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Hey everyone,

My defamation case, substantiated pleadings, and some evidence I filed has been cited in news stories about QAnon and U.S. elections.


I sued some Sandy Hook hoax, Pizzagate people, and Doe-Defendants for defamation (with related counts) before Pizzagate and QAnon were a thing.

If you read my court filings (which everyone can read) you would know that Wayne Willott, aka “W” the “Intelligence Insider,” aka “Juan O’Savin” was a likely Doe-Defendant in both my defamation cases. Well, he was, but according to 28 U.S. Code § 453 – Oaths of justices and judges, I was in court with oath-breaker judges. #CleanHands

This also includes Alex Jones who, at minimum, was a witness, and another likely Doe-Defendant in my case at the Western District of Pennsylvania. My case falls into the #AlexJonesTexts 2019-2020 timeline.

You may review and confirm some of the oath-breaking, canon, and rule-breaking that occurred in my cases which could have and should have deterred the fake news, and defamation crisis.

Go to >> The fake news, defamation, and judicial misconduct crisis (includes solutions)

Indeed, what happened on January 6, 2021, what many call an insurrection, was years in the making. Some of the reasons why it happened (and how it could have been deterred, i.e., if my cases were assigned to oath-follower judges) have been on my court dockets since the end of 2015.

>>December 16, 2015: See Southern District of New York’s District Court Judge Paul G Gardeph’s first order in my case. <<

>> September 30, 2019: See oath-breaker Judge Susan Paradise Baxter at the Western District of Pennsylvania, Erie Division, dismiss my Doe-Defendants before discovery and trash me, two years after my case was referred to her in the fall of 2017 and she refused to rule on my First Amended Complaint twice. <<

Unethical, oath-breaker judges show you who they are

Judge Susan Paradise Baxter shows you who she is in many ways, including this time when she essentially blamed me for my case being four years old when my case was four years old because she’s an unethical, oathbreaker judge, who would not rule or recuse twice as Magistrate Judge (aka the “procedural defect”) and then she still refused to rule again and faithfully apply the laws as District Court Judge. Among her abusive oath, and ethics violations includes, but are not limited to repeatedly violating the Model Code of Judicial Conduct: Canon 2. Rule 2.7: Responsibility to Decide according to the American Bar Association.

District Court Judge Susan Paradise Baxters September 30, 2019 order. Keep copies and originals of dockets and court filings. As you can see there is no bottom when it comes to oath-breaker judges and judicial misconduct. There are also judges who tamper with dockets.

Meanwhile, the Defendants and the likely doe-defendants in my case, including, but not limited to: Alex Jones, and Wayne Willott aka Juan OSavin of QAnon fame, kept doing what they were doing online reaching millions of people.

According to law enforcement that included fueling domestic terrorism. See for e.g.: “FBI says “extremists” motivated by Pizzagate, QAnon are threats: For extremists, the Internet’s craziest conspiracies inspire deadly violence.”

It’s tragic. How many more people have been harmed by fake news and defamation since I filed my defamation (and related counts) lawsuit and ended up in oath-breaker judge courts where obtaining due justice (which also includes punitive damages to serve as a deterrent) was not possible?

How many more people have since been imprisoned for acting on fake news and defamation disseminated by individuals, and lawyers, including my defendants and likely doe-defendants?

“Wayne Willott’s influence is growing in QAnon world, but almost nothing has been reported about his background. Until now.” The Daily Beast, June 1, 2022.

Will Sommer, The Daily Beast

A coalition of ‘stop the steal’ Republicans aims to take control of US elections. QAnon is helping, Politifact, June 7, 2022.

Bill McCarty and Amy Sherman, Politifact

QAnon ‘bottom-dweller’ quickly amassing power in GOP primaries — and could control key elections in 2024, RawStory June 1, 2022.

Travis Gettys, The Raw Story

Shayan Sardarizadeh: Journalist reporting on disinformation, conspiracy theories, cults and extremism for @BBCMonitoring @BBCWorld

Updated: Alex Kaplan: Senior Researcher @mmfa, focusing on social media misinfo/disinfo & online extremism. Statements are [his], not employer’s.

Updated: Mike Rothschild: Wrote THE STORM IS UPON US about QAnon. Writing a book on Rothschild myths (I’m not related). Seen/heard on MSNBC, CNN, NYT, etc.


The legal profession is duty bound to self police

The good news is judges and lawyers are duty-bound to report judicial and attorney misconduct in ALL cases. And oath/rule-breaker rulings are being vacated to preserve the integrity of the United States justice system, so stay tuned.

Judicial misconduct hurts more people, including oath-following judges and lawyers who have to deal with the fallout. It undermines the integrity of the United States justice system. In my case, it is also a public safety issue.

Just as the law lacks legitimacy unless those who make, enforce, and interpret it share a genuine commitment to treat it seriously, so too does an oath lack sanctity unless those who violate it are held to account.

Quinta JurecicTyler McBrien, and Natalie K. Orpett of Lawfare. The Jan. 6th Committee on Why Oaths Matter, Lawfare, June 17, 2022.

Chief District Judge Mark R. Hornak and the judges at the Western District of Pennsylvania and Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas need to self-police and hold their unethical, oath-breaker colleagues in the legal profession accountable before the fallout from their long standing malicious misconduct and abuse harms even more people.

Let’s all do what we can do to prevent another January 6th attack.

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