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Exclusive Benghazi Freedom of Information Act Request: Hours after the attack … “Cleared hot on the email”

9 September 2013 3 Comments

Hours after the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith, former Navy SEALs and CIA operatives, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, according to information obtained in a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA), members of the US armed forces were looking for answers to the million dollar question:

Why wasn’t Ambassador Christopher Stevens properly protected?

They were in the dark along with the American people and did not appear to know about the Obama administration’s CIA weapons operation from Benghazi to Syria arming “rebels” linked to al-Qaeda type groups to oust President Bashar al-Assad either—but the U.S. military will be asked to finish the job in Syria that was started in Benghazi if Obama has his way.

Remember as the Wall Street Journal reported: “The US effort in Benghazi was at its heart a CIA operation,” and Hillary’s State Department presence in Benghazi “provided diplomatic cover.”

What? Did you think what happened in Benghazi is not related to Syria right now?

Tick tock.

According to an email obtained under FOIA dated September 12, 2012, 15:06 from REDACTED at the Navy’s [Office of Legislative Affairs] hours after the Benghazi attack:

“We are now receiving the second level of questions, the first of which is problematic absent some information. The question—Where were the Marines and why couldn’t they protect the Ambassador?

Soooo …

If we could find out from the guys at [Plans, Policies & Operations/Security Division/Embassy Operational Availability shop] if the Marine Corps was in coordination with the State Department to establish [Marine Security Guard] Dets in Tripoli and Benghazi? If this was in the works, where was it in the process?”

Under FOIA names are redacted for privacy reasons unless the person is in the public domain.

Indeed, as previously reported in Benghazi FOIA Exclusive: “No-notice” U.S. Marines never sent to help Americans during Benghazi or to secure crime scene—Syria at stake there were ZERO Marines in Benghazi.

The Obama administration sent a FAST platoon to Tripoli on September 12, 2012 instead of also sending a FAST platoon to Benghazi the day of the attack to help Americans or the day after to secure the crime scene so justice could be served.

As the Associated Press reported, the Obama administration denied the FBI access to Benghazi for almost a month to conduct an investigation citing security reasons although a CNN reporter picked up Ambassador Stevens’ journal and Libyans paying their respects to the Ambassador roamed freely to keep the US military and the American people in the dark.

This is cover-up for dummies 101 kind of stuff I laid out almost a year ago. In a just America it would also be called obstruction of justice.

As any seasoned investigator can tell you evidence collection at the time of the incident is critical. Even Secretary of State John Kerry, who played a starring role as I reported here in the appalling, travesty known as the Senate Foreign Relations Benghazi hearings, knows a good investigation from a compromised, bad one.

Kerry recently said regarding the United Nations investigation of the August 21 chemical attack in Syria to determine whether it was the Western-backed rebels or Assad who was responsible was “too late to be credible,” less than a week after the attack because the evidence was being “systematically” destroyed.

Less than a week? What about almost a month later? Borrowing from Kerry, the Obama administration’s Benghazi investigation was conducted too late to be credible. Is this why Obama’s Justice Department indicted Abu Khattala, the Ansar al Sharia figure-head-coffee-shop guy in Benghazi, who freely gives media interviews including to CNN? Does Khattala sound worried to you?

Tick tock.

Christians are being ethnically cleansed by al-Qaeda linked “rebels in Syria.”

Tick tock.

From an email dated September 12, 2012:

[All concerned]

To put questions about [Marine Corp Embassy Security Group] in perspective, I offer the following:

The US maintains over 285 diplomatic facilities worldwide. MCESG provides 152 security detachments to protect those embassies/consulates that process and maintain TS equipment. [American Embassy Tripoli] does not have a MCESG detachment. Typically, when a new embassy is established, it takes time to grow a MCESG detachment. [In conjunction with] the State Department, there is discussions about establishing a detachment in Tripoli sometime in the next five years.”

Here’s some more perspective I would like to offer. According to the US Embassy in Tripoli website, the US Liaison Tripoli Office was upgraded to an official US Embassy on May 31, 2006—six years before the Benghazi attack.

One has to ask what the Obama administration was waiting for considering they had ousted Col. Muammar Gaddafi a year earlier. Libya, a major hot spot, was in chaos and like a firecracker factory awash in weapons.  

As Time Magazine reported in September 2011, looted from Gaddafi’s weapon arsenals were bullets, 130-mm antitank rockets, tens of thousands of land mines, potentially thousands of surface-to-air missiles, SA-24s, — the heat-seeking weapons easily launched from the shoulder that are capable of taking down low-flying military and commercial aircraft. “They’re the kind of weapons coveted by any guerrilla or terrorist organization looking to make an impact.”

In fact, “Stockpiles of old Soviet artillery shells and land mines gave Iraqis enough car bombs, roadside bombs and suicide vests to run an eight-year insurgency that has killed thousands of Americans and many tens of thousands of Iraqis … The storage facilities we found in Iraq were minuscule compared to what we’re finding [in Libya].”

Two years later Libya is still in chaos. The indiscriminate killings and devastating violence—a result of the Obama administration’s intervention in Libya for “humanitarian” purposes continues.

Back in May, I reported and warned you about how Libya was on the verge of implosion. This was backed up on September 1 by the UK’s Independent: Special report: We all thought Libya had moved on – it has, but into lawlessness and ruin. The violence has spread to Syria and includes Egypt.

Dead people are dead people. Dead children are dead children.

Tick tock.

I ask you, did it surprise you when Secretary Kerry said last week that “Arab nations” would foot the bill for the U.S. military intervention in Syria—the same military kept in the dark regarding Obama’s CIA’s weapons operation in Benghazi to Syria?

If it did, it should not have because Qatar and Saudi Arabia have also been funding and arming the “rebels” in Syria to help them oust President Assad months before the Benghazi attack. Had they not intervened Assad would have defeated the “rebels” a long time ago. Follow the money.

What do you think will happen if Obama intervenes in Syria—to finish off what he started in Benghazi? Peace, freedom and unicorns will break out and fly around?

People’s lives are at stake; thousands if not millions if this turns nuclear. It has already gone chemical.

Tick tock.

Hours after the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack who was running the damage-control-release information-to-the-public show?

From another email sent on September 12, 2012, cc’d to [USMC Brigadier General Steven R. Rudder].

Subject: Latest word from [Public Affairs Officer]

“I was informed that [Assistant Secretary of Defense] for Public Affairs is personally handling in conjunction with State Department. This is being treated as an inter-agency matter and the expectation is to have an official update on the situation sometime later today.

I explained our situation to PAO regarding member [request for information] and reinforced that, while we too read info online, we can’t go forward officially until we have a cleared statement from them. I believe they, now, fully understand our position but they’re embargoed until [Office Secretary of Defense] clears them to go forward.

For the record, I was informed that they have engaged with the various outlets reporting Marine casualties and asked them to stop reporting that at this time.”

It was Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s old boss, Leon Panetta, who covered up for “sex” during the Clinton White House era, who were running the show.

It is worth noting that Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and CIA chief at the time of the Benghazi attacks David Petraeus all support intervening in Syria. Recall how Petraeus backed up President Obama and Hillary Clinton when he joined them in misleading America before the 2012 elections by blaming an “out-of-control demonstration prompted by a Youtube video” for the Benghazi attack three days after the attack.

It’s time for them to finish the job in Syria using the U.S. military they kept in the dark and away from Benghazi.

Tick tock.

And just in case you were keeping score, the State Department continues to keep America in the dark by refusing to provide an inventory of any weapons recovered from Gaddafi’s arsenals in Libya that were looted by “rebels” as I reported back in May here which was confirmed again by CNN in August here. As the New York Times reported, Gaddafi’s weapons that were in Libya have been appearing in Syria.  Awake yet?

Tick tock.

From an email from: REDACTED, dated September 12, 2012 7:12 PM, cc’d BGEN Steven.

Subject: The latest word from PAO

“Cleared hot on the email.”

In military-speak that means cleared to drop ammunitions and to engage targets. Here the information has been cleared for release.  

You have been warned.

The American people are right. Stay out of Syria. It’s long overdue to hold the Obama administration accountable. Hurry. Time is short.

Tick tock.

Emails obtained under FOIA screenshot