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Settlement in Ohio defamation suit

The United States Supreme Court has stated that there is “no constitutional value in false statements of fact.” Gertz V. Robert Welch, Inc.. 418 U.S. 323,338, 94 S.Ct. 2997,41 L.Ed.2d 789 (1974).

I am pleased to announce I have settled a defamation lawsuit against James Schifrin, the writer, publisher, and owner, of the Ohio based Whistleblower Newswire Internet news website.

The confidential settlement ends the case I filed on June 1, 2016 in Ohio’s Hamilton County Court, Common Pleas, after I had learned that Mr. Schifrin, a total stranger, had published heinous false statements concerning me where he had relied upon a malignant and desperate third-party source.

RETRACTION e1524286245592 “James Schifrin as publisher of the Whistleblower Newswire, published an article in my August 1, 2015 Edition that made certain statements and innuendos about Marinka Peschmann that were false and defamatory.” Mr. Schifrin wrote in part and published on April 19, “Ms. Peschmann has provided to me documentation refuting these statements and I regret that I relied upon information I obtained from a third party online when publishing these things about her. I regret that this occurred. I had no personal factual basis to include these false statements in the August 1, 2015 edition and I fully retract them… I sincerely apologize to Ms. Peschmann for making these false statements.”







The Honorable Robert P. Ruehlman presided.  As I am in ongoing litigation in U.S. Federal District Court in the Western District of Pennsylvania involving individuals and their “news” which reportedly is a part of  inquiries into the alternative media and a FBI threat assessment there will be no further comment from me at this time.


Mr. Schifrin was represented by two seasoned attorneys, Joseph J. Braun of Strauss Troy and Scott Greenwood.

–Marinka Peschmann

Update: My defamation case was in an Ohio court with a known oath-breaker judge in the legal profession.

Look — as the Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board wrote in “It’s time to retire Judge Ruehlman,” Cincinnati Enquirer, October 31, 2016:

Ohios Judge Robert Ruehlman

Ruehlman has been in the news a lot this year, and not in a good way. His rulings have been strongly criticized by two higher courts, and now concerns have arisen about his criticism of alleged rape victims.

The Ohio Supreme Court told Ruehlman to butt out of a case involving disbarred former attorney Stan Chesley, saying the judge “repeatedly acted to shield Chesley and his assets from creditors, despite a patent lack of jurisdiction.” The First District Court of Appeals used such words as “remarkable,” “brazen” and “shaky” in overturning another of his rulings.

It’s time to retire Judge Ruehlman


According to court documents Judge Robert Ruehlman thrusts himself on cases he should not be on ✅, blocks assets to prevent a defendant from paying damages ✅, protects oath/rule breaking attorneys ✅, bullies, belittles and demeans women ✅.

Despite all that Judge Ruehlman was re-elected and remained on the bench in a position to do it again like he did in my high-damage defamation per se case. Same and similar judicial misconduct. Different case.

My Ohio libel per se defamation case was related to my other defamation case in Pennsylvania – as both courts were notified. Evidence from my defamation cases has since been cited in news stories about QAnon and U.S. elections.

Excerpt from my Second Opposition to the Defendants’ motion to dismiss. Serial oath-breaker Judge Susan Paradise Baxter violated her own order for summary judgment when she did not rule or recuse. Among other oath-breaking, she also violated Federal District Court Judge Cathy Bissoon’s rules.

Two judges in different courts and states refused to rule in my high-damage defamation cases


Judge Robert Ruehlman is cruel and abusive like serial oath-breaker Judge Susan Paradise Baxter in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Among their shared oath-breaking neither judge would rule.

In Judge Robert Ruehlman’s case. He refused to rule on my motion to compel — blocking the production of docs, including asset documents, like he had done before in another case.

According to the American Bar Association, judges violate this rule when they fail to rule

Now that people have seen there is a judicial misconduct problem, will the oath-breaker judges, lawyers, and court personnel in my cases, and other cases, seek redemption and start following their oaths.

Alternatively, will they keep doing what they’ve been doing (oath-breaking +) despite seeing the horrific fallout enabled by judicial misconduct?

Judges and lawyers are duty-bound to report misconduct in ALL cases, in ALL courts, to restore and preserve the integrity of the United States justice system. Thus, we get to see if the courts and law firms involved continue to be complicit or follow Rule 8.3 and Canon 3B(6) as they are duty-bound to do.

Indeed, the unethical, oath-breakers and ethical, oath-followers in the legal profession show you who they are.

I sued some of the Sandy Hook Hoax, Pizzagate people before Pizzagate and QAnon were a thing. I was trashed, abused, demeaned, intimidated, unduly burdened, and left in danger, by oath-breaker judges and lawyers with shiny, impressive bios, in the United States justice system.

And the fallout for everyone else? More fake news and defamation with real-world consequences … including an insurrection.

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