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You know the Vince Foster murder conspiracies are falling apart when…

Meet the Right-Wing Patriot Alt-Media Foster Murder Conspiracy “Experts.”

These people distort facts, defame people (including Vince Foster’s family), and distort books they don’t read.  They omit facts to keep peddling their conspiracies disguised as “news.”

Part I

Hillary Clinton Vince Foster conspiracies




There are some extreme right-wing “patriot” alt-media “journalists,” “experts,” and an Internet talk show radio host who have made names for themselves online by accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton and others of murder by peddling assorted conspiracies as if it is real news.

In this case, I am directly addressing Internet talk show radio host Michael Rivero, of, a grown man, who calls himself ”DCDave” aka David Martin, Hugh Turley of, and the “fearless” fake named, White Power guy, “BMAN,” at B’Man’s Revolt.

You still have your guns, right? You are not living under martial law?  Yes?

With reckless abandon these “experts” spread untruths on the worldwide Internet, omit facts, engage in cyber harassment, harm innocent people, including Vince Foster’s family, and defame books they have not read, to keep what appears to be a racket going in the alternative media.

So when someone writes a book, like my book, Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer, that does not tow alt-media’s murder conspiracies, or pander to either political narrative, these alt-media “truth tellers,” I refer to as the Vince Foster Murder Conspiracy Racket (“VFMC Racket”), circle the wagons.  Like high-school bullies, these grown men attack me, and others; fraudulently misrepresent facts, lie, omit, engage in juvenile ad hominem attacks, and echo chamber each other’s regurgitated falsehoods, to deceive, and incite audiences into action.

By doing so, they are also showing how fraudulent and weak their Foster murder conspiracies are.

They deliberately, and with actual malice, conceal from their trusting audiences that my findings of what may have happened to Vince Foster and where since Following Orders was published in 2012 was confirmed independently of me by a well-known individual alt-right land typically fawns over and sucks up too–Roger Stone.  This is noteworthy given there’s a massive right-wing audience who believes in murder conspiracies.  Thus, it would have been easier for Stone to play along. 

See: Part II: Alt-Media’s Vince Foster Murder Conspiracy Liar? A line-by-line breakdown of Michael Rivero’s fabrications (… and Rivero’s cohort “DCDave” aka David Martin Defames Foster’s Sister Again).

What these Internet “experts” are also doing, from my view, is trashing journalism, causing harm to families, muddying the waters, and diverting people’s focus off of serious issues that need to be addressed involving the Clintons and other politicos—on both sides of the aisle.

The Foster murder conspiracies are arguably one of the original, if not the original, Internet murder conspiracy that took on a life of its own beginning in the early Internet era of the 1990s. This spawned what has become a steady stream of new conspiracies that are echo-chambered, in cult-like formation, in the alternative media as the “real” news.

The VFMC Racket’s long-standing conduct is appalling and dangerous.

Millions of people worldwide listen to, read, and believe, alternative media “journalists” and “experts.” Their often paranoid and arguably deluded fabrications have permeated into the U.S. national dialogue, as we are seeing this U.S. 2016 election cycle, and elsewhere, where the worst Internet comment sections have entered the presidential campaign trail.

It’s getting ugly and violent out there.

Secondly, when the VFMC Racket darkens your door on the Internet, their published fabrications come up with your name in Google searches, and other people can repeat and echo-chamber their falsehoods. That’s unacceptable and fraudulent.

Somebody has got to roll back this awful and dangerous trend feeding the court of public opinion.  I am glad to know others are doing this as well on the Internet and in court.  It needs to be done. These alt-media murder conspiracy “truth tellers,” do not engage in proper, basic, ethical conduct either—to delete, edit or retract their falsehoods and apologize.

This is required in authentic journalism and to protect free speech. Instead the VFMC Racket continues to fill the airwaves and the Internet with falsehoods freaking out audiences.

There is protected and unprotected speech. It is long overdue that the VFMC Racket in alt-media learns the difference.

Moreover, ignoring them is not an option either. People are acting upon distortions, hype, misrepresentations, and fabrications they hear and read about in the alternative media, and some have ended up in prison.

See: Bundy/Oregon standoff criminal indictments. Since I last looked, there have been five guilty pleas so far (including conspiracy) and still counting. On the extreme left, look no further than what started in Ferguson.

Indeed. Words matter.

This is why, as tedious and time-consuming as it is to do, it is necessary to expose and correct some of the VFMC Racket’s lies. Sigh.

Free Speech — protected and unprotected speech

First and foremost, the VFMC Racket I address below (and in Part II), like everyone else, does not have to agree with me, like me, other authors, or my book, Following Orders—that is free speech.

I do not have to agree with them or like them either. But they may not defame me, other individuals, including Foster’s family, or the entire FBI, and fraudulently misrepresent my book, other people’s books, make false statements with actual malice, omit facts, to plug injurious falsehoods—that is unprotected speech. 1+1= 2.

The VFMC Racket, like everyone, is entitled to their opinions, but not their own facts. They are also free to believe that Vince Foster was murdered, and any conspiracy they want.  They are free to engage in honest debate, and civil discourse, where people agree, disagree, and agree to disagree.

That is not the situation here. The issue here is protected speech versus unprotected speech, other torts, and the VFMC Racket’s appalling, belligerent and unethical conduct.

If you enjoy being lied to and freaked out over falsehoods, when real problems exist because an alt-media expert in the VFMC Racket told you that you were “awake,” please stop reading now and skip Part II entirely.

Meet The Right-Wing Patriot Alt-Media VFMC Racket

In this alt-media, VFMC Racket meet “DCDave,” aka David Martin. DCDave/David Martin purports to be a truth teller, patriot, historian, Foster expert, and a decent human being.

patriot murder conspiracy peddler David Martin DC Dave2As a chief murder conspiracy theorist, he declared that my Clinton book, Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer was “not totally worthless,” when he wrote and published a pretend book review that was a hit piece full of falsehoods, misrepresentations, ad hominem attacks, and omissions to fraudulently plug his discredited murder conspiracies he bases on “predictions,” and “suggestions.” He admitted this at the end of his pretend book review in two places.

Unfortunately, lots of people do not read to the end. They should. DCDave/David Martin’s admission alone tells the sorry tale of what the VFMC Racket has been deceptively peddling and spreading on the Internet for years–his suggestions and whatever pops into his head.

If you look at some of DCDave/David Martin’s archives, you will see that I am not special. There is nobody he won’t defame and belittle, including the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and Foster’s sister, Sheila Anthony, based on–just because he says so.

It is disturbing. He is disturbing.

DCDave/David Martin also sees conspiracies in other places–everywhere it seems. See at Was Vince Foster’s Murder PizzaGate-Related?

Incredibly, this is his first paragraph:

Very nearly the first questions that people ask when you present them with the very strong evidence that Bill Clinton’s deputy White House counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., did not commit suicide are, “Who killed him and why was he killed?” The question gets the cart ahead of the horse. It is not necessary to know who murdered a person, say, found gunned down in the street or what the murderer’s motive might have been to determine that the person was, indeed, murdered. Anyone who has examined the Foster case with any care and with even a slightly open mind will realize that that’s essentially what we have in the case of the Foster death.

While the evidence is very strong that Foster was murdered, the evidence as to why he was killed, to my mind, is much weaker at this point. For the most part, we have been left with informed conjecture.

Conjecture? Seriously? Informed conjecture?

Strong evidence in David Martin’s mind is not strong evidence in reality.

When David Martin is not peddling falsehoods, destructive, harmful debunked conspiracies, and attacking people on the Internet he likes to write poetry, and evidently stand in front of the American flag, like a patriot (see: the large full flag version on DCDave/David Martin’s website).

Michael Rivero Radio Action Figure.doll Then there is Internet talk radio host, Michael Rivero.  He appears to professionally peddle conspiracies for a living on his Internet radio show, and website, What Really Happened: Patriotism Is More Than Just Killing On Command”(his tagline was recently changed, I guess for the election … oh now he’s removed the link altogether), where he hosts some of his VFMC Racket’s cohorts on his radio show. This is part of how echo chambering on the Internet works.

A self-professed Foster expert, Rivero fancies himself to be a superhero and sells dolls of himself, T-shirts with his website name, and doomsday, prepper gear (that’s a picture of the Rivero doll with Rivero in the blue tights and cape you can buy).  He also dramatically claims that he lost big-time Hollywood gigs because he spoke out about Foster, and used to appear monthly with Alex Jones on InfoWars [since this publication the video has been removed] until they had a falling out or something.

Rivero circled the murder conspiracy wagon with DCDave/David Martin after I sent DCDave/David Martin a retraction regarding his pretend book review.

Next up is the “fearless” “BMAN.” BMAN is some guy who heroically hides behind a fake name on the Internet at his website called “B’MAN’S Revolt: A Redneck’s Guide to reversing their control of your brain,” and appears to be one of these vile White Power guys. 

Oops, since publication: BMAN’S Revolt has been removed. 

Evidently, it is heroic in the alt-media to hide behind a fake name, being on the front lines of tyranny, and all, even though Americans are not living under tyranny.

I guess this is why it was not surprising to see that Rivero and BMAN peddle the Bundy/Oregon standoff memes too that landed people in prison [update: website removed].

In short, BMAN published DCDave/David Martin’s fake book review on his website (where I first saw it).

Did you know that based on “BMAN’s” infinite wisdom, and thin air, he claims I did not write Following Orders, because he said so and you should believe him just because?

I also made the grave mistake of trying to be civil and polite with the VFMC Racket before I knew what they are all about.

I am also guilty of the terrible crime of not being familiar with forums where fake named people and liars pretend to be “journalists,” “truth tellers,” or other people and tag team cyber harass. That’s because I write and do all the research myself for my books (BMAN does not read, but attacks), and I don’t spend time on Internet forums.

Please learn from my mistake if you have to engage with these extreme right-wing alt-media “truth tellers.”

Is it any surprise the VFMC Racket Echo Chamber’s other Conspiracies Disguised as News?

It’s not just the Vince Foster murder conspiracy they peddle or the Bundy land-grab meme that landed people in prison, BMAN also seriously believes the horrific Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag involving crisis actors, fake blood, or something, and shows no regard or common decency for facts, reality, or for the survivors and their families there either.

“BMAN” is so noisy online that Wired noticed and wrote about him in, False Flags, Fake Blood, and Michelle Obama: A Guide to The Boston Marathon Conspiracies.

See at BMAN’s REVOLT: and

The same applies to the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook.

It was on December 14, 2012, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut.

For BMAN, and others like him, this horrific tragedy was a hoax and a false flag.

Evidentially BMAN failed to have the decency to speak to any of the parents who had to bury their murdered child before he jumped on the conspiracy-false flag alt-media train.

See at BMAN’s REVOLT: and

BMAN’s conspiracies, ah hem, expert findings were probably ripped off from other alt-media “experts,” as they appear echo chambered elsewhere on the web.

BMAN also publishes what “DCDave” aka Dave Martin tells him to publish, and keeps it on his website, even if he knows it’s not true.

This is apparently how being independent and a free thinker in the echo chamber, conspiracy-riddled alt-media works.

Naturally, Rivero is a Sandy Hook peddler too… Are you noticing the pattern here yet?

See Michael Rivero: What Really Happened at Sandy Hook on

One time, as BMAN was circling the murder conspiracy wagon for DCDave/David Martin’s fake book review of my book, BMAN also made an idiotic claim about negative book reviews that are on too.

Why? Because they were written by DCDave/David Martin—his murder conspiracy cohort that’s why.

DCDave David Martin Murder Foster headshot Here is DCDave/David Martin minus the flag. He’s afraid to speak to me but attacks me and others all over the Internet and then hides. A decent human being? Truth teller? Patriot? You decide. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if after I publish this, more fake name bad reviews will appear on because DCDave/David Martin really, really, really does not want anyone to read my book, Following Orders.

One can’t help but wonder why the VFMC Racket cares so much and tries so hard to convince people to not read my book, Following Orders.

What happened to free speech?

I guess it’s because my book is a threat to their bogus conspiracies—that’s why.

Me? I didn’t care if anyone reads their stuff. I had no idea “DCDave” and “BMAN” existed until DCDave/David Martin came after me.

BMAN is like his alt-media VFMC Racket cohort, Hugh Turley, a Foster “expert,” professional magician, and the co-author of Failure of the Public Trust, whose website, FBI is here, in that they both blindly attack and defame books they have admitted to not reading, (and the entire FBI), on BMAN’s website with DCDave/David Martin.

Hugh Turley Turley is also known for getting banned from right-wing Internet forums for his childish, belligerent conduct—including engaging in ad hominem attacks where individuals attack a person or lodge pretend motives, rather than addressing the issue. I think it takes a lot to be banned from Free Republic.

“My critics at the Free Republic have charged that I “violated the rules, and accused me of ad hominem attacks on other members,” Hurley wrote after he got kicked off, “Of course, I cannot respond to my accusers since I have been banned.”

It appears Hurley and his cohorts are hypocrites and have learned nothing since then. It also looks like Turley uses a sock pocket Twitter handle ‏@ottoknowtruth to continue to spread the VFMC Racket’s deceptions in social media.

DCDave/David Martin’s Twitter handle, unsurprisingly, is @DCDave2u.

Among the VFMC Racket’s preposterous, spurious, paranoid, and baseless claims about me, Rivero like DCDave/David Martin, and Turley insist, that I’m working for Hillary Clinton (and or sometimes for the Republicans, depending on the direction of the wind, I guess), based on thin air, because I don’t lock-step-peddle their debunked conspiracies and harmful fabrications on the worldwide Internet.

You can listen to DCDave/David Martin and Michael Rivero claim that I work for Hillary Clinton as they circle the murder conspiracy wagon on Rivero’s Internet Radio Talk Show and see for yourself.

Update: The video was removed!

If people read my Clinton books, The Whistleblower and the sequel Following Orders, they will see how false and paranoid their contentions are.

Note: Rivero’s radio show is 3 hours long. Misrepresentations and false statements begin within the first 10 minutes of the first hour. Then go to the third hour when DCDave/David Martin appears with Rivero in a rush to defame me, others, and my book after I sent a retraction, apology demand.

Who is panicked here?

Update:  The video has been removed. Hooray!

When you challenge the “fearless” fake named BMAN, and his cohort’s fabrications, by seeking lawful retractions, removals, and or proof—which is proper, the fearless BMAN won’t speak to you either. He closes his creepy forum/comment section, hides, like a coward, and will not provide proper contact information either.

It’s not just the faked named BMAN who hides; this applies to all four of these “fearless” extreme right-wing patriot alt-media “experts” and “truth-tellers in the VFMC Racket.

Who knew these men standing up against tyranny online, in reality, are afraid to speak to me–a girl. It’s pathetic.

Publish fabrications, defamation, distortions, knowingly omit and hide.

These “truth tellers” are not just afraid of talking on the phone to people they attack, but they won’t look them in the eye either—Skype anyone? Nope.

Ask the VFMC Racket for proof of any of their baseless claims about me, or other people, as I have, and confirm this for yourself. This is apparently how being courageous, honest men with integrity, and valor, on the front-lines fighting evil and the New World Order or something, in the alt-media, works, yes?

See: Part II for more examples of the VFMC Racket’s fabrications.

I think so because I’m not the one who is afraid to speak to or face anyone in the VFMC Racket or anyone for that matter, or to give them my address for process service like they are with me.

To conclude this part, like magic, which is fitting because Turley worked as a magician, he, along with others in the VFMC Racket, holds me, and others, responsible for whatever issues they have had with other authors, including Foster author, Chris Ruddy, and his book, The Strange Death of Vince Foster.

This is even though everyone DCDave/David Martin falsely aligned me in his fake book review, and wrote our books independently.

In most cases, we don’t know each other (i.e. I’ve never spoken to Rush Limbaugh or Jerry Falwell).

Welcome to the VFMC Racket. This is how mature, trustworthy grown men operate when they are presenting the “news” the mainstream press will not in the alternative media.

Unfortunately, I’ve had the distinct displeasure of having to deal with the VFMC Racket for a while now, and I’m not the only one.

Peddling falsehoods and debunked conspiracies takes away from serious, actionable conduct. 1+1=2.

I tried to resolve this privately to no avail. Forgive the length and soap opera. It is necessary for legal purposes and to hopefully stop more people from acting upon lies and ending up in prison.

Please see Part II: Alt-Media’s Vince Foster Murder Conspiracy Liar. A line-by-line breakdown of Michael Rivero’s fabrications (…and Rivero’s cohort “DCDave” aka David Martin Defames Foster’s Sister Again).

If you would like to cut to the chase to see how the VFMC Racket makes definitive claims that Foster was murdered based on DCDave/David Martin’s “predictions” and “suggestions,” scroll to the end of his fake book review of Following Orders, where he admits this.

The same goes for Rivero—at the end of his hit piece where he pulls a “let us stipulate,” regarding my findings in Following Orders of what may have happened to Foster and where after he published serial false statements to intentionally deceive audiences with actual malice.

As an aside, I am thrilled that, headed by Jeff Bezos, is in court suing faked name people on the Internet, where faked-named people cannot hide; and echo chamber fabrications cannot survive cross-examination, because does not like unlawful, fraudulent, and misrepresentative conduct either on the Internet.

The extreme right-wing “patriot” Vince Foster murder conspiracy “experts” in the alternative media need you to ignore inconvenient facts

Facts that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Foster was looking for an attorney because Whitewater criminal indictments were around the corner (which is also why some inmates are put on suicide watch).
  2. He was miserable for several reasons including because of what happened at the Clinton’s Travel Office, and at WACO.
  3. He wanted to resign from the Clinton White House.
  4. His sister, Sheila Anthony, had given him names of psychiatrists before his death.
  5. Powder burns were identified on Foster’s hand during the preliminary autopsy.
  6. And Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr has admitted to deliberately withholding evidence of suicide and protected Hillary Clinton (Credit: Ronald Kessler).

Update: More on Foster’s state of mind, and Hillary’s abusive treatment in: Missing: FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the ‘suicide’ of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished from the National Archives.

See also my first Clinton White House book: The Whistleblower: Foster was far from being the only person Hillary would attack and belittle.

Tragically, people seemingly living under less stress than Vince Foster was living with have committed suicide. 

There is never a good reason to take one’s own life. Never.

These extreme right-wing “patriot” Vince Foster murder conspiracy “experts” also cite people’s initial reactions when they first learned of Foster’s tragic passing. This includes Webb Hubbell who said that Foster never would have committed suicide, when he first learned about Foster’s passing, as definitive proof that Foster was murdered when he was not.

Hubbell was a former law partner at the Rose Law firm with Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster. At the time, he was U.S. associate attorney general.

He was later indicted for alleged tax evasion.

While I am not a medical doctor, people who have received the devastating news of an unexpected passing are in shock, disbelief, and often denial.

After the initial shock has begun to subside, upon reflection, reality sets in, and things may appear differently—as they really were. Sometimes there are no warning signs at all. See: Harvard Health Publication: Suicide is often not preceded by warnings.

Likewise, the mainstream press should not omit or distort facts either. This also applies to Charles Laurence at the UK’s The Week. Had Mr. Laurence and The Week, conducted themselves adhering to some form of journalism and common decency, they would have known the source regarding Hillary Clinton’s role in Waco is not me, it was Linda Tripp, who served in the Clinton White House counsel’s office, but I digress.

Five Investigations but …

When mainstream press outlets say that there were five official investigations into Foster’s death, they were telling the truth, but not the full story, be it willfully or without knowing it.

Evidence gathering at the time of an incident is critical to get to the truth.

Four official investigations into Foster’s death were based upon the initial investigation which was shoddy at best. See: Following Orders: Chapter 3: The Foster Investigations. Be sure to read the endnotes. Thanks.

It is worth mentioning that in 2015, after defaming, cyber-stalking, and smearing me, and scores of other people for years because we do not peddle his debunked, harmful, paranoia-inducing murder conspiracies, the all-knowing, super smart DCDave (aka Dave Martin) finally noticed the had been aligning himself with BMAN– a vile Holocaust denier, racist and full-blown White Power guy, and now Dave Martin feels “soiled.”

You can read about it here.

Dave Martin’s fake, defamatory book review remains online on his website here while he continues to plug his White Power friend BMAN’s website. 


If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text HOME to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line.

If you need help in Canada, please call 1-833-456-4566 for the Canada Suicide Prevention Service.

For Military Veterans in Canada and USA, please call 1-800-273-8255 Press 2 for Spanish.

For help around the world, please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources.

This post is not intended to be a complete description of the facts and/or laws about this matter, and nothing contained herein shall be deemed an admission and/or waiver of any of my rights, remedies, or defenses all of which are hereby expressly reserved.