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Introducing How to Legal —Bitesize

Marinka Peschmann's How to Legal Bitesize
Get your quick fix legal information.

At Bitesize, you get quick legal info to help you navigate through this era of fake news, defamation, oath-breaking, and political gamesmanship. Cool, yes?

Let’s talk about national security and security clearances

The government’s ability to recruit qualified and decent people largely depends upon >> Read more…

Dark money, politics, the courts, and Citizens United

Given that judicial elections, confirmations, and court case outcomes, as well as legislation crafted and voted on by politicians, aka lawmakers, affects you, even if you have nothing to do with politics or the legal system, it is a great idea to become familiar with dark money. >> Read more…

Learn defamation laws from jury instructionsSandy Hook Hoax v Alex Jones

It takes a few minutes to learn defamation laws. When it comes to Free Speech and the First Amendment there’s no reason to be deceived by bad actors when you can benefit from the good side of the Internet and know the facts and reality. >> Read more...

The Trump Motion and Distorted Case Law

Oh, good grief, here we go again, legal professionals messing around with inapplicable case law. “Trump’s Special Master brief relies on US v Nixon 418 US 683 at 782. Problem is the opinion ends at 716. The “presumptive privilege” they claim does not exist. They stopped reading!” >>Read more...

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