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Learn defamation laws from jury instructions —Sandy Hook Hoax v Alex Jones (Updated)

Welcome to How to Legal Bitesize! If you have time watch at least the last part of the Sandy Hook Hoax v Alex Jones trial where Judge Barbara Bellis, the presiding judge, is reading jury instructions — the laws of the case. (Timestamp approx 5:31:05 video below)

Jury instructions in a court with an oath-follower judge. Sandy Hook hoax-v-Alex-Jones trial. In an oath-breaker court you …

It’s an excellent way to learn about defamation, defamation per se, false light and deceptive trade practices counts, and how damages are determined when you are in court with an oath-follower judge.

Learning the laws will help prevent being deceived by ruthless, two-faced, oath-breaker judges and lawyers. Judges and lawyers who throw high-damage cases for whatever unjust gain.

Two-faced oath-breaker judges don’t faithfully apply the laws or follow their own rules. They abuse and may try to break parties seeking relief and redress. These judges give bad actors a free pass to keep doing whatever they were doing. This harms more people and undermines the U.S. justice system.

Everyone should have a reasonable expectation that if they appear in a U.S. court it is with oath-follower officers of the court. But we know that’s not always true.

Thank you to Law and Crime who has been live streaming and preserving the Sandy Hook v Alex Jones trial. If you missed any parts of it, you can go back and catch up at your leisure.

“PLEASE NOTE: L&C has turned off the comments section on the Alex Jones stream due to harassing comments toward victims’ families.” — ten years after the horrific tragedy occurred at Sandy Hook.

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The truth is the fake news, defamation, and conspiracy online crisis started years ago. It could have, at minimum, been mitigated if not prevented years ago.

Remember the Sandy Hook tragedy happened in 2012.

How many more fake news stories, and conspiracies were published and disseminated since then?

How many more people were defamed, harassed, and threatened, including judges, since then?

How many?

Indeed, the oath-breaker versus the oath-follower judges show you who they are by how they conduct proceedings, and in their rulings and orders.

officer of the court

Any person who has an obligation to promote justice and uphold the law, including judges, clerks, court personnel, police officers, and attorneys (who must be truthful in court and obey court rules).

Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary

It’s tragic. The Sandy Hook families suffering was needlessly prolonged.

One thing Alex Jones was correct about — he was not the only person who peddled the Sandy Hook Hoax (see below).

Update: Watch Robbie Parker’s heartbreaking testimony on Day 11 of the Sandy Hook Hoax trial v Alex Jones.

A couple of screenshots.

A screenshot from a May 13, 2014 Alex Jones broadcast the Sandy Hook attorneys played for the jury. Alex Jones with an individual with dubious credentials.

A screenshot from a December 27, 2014 Alex Jones broadcast the Sandy Hook attorneys played for the jury of Alex Jones with Doug Hagmann.

Please take the time to learn about defamation laws, free speech, and the damage done to people who have been defamed by watching this trial to prevent this from happening to more people.

Update: “Alex Jones on the Hook for Nearly $1 Billion in Damages to Sandy Hook Plaintiffs,” LawandCrime, October 12, 2022.

Watch the verdict.

There’s no amount of money to compensate for all the pain the Sandy Hook families suffered because of defamation, fake news, lies, BS peddled by Alex Jones and others like him.

At least this is a start.

This is a wonderful day for the truth. It’s a wonderful day for people who want to live in peace and be left alone.

Nobody should be defamed, forced to take security precautions, (and that includes judges), and subjected to the cruelty and abuse inflicted by conspiracy peddlers for profit, defamation, fake news, or because of oath-breaking judges’ misconduct, for one day let alone for years.

Oath-breakers v Oath-followers

If you ever wondered why judges who should have recused did not recuse, broke more rules, and/or never faithfully applied the laws, in high-damage cases, wonder no more. Even if you knocked off one or two digits, now you know why —unless anyone believes a judge would violate their oath, abuse part(ies) seeking relief and redress, and throw a case for the fun of it.

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Are judges supposed to cover up misconduct and potential crimes? —How to Legal

Will people finally leave the Sandy Hook families and the FBI first responder alone to live in peace? I hope so.

Update: Laurel Brubaker Calkins, “Sandy Hook Families Ask Judge to Max Out Alex Jones Penalty: Judge to decide damages under state deceptive trade law,” Bloomberg, October 21, 2022.

Sandy Hook families said a Connecticut judge should impose “the highest possible punitive damages” for Alex Jones, suggesting by one calculation that could be as high as $2.75 trillion.

The families said that additional damages are warranted on top of a nearly $1 billion jury award because Jones broke a state law barring the sale of products using false statements. They reached the trillion-dollar sum by multiplying the state law’s up-to $5,000 per-violation fine by the 550 million social media exposures Jones’s audience received on his Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts in the three years following a school shooting that claimed the lives of 20 first graders and six educators in 2012 …

Unjust enrichment, fraudulent misrepresentation, civil conspiracy … anyone?

I think the Sandy Hook plaintiffs are right. Time has demonstrated that Alex Jones and others like him won’t stop until they are held accountable and even then that’s still a maybe. Alex Jones, and others like him, have had years to stop spreading defamation, fake news, and misinformation while unjustly enriching themselves.

Instead, Alex Jones, and others like him, have demonstrated that they will not stop. It’s chilling. It does not seem to matter to them — despite people being seriously hurt, and that includes their followers, who acted on their fake news, and ended up in prison, they will not stop. Stop it!

Sandy Hook… Pizzagate … Jan 6 and all the fake news, defamation, misinformation, conspiracies, and BS that was peddled in between and continues to be peddled thereafter.

Updated to include Day 11 of the Sandy Hook Hoax v Alex Jones trial.

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