. Welcome back. We hope to hear from her because we have information she should know about and her mother too.

May the best person, regardless of gender, or political party, be elected President of the United States.

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** Nobody has endorsed the Hillary 2016: Prison or POTUS? campaign. HILLPoP2016 has not sought any endorsements either and never does.

Update: Take down request from Hillary for America’s legal representatives.

Below is the text from one of the emails I received from regarding the H I used in the Hillary 2016: Prison or President? campaign. I had added some new styles to honor the latest Hillary rebranding effort.

Team Hillary apparently was not happy with them and claimed I had infringed on their trademark. is honoring Hillary for America’s legal representative’s takedown request. They have been very professional with me and a pleasure to deal with.

Email copy:

Hello Marinka,
Thank you for contacting us!

We would love to offer every design that our users submit, however we must abide by all applicable laws and standards as well as our own content guidelines and copyright policies.

Unfortunately, it appears that your product did not meet Zazzle’s Acceptable Content Guidelines. Specifically, your product contained content which infringes upon the Hillary for America trademark.

Zazzle has been contacted by legal representatives from Hillary for America, and at their request, have removed the product from the Zazzle Marketplace.

We are sorry for any disappointment, but hope you will understand our position in this regard. For future reference, please review Zazzle’s Acceptable Content Guidelines at:

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for using Zazzle. We look forward to seeing more of your creative designs!

Best Regards,
Content Management Team
Zazzle Inc.

Case Number:  CAS-944371-G4Y1D8

Update: Thanks to a reader, Johnny X67.

From the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. According to their records there are two versions of the “H” logo copyrighted by Hillary For America.

1. Serial Number 86595037 – “Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of a stylized capital letter “H” which incorporates a right pointed arrow.”

2. Serial Number 86595041 – “The color(s) blue is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of a stylized capital letter “H” which incorporates a right pointed arrow.”

HILLPoP2016’s “H” incorporates a left pointed, orange arrow and the blue is different. You can go look it up here at the Trademark database.

Clinton campaign shuts down parody bumper sticker’Hillary 2016: Prison or POTUS’ charged with trademark infringement

Update: The National Enquirer is at it again. Apparently they really like my Hillary quote that she should not be in the White House but in jail that they used it again and since then scores of people have copied my Hillary for Prison 2016 bumpersticker and T-shirts. That Hillary should be in prison is not my opinion, it is based on my reporting in my Clinton books, using evidence, in part, from Congressional and the Office of Independent Counsel’s investigations into Hillary and Bill Clinton.

This time The National Enquirer didn’t bother to call. I found out via a Google alert. Here’s their April 27, screaming, ridiculous headline: HILLARY CLINTON’S 2016 PRESIDENTIAL BID ROCKED BY BOMBSHELL CLAIMS OVER THE DEATH OF HER LOVER

To be clear, The National Enquirer’s headline does not reflect the contents of my Clinton books, The Whistleblower and Following Orders. The Clintons do not murder their friends despite what alt-right, alt-media “truth tellers” claim.

Update: March 22, 2017: Funny. President Donald Trump’s attorneys have reportedly done a similar thing (take down/cease and desist) to a seventeen (17) year old girl, who was practicing her coding skills, as Team Hillary did with me and my Hillary 2016 campaign and the “H” (where I was not practicing my coding skills).

See Daily Kos for all the gory details and links: Pootie site’s traffic explodes after Trump tries to shut it down:

Check out the site, where you get to bat Donald Trump’s big head around with your pootie paws. What mesmerizing fun! Scratch his face, send his mug tumbling, even mess with the letters in his name. Be a cat with a toy!

Well, it turns out Donald Trump is not a fan of the site, so his lawyerly goons have now twice sent a cease and desist letter to the owner, identified only as “Lucy,” a 17-year-old who created the website to practice her coding skills and enhance her resume.

So the question remains will the same people on the “right” be outraged with Team Trump as they were with Hillary when her attorneys did it to me? …. not holding my breath …

9 thoughts on “She’s in: The Hillary 2016: Prison or President? campaign… Updated: Hillary for America Takedown Request

  1. Well,with those coats..and scarves….and shades….she looks like some kind of ’50s crime queen….I keep half expecting Broderick Crawford to show up and bark,”Put the cuffs on this broad !”

    Robbins Mitchell says:
  2. Keep up the good work Marinka. You are one of only a handful who the Clintons do not have under their control.

  3. When Bill Clinton was president, I became convinced that his term in office is
    the most scandal-riven in history. But when Obama came along, I decided his term in office was even more scandal-riven.

    Now, the Democrats are trying to get the Clintons back in the White House. Mrs. Clinton was a part of Obama’s scandal-riven administration, and she has had several scandals of her own —and she’s not even in office yet! What are the Democrats trying to pull over on us?

    Don’t they have any better sense?

    Signed: James Meletiou, Knoxville, Tennessee

  4. I’m far from comparing Hillary with the well-known weird leaders of the XX/XXI centuries (not so because she is less weird as because she is immensely more primitive than any stalins or maos – the like power-crazy climbers are, in fact, dime a dozen in any TV gutter, from Pyongyang to Moscow. The really weird thing is her voters, who already impress me as nearly exact copy of the above-mentioned foreign leaders’ eager electorate. Their familiar battle cry is “The more crimes – the better for our beloved candidate!” and it seems that neither party machine is against it, be them the Democrats or the RINOs. It’s hard to imagine what kind of new revelations may change the suicidal situation: both parties’ corrupt bosses never defend the national priorities (like sane economics, safety from terror etc) any more, their only target seems to be just voting majority, whomever this majority consists of – jihadists, perverts, communists, illegal aliens or plain parasites with a “Roman” taste for welfare and crime circus… I think it’s an excellent background for “Run, girl, run” wisdom, if the girl’s name is Hillary. For girls with names like Marinka or, say, Sarah, the present-day wisdom sounds as “Hide, girl, hide at once”. But of course, they wouldn’t obey, thanks God!

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