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Hit job in UK’s The Week: The plot to ‘gut’ Hillary Clinton: dark arts and cheap journalism … Updated

Another election cycle, another smear job devoid of facts.

Looks like the National Enquirer’s WORLD EXCLUSIVE: INSIDE THE $500 MILLION PLOT TO DESTROY HILLARY CLINTON and my edited comments have struck a chord with the UK’s The Week, Charles Laurence.

Welcome to the politics of public destruction.

Moreover, it’s not every day when I appear in an article with Media Matters’ David Brock as a role model to learn from either.

Read Charles Laurence’s The plot to ‘gut’ Hillary Clinton: dark arts and cheap journalism

Touchy, touchy, I know what is reported in my books is damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.  It is her record backed up with evidence. Something called “journalism.”

Cheap journalism is not reading my books, The Whistleblower or Following Orders and trashing them and me.

Cheap journalism is not contacting me to get facts straight.

Charles, pick up the phone. You have my number. My guess is after speaking with me and seeing the evidence you will join the Hillary 2016 campaign. Prison or POTUS?

More when/if/or if not I hear back from Laurence and his editor. I have asked to write a response for The Week.

Update #1
I’ve spoken with The Week’s editor and submitted a response for publication regarding Charles Laurence’s hit piece that attempted to smear my credibility with falsehoods and mis-characterizations. Time will tell if they publish it—if they don’t that will speak volumes to their credibility. Laurence should do his due diligence before reporting falsehoods and denigrating anyone. Everyone makes mistakes and I hope he corrects his. He has done good work in the past and to be tainted by this would be unfortunate. Thus far, he has not responded to my request to speak.

Here’s one mistake. It’s innocuous compared to the others but necessary to point out to give you a snapshot at how sloppy Laurence’s reporting is.

Laurence wrote: “#1 to #3 concern the first Clinton White House scandal, ‘Travelgate’, which involved alleged shenanigans at the White House travel office and the mysterious death by shooting of Clinton lawyer Vince Foster.”

The Enquirer story does not mention Travelgate. Read it here. Due diligence, Laurence, due diligence please.

In the interest of fairness to The Week’s readers I’ve also asked that they publish the prologue to my book Following Orders, Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House. Let the evidence speak for itself. Let the readers decide who is credible and who is not. They might just be surprised when they actually look at the evidence. Hillary 2016. Prison or POTUS?

In the meantime watch Hillary supporters who will vote for her despite being unable to name one accomplishment. It is reminiscent to the media types who defend the indefensible Hillary record of dodging indictments. Enjoy the madness.



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