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How to Legal Hacks

Help the legal self police and restore integrity to the judicial system

How to Legal Goes Digital.

You are one click away from empowering yourself to be able to find out what’s really going on.

Becoming informed, and knowing where to go to get the facts doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive thanks to my How to Legal Digital Hacks!

There are oathbreakers and oathfollowers in the legal profession. Learn how to identify who is who.
You don’t have to be a lawyer to How to Legal

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. All of my How to Legal self-study digital products are based on or inspired by oaths, rules, and court cases.

Additionally, they come with legal resources you can access (free and paid). This will help you learn from the ethical oath-followers in the legal profession and spot the unethical oath-breakers who undermine it.

Help the legal profession self-police as they are duty-bound to do, but for the most part, have failed to do.

It’s really important to know who is who.

I’ve kept the prices affordable so that my digital products are accessible to as many people as possible.

To find out more and make a purchase, click view product.

How to Legal BINGO Lawyers' Edition with Marinka Peschmann
32 Page PDF

How to Legal BINGO Lawyers’ Edition

How to Legal BINGO Judges' Edition with Marinka Peschmann
32 Page PDF

How to Legal BINGO Judges’ Edition

Marinka Peschmann's Top 10 Free Legal Resources
11 Page PDF

My Top 10 Free Legal Resources

Marinka Peschmann's The Big Law Big Business Multi-Year Calendar
69 Page PDF

The Big Law Big Business Multi-Year Calendar

Marinka Peschmann's Five Easy Tips to find The Rules
22 Page PDF

Five-Easy-Tips to find The Rules

Keep checking back for additional digital content I will be creating that will uplift, inspire, debunk, and educate.

The more you know about the judicial system, the more you will respect, admire and appreciate the ethical oath-follower legal professionals who hold their unethical oath-breaker colleagues accountable. --Marinka

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Legal Disclaimer

Nothing on my website or social media should be interpreted as legal advice.  This information is for educational purposes. If you need legal advice, please consult with a licensed professional in your area.