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Day 10: Iran Uprising on Twitter

22 June 2009 No Comment

Read with caution, not confirmed.

  • u can arrange something and i’ll be glad to RT it and send u a bunch of green wave supporters, what u say?
    about 1 hour ago from
  • RT! Police vandalizing; 1st destroying a car, then spraying on the wall http://is.gd/19CCz #iranelection
    2morrow is a new day 4 Iranian freedom. @ me w/ upcoming worldwide protests/rallies/vigils 4 RT #iranelection
  • If u receive a link on Twitter that requires U 2 sign in on yahoo/google -its a hack attempt by IRI thugs -close it!
  • Austin, Texas Candlelight Vigil June 22, 9-10 PM @ Pedestrian bridge beside Lamar. Bring candles. #iranelection
  • “Allah o Akbar” chants been heard that were traps by police 2 get ppl out on streets #iranelection
  • Hamzeh Ghalebi, head of Mousavi’s youth HQ & Reza Homaei arrested in Isfahan #Iranelection
  • Mehrdad Balafkan, Bahram Bahramian, Mahmood Ebrahimi & Majid Saeed Yaz, political activists in Isfahan R released
  • Wrote abt ths sevrl times B4; police/basij vandalizing ppls properties, altho now it’s also during daytime Police vandalizing; 1st destroying a car, then spraying on the wall http://is.gd/19CCz #iranelection
  • Injured by shot – WARNING (youtube) http://is.gd/19Aa1 #iranelection
  • London protest 2nite: Candles & loud chanting ‘Ahmadinejad must go!’ http://twitpic.com/84gir #iranelection
  • Basiji thug has been identified http://twitpic.com/83uhp #iranelection
  • The doctor who helped Neda is also a friend of Paulo Coelho http://is.gd/19kHd #iranelection
  • Tweets calling 4 violence most prob gov spies. Keep 2 principles of peaceful protest #iranelection
  • BBC Persia 180 journalists in Iran released statement sayin they cnt do their job due 2 govt restrictions #iranelection
  • did Neda’s boyfriend say they removed bones from her body??
  • Protests outside Iranian Embassy in London 6-9pm tonight Monday June 22 #iranelection
  • “There is a massive, massive, massive police presence – their presence is really intimidating” #iranelection
  • Helicopters hovered overhead as abt 200 protesters gathered at Haft-e-Tir Square, 100’s of riot polices #iranelection
  • Riot police R attacking hundreds of protesters w/ tear gas, & firing live bullets in the air #iranelection
  • RTConfirmed: Amirabad, Tehran is currently full of guards and police #IranElection
  • Columbus, Ohio Iran protest Monday June 22, 5-7PM Ohio Statehouse in Downtown #iranelection
  • t’s safe to sign the petition. You can use any email address.
  • Appeal to the UN on the Situation in #Iran http://bit.ly/107MsK #iranelection
  • Hearing more src’s saying that Basijis vandalizing ppl’s properties & cars at night #iranelection
  • There was a protest on June 21 in Ohio – Dayton 2PM Courthouse Sq on 3rd Str. Don’t know of any upcoming protests.
  • Yes, this is a significant forward move for the protests, ppl don’t fear chanting it.
  • London, UK Iran protests Wedn. 24 June Picc Circus 6-9PM #iranelection
  • Also, ppl now chanting “Death to Khamanei (supreme leader)” (which is something new & powerful) #iranelection
  • News: Last night was calm in Tehran, but ppl were chanting “allah o akbar” from rooftops #iranelection
  • I heard vague rumors that the website was hacked, however I can’t confirm that.
    wonderful! RT all the way to the top!
  • Beneath the threats, fears & sadnesses that now surround them, they R growing something sublime in2 our world
  • Köln, Germany June 23, 6pm, candlelight vigil in silence at the dom #iranelection
  • This song is 4 Neda, R.I.P (youtube) http://bit.ly/en0sG #iranelection
  • Tehran today Monday 22 June, 4PM Haft’e Tir Sq – silent vigil 4 the martyrs #iranelection
  • Frankfurt, Germany June 23, 6 PM, candlelight vigil in silence at the Römer #iranelection
  • Welcome Khamanei to Tehran 2.0, by Umair Haque http://is.gd/197Av #iranelection
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