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Senator John Kerry: “I believe General McChrystal’s current plan reaches too far too fast.”

26 October 2009 No Comment

Happening now.

Today on what was “one of the deadliest days for US troops,” according to the US military, where 14 American warriors lost their lives in a series of helicopter crashes in Afghanistan, Senator John Kerry spoke before a live audience at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC to give the “congressional perspective on US policy and the current situation in the region.” I am on the media call-in line.

“I believe [General Stanley McChrystal] the situation the Obama Administration inherited from the previous administration in what he called a “gross mishandling” of Afghanistan. He singled out former Vice President Dick Cheney by name and bashed the former administration repeatedly.

At one point, Kerry recounted his infamous appearance before the Foreign Relations Committee during the Vietnam War when he asked the question: “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?” 30-years later, now as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry said, “I keep that question very much in mind.” He was quick to state that going into Afghanistan was not a mistake citing 9/11.

Discussing the Afghanistan strategy, Kerry said, “It’s not just clear and hold, it’s clear hold and transfer.”

Journalist’s who dialed into the Senator’s teleconference, presided by David Sanger of the The New York Times, were not able to pose questions.

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