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PSA: Federal District Judge Susan Paradise Baxter lied to Congress during her nomination

I made another video. Following is the transcript for those who like transcripts with videos. 

Go here for court docs, the docket and legal resources in my video to confirm my claims and join me to see who the oath-follower legal professionals are who hold their oath-breaker colleagues accountable. — Marinka

Blowing the whistle on judicial misconduct #CleanHands | Model Rule 8.3

Oath-breaker Judge Susan Paradise Baxter of Western District of Pennsylvania
Image credit #WDPA

When Magistrate Judge Susan Paradise Baxter submitted answers to Senators “Questions for the Record” during her nomination for a lifetime appointment on the Federal bench, she knew she was lying to Congress and undermining the integrity of the justice system and the U.S. Constitution.  

Say whaaat?!

Come on, let me prove it to you.

Following is one of Judge Susan Baxter’s statements she submitted to Congress:

“I have been steadfast in my judicial philosophy over the nearly twenty-one years I have been a magistrate judge: A judge should have complete respect for the law and every litigant and attorney before her, and apply the law precisely to the case at hand.”

Source: Magistrate Judge Susan Paradise Baxter, Senator Grassley, Questions for the Record, Nominee, United States District Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania

That’s not true as my court docket confirms in my defamation case against Alex Jones “experts,” and Pizzagate peddlers.

In reality, Judge Susan Paradise Baxter was steadfast and showed no respect or common decency when…

  1. She repeatedly violated multiple Judicial Canons and ethics codes, including Canon 1; 3(A)5, and 2, Rule 2.7, and her judicial oath every time she refused to rule, recuse or faithfully apply the laws in my pro se case.
  2. As a result of her cruel, abusive judicial misconduct, she intentionally racked up unnecessary legal fees for fellow rule-breaking lawyers and ended up dragging my case into the Alex Jones Texts and January 6th timeline.
  3. Judge Susan Baxter was steadfast with opposing counsel when they thwarted due justice, abused a woman, and a pro se plaintiff, while they all knowingly enabled the spread of Pizzagate, QAnon, and domestic extremism.

Had Judge Susan Paradise Baxter been an honest, ethical judge with integrity:

  1. I would have already received my due justice in my related high-damage defamation cases.
  2.  Bad actors, fake news, QAnon, and domestic extremism would have been deterred before the attack on the U.S. Capital.
  3. I would not have made this video blowing the whistle on Judge Susan Paradise Baxter making false statements to Congress during her nomination based on her judicial misconduct in my pro se plaintiff case.
Judge Susan Paradise Baxter has a lifetime appointment on the bench in a position to thwart due justice again. Clean Hands Rule 8.3
Why did Magistrate Judge Susan P. Baxter lie to Congress when she could have repeatedly ruled or recused in my case?

Judge Susan Paradise Baxter’s cruel judicial misconduct taught me well – the hard way.

So, unless anyone believes Judge Susan Paradise Baxter repeatedly thwarted due justice against a woman, enabled the spread of domestic extremism, and made false statements to Congress, for the fun of it, we’ve got a problem here.

Go to the link in the description box for my docket and court documents to confirm Federal District Judge Susan Paradise Baxter made false statements to Congress.

“The exposure and punishment of public corruption is an honor to a nation, not a disgrace. The shame lies in toleration, not in correction….” 

–Teddy Roosevelt

The more you know about the judicial system, the more you will appreciate and respect the ethical judges and lawyers who follow their oath, stand firm against abuse and corruption, and who hold their oathbreaker colleagues accountable who undermine the integrity of the justice system.

Thanks for watching!


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Please note that my defendants and likely doe-defendants did not like it when I shined the light … hence my defamation and related counts lawsuits. I doubt the oathbreakers in the legal profession, like my judges and opposing counsel, like the light either so if you encounter any vile statements or alleged dubious conduct about me online, please preserve it and contact me via email especially if they are behind a paywall. Thanks!

If/when history repeats …

Image credits includes images from the Western District of Pennsylvania’s website and Greg Wohlford/Erie Times-News.

Video music credit: Title: Electric Memories | Artist: Giulio Cercato, Meta Sound Collection

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