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Below are some of my books and collaborations in the public domain. Here is one of my many legal briefs.

If you are sick and tired of political gamesmanship, mind-bending hypocrisy, oath-breaking, and selective justice, and you want to understand some of the reasons why Trump was elected, then two of my books about the Clinton era might be interesting to you.  | Scroll down to U.S. politics. 


Marinka Peschmann's The Break Free from Media Echo-Chambers 30 Day Challenge,

Peaceful solutions for today's problems

The Break Free from Media Echo Chambers 30-Day Challenge 

Do you get upset, fearful, or angry when you see what’s going on in the news and on social media? Are you feeling drained and powerless?

Have you lost any friends or loved ones because of politics, conspiracies, fake news, and fights over media outlets?

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The Super Compact Guide to Effective College Writing

Michael Jensen and Marinka Peschmann

The Super Compact Guide to Effective College Writing (Co-author)

Are you sick and tired of having to buy expensive 500 page college textbooks where you read about 10% of them? Well, now you will not have to anymore. That is why we wrote The Super Compact Guide to Effective Writing.

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Do you want to try to understand some of the reasons why Trump got elected?

In a political free zone it’s ethical versus unethical — accountable versus unaccountable. This is where problems can be solved.

I stopped covering U.S. politics in 2016. There are problems on both sides of the aisle, and I’ve been attacked by both sides. It is what it is.

When abuses of power and misconduct are acceptable when it’s your political-party-politician, but indefensible when it’s the political-party-politician you dislike, justice, decency, and the rule of law become warped. It metastasizes and spreads into society and institutions like cancer jeopardizing democracy. This is a big reason why Trump got elected and why we are where we are. The truth is not left or right.

I also don’t vote in the U.S. elections. The Whistleblower and Following Orders are books I would have written had the Clintons been Republicans.

A note to calm things down.

Marinka Peschmann's The Whistleblower

The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power  (Author)

This is the book the Clintons and the extreme right don’t want you to read. Who is the Whistleblower? It’s not who you think it is.

The Whistleblower could be rewritten by essentially swapping former President Donald Trump’s name with the Clintons with their respective investigations and impeachment(s) (and kicking it up a few notches).

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Marinka Peschmann's Following Orders published in 2012. It's one of the earliest Internet murder conspiracies that took on a life of its own.

Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer (Author)

Journalists are not supposed to only cover one side’s negatives.

Following Orders is a book the Clintons, apparent partisan hacks who don’t read books, and the extreme right-wing murder conspiracy peddlers don’t want you to read. Conspiracy peddlers who peddle more false conspiracies including Sandy Hook and other “false flag”and murder conspiracies.

The Vince Foster murder conspiracies was one of the early internet conspiracies that took a life of its own.

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While I can’t speak for other people, for me, it’s always fun to watch movies about people I’ve known and/or worked with. Enjoy FX’s Impeachment: American Crime Story. The acting is fabulous.


The Kid Stays in the Picture (First Edition) (Collaboration)

Robert Evans The Kid Stays in the Picture

with Marinka Peschmann circa 1994

The Godfather, Love Story, Chinatown, Rosemary's Baby

Robert Evans’ The Kid Stays in the Picture is universally recognized as the greatest, most outrageous, and most unforgettable show business memoir ever written. The basis of an award-winning documentary film, it remains the gold standard of Hollywood storytelling...

This is a must-read for fans of American cinema and classics of the canon, including The Odd CoupleRosemary’s BabyLove StoryThe Godfather, and Chinatown.

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The Kid Stays in the Picture is available in hardback and audio format.

Psst… The behind-the-scenes making of the timeless classic film “The Godfather” was recently made into an entertaining series called “The Offer.” While I wasn’t there during the making of “The Godfather,” I did work on The Kid with Evans and go through two legal reviews. Thus, in that capacity, I can support Peter and Ali’s recall of the events.

Evans was brilliantly portrayed by Matthew Goode. I think Evans would have loved his performance.

Film treatments are available upon request, including a World War II true story. WGA

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