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Uplifting merch that sets boundaries.

Great conversation starters … or enders.

WORDS CAN LIFT, educate, AND expose injustices, AND words can harm.

How will you use words?

Marinka Peschmann's Merch Make it Cool to be Ethical Again How to Legal
Inspired by oath-following judges & lawyers. Shop today!

IF YOU ARE HERE it’s because you are concerned about fake news, defamation, and the real-world consequences of it. That means you want to be a part of the solution. Exceeelent! 

So you crossed out of the political matrix, out of echo chambers, and pulled back from the nonstop noise of social media and other distractions so you can see things clearly. Feeling good?

You will appreciate these carefully selected, simple, yet stylishly designed goods that reflect your achievements, set boundaries, uplift people, and are great conversation starters… or enders.

You don’t let people waste your time on nonsense, BS, gossip, and fake news. You are telling the world — enough of this BS. I’m taking back my power! You go, go, go!

Comfy and practical items for the save-democracy times we are in.

Here it’s about ethical vs. unethical.

Marinka Peschmann's merch.

Politics free zone

Marinka Peschmann's Fake News free Zone - No time for BS
Life is too short to be buried in BS.

T-shirts, mugs, yoga mats, and much more. Styles are available on multiple items.

WORDS MERCH: Educational & practical. PEACEFUL solutions.

People have the freedom to be ethical, kind, and honest or unethical, dishonest, and cruel.

Notebooks, baseball caps, clocks, mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, backpacks, and much more.

Designs are available on multiple items. Pick your favorites!


AND CONGRATULATIONS for wanting to make the internet a safer and more honest place for everyone.


Be good to yourself, invest in yourself, and check out 16 Things to HELP YOU DE-STRESS & RELAX.