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Did Doug Hagmann make up his NSA allegation he asked me to report? … Updated and updated

8 October 2014 22 Comments

It’s a terrible day when any journalist has to write a story like this, but a person’s character is based on their credibility, integrity and honestly. When I make a mistake and am deceived into reporting a story I can no longer stand by or believe to be true based on facts—I am not too proud or ego driven to admit it. I must apologize to my readers and set the record straight. Words matter. Trust matters.

The worst thing a person can do to a journalist is to lie to them, and ask them to report a serious allegation about anything—especially against a powerful government agency like the National Security Agency (NSA). To risk anyone’s credibility or safety for some nefarious gain is beyond the pale. Words simply escape me.

If they can do it to me and deceive my readers and their audience, they can do it to you and yours as well. Beware.

People deserve to know if they have been lied to or misled, be it in the mainstream press or the “new,” “alternative” media, no matter how ugly the truth may be. Unfortunately, there are people who say they are truth-tellers, but don’t live it. What you see in front of the camera or microphone is not what always happens behind the scenes.

That being said, I cannot stand by the host of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, and Canada Free Press Senior columnist, Doug Hagmann’s allegation that he was targeted by the NSA to allegedly find his sources that I had reported.

Judi McLeod, the owner and editor of Canada Free Press (CFP), who has published Hagmann for about ten years and continues to, asked me to report it on his behalf along with his confirming source, the Intelligence Insider known as “W.” “W” is also known as Agent Wayne in the press. In addition, McLeod had emailed me what I was told was Hagmann’s sworn affidavit. The story was first published in Canada Free Press (I am keeping screenshots in case it is scrubbed).

How Extensive is the NSA Domestic Surveillance of U.S. Media? Is it legal?

Why can’t I stand by Hagmann’s serious allegation? There are several reasons, but to keep this as short as possible, here are two big ones.

First, since I reported Hagmann’s allegation, Hagmann with McLeod threatened me with legal action if I didn’t stop the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests I had filed. In addition to the NSA FOIA, I had filed FOIAs with the DHS, Justice Department, CIA and FBI to try to nail down his NSA allegation. Yes, Hagmann threatened me with legal action for trying to confirm and get evidence of his NSA allegation he asked me to report. You read that correctly (more on that below).

Learn from my experience. It is only wrong when the Obama administration threatens or intimidates journalists but when Doug Hagmann and Judi McLeod do it is fine and “W” will cover for them. Don’t forget as they will tell you–they are also journalists, private investigators, truth tellers, and Christians.

To spare you the appalling soap opera that has ensued, here is the short version. I will update and expand as necessary.

Despite all my attempts to try to resolve this privately—they have dug in.

I have learned that if you are patient the truth always comes out eventually. I recently became aware that Hagmann handed me the proof that I had been looking for—either way. It shows he is not telling the truth. Let me show you.

First watch Hagmann talking about his NSA allegation at the time ( June 2013).

Now watch Hagmann talking about his NSA allegation a year later (July 2014).

Despite what Hagmann said to his audience, there is no NSA file #70900 with Doug Hagmann’s name on it that proves his NSA allegation. God knows I wish there were. Instead, he used my NSA FOIA (Freedom of information Act) Case #70900 as false proof to confirm his allegation supposedly to his very trusting listeners who pray for his safety. This is outrageous and beyond duplicitous.


Below is my NSA FOIA #70900. As you can see, it is addressed to me. I filed it while trying to get evidence of Hagmann’s allegation. That’s what real and not pretend journalists do. It is a NSA FOIA Case # not a NSA Case #–there is a very big difference.


In fact, other people and journalists have received the same NSA FOIA denial that I did. All these people have NSA FOIA Case numbers too—the NSA will not process anyone’s personal FOIA. It does not mean they were specifically targeted by the NSA either.

Examine: As The Blaze reported: Is the NSA Rejecting All Freedom of Information Act Requests from U.S. Citizens? And McClatchy reported, Americans find swift stonewall on whether NSA vacuumed their data.

Please compare their FOIAs with mine and you will see that they are boiler plate denials. Again, anyone can get a NSA FOIA Case #.

A NSA File #70900 with Doug Hagmann’s name on it does not exist. If it had existed he would have published it already. That would have been a big deal. He is deceiving you.

Therefore, I can stand by my reporting in this story: Exclusive: Obama’s NSA Operates on Two Sets of Books. Who is Watching the Watchers?–that was first published in CFP except for the parts about Hagmann’s NSA targeting allegation.

Hagmann’s unmitigated arrogance and ego is mind-boggling-especially considering how he threatened me and continues to deceive his listeners.

This is the story Hagmann referred his listeners to. It links to my NSA FOIA Case #70900 article: A Message from National Security Agency File Number 70900. Again, it does not prove the NSA targeted him despite what he tells his sincere, trusting listeners (and even his son!).

I guess he hopes nobody will go look (again, I have screenshots if they scrub).

While Hagmann’s “continuous quest for the truth,” as he wrote in his dramatic article, appears to have stalled—since his only “proof” of his NSA allegation is no proof at all, one can’t help but ask several questions.

With all of his big talk, has Hagmann provided any updates from the FISA courts this last year on his NSA allegation? Does Hagmann have any proof of this “information file” he claims exists? I know I tried to get it–if it existed, and was shot down by “W.” That conversation did not end well.

How about some updates with the congressman and senators Hagmann also claimed he was going to contact during other radio appearances? He had said he was going to give them his sworn affidavit and not back down. Does that sworn affidavit even exist or did McLeod email me a copy of one from Hagmann that was never notarized?

You can read his affidavit here. (I am having memory problems on this page now).

In Hagmann’s redacted affidavit email McLeod sent me, he claimed:

1. I am contacting my Congressman and Senator about this.
2. An unredacted notarized copy is on file and will be sent to said Congressman and Senator
3. I have an inquiry pending with my telephone provider for any information they have.

Yet in over a year there has been no updates on 2 points Hagmann claimed he was doing–assuming there is a notarized copy on file somewhere.

If I had reason to believe that the NSA targeted me to find my sources, I would be contracting my representatives every couple of weeks and reporting it to keep the pressure on and then some. Not so for Hagmann, who instead deceptively cited my NSA FOIA Case #70900 as if it were a NSA Case #70900 as false proof.

I have learned the hard way that “W,” Hagmann’s intelligence insider, appears to have a good side and then there is his WTF side. You can ask him. FYI: “W” probably cringes every time I call since he is not calling me back anymore either. He did try to make things right in his own (limited) way because he did not know Hagmann was going to threaten me, except it is apparently impossible to give me a reason to trust him again, have Hagmann tell the truth, apologize, fix this mess, rescind the threat, provide documentation for this and other stories… etc. … It is easy to talk big but not so easy to produce the goods, right “W”?

I know they can deceive their audiences but not me. Unfortunately what you hear on the radio does not match W’s actions and life off-air. I’ve raked “W” over the coals these last few months because first, he was the confirming source on this, and second, he covered up for Hagmann–his stenographer, and continues to today because he is covering up for himself. It’s wrong and deeply disturbing.

Even stranger, it does not matter what Hagmann says about him either, etc., on the air–even if it is not true. Hagmann is never corrected. How embarrassing to claim a so-called super-spook was surrounded by S.W.A.T. (still no proof … another WTF conversation I had with “W”). Crying wolf hurts people who have had serious, real issues with S.W.A.T. You are playing with fire. There is some bizarre unholy alliance going on there. People need to tell their audience the truth all the time not sometimes.

Forgive me, I digress….

Back to Hagmann. As someone who repeatedly tells the public that he is a private investigator, one would have thought that by now he would have had something to back up his NSA allegation or show that he was trying to do something about it. If the only “proof” he has is my NSA FOIA #70900-then he has no proof at all, and his allegation is BS.

If Hagmann, McLeod or “W” can prove me wrong, please do. It’s been over a year. Their readers, listeners and guests deserve to know the truth. If you could lie about this …

Making false allegations against a corrupt administration to ostensibly pump up media profiles and take advantage of innocent, well meaning listeners, by scaring and upsetting them, only helps the corrupt administration –and they can use it against you too. Plus it hurts and affects people who have actually been targeted.

That happened–with a real journalist, James Rosen, at Fox News, who was actually targeted by the Department of Justice. I dealt with it by posting an update at the end of the articles so Rosen could refer people to it if it ever happened again — it as not him or anyone at Fox News.

And Hagmann? To my knowledge he did nothing, said nothing, to take the pressure off or to set the record straight when an innocent person was adversely affected by his NSA allegation. It was despicable, right “W” as I told you at the time? And still “W” covers for Hagmann.

Listen to this broadcast on BlogTalkRadio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cfp-radio/2013/06/12/the-hagmann-hagmann-report. Beginning at the 10:00, Hagmann claims his Intelligence Insider is with the CIA. Go to approx. 42:00 where Hagamnn claims both his Intelligence Insider and his DHS insider confirmed he was targeted by the NSA. It is in this episode where Hagmann (around 43:00 mark) also compares his alleged situation with James Rosen at Fox News and makes public what I was doing (45:00 mark).

When this happened I told Rosen when he asked me about Hagmann’s allegation the truth, after I got in touch with him when I saw what was going on. To stay away from it because there were problems with it that I was trying to nail down. Thank God, finally I have.

This is the update I put on the articles months ago. Go see for yourself.

Note: There are people who have speculated that the media person Hagmann was speaking with (whose name was redacted in his sworn affidavit) during his alleged NSA incident was Fox New’s James Rosen. It was NOT James Rosen. Assuming the allegation is true, I was told at the time that it was someone else. Once again it was NOT James Rosen or anyone who works at Fox News. Perhaps they jumped to conclusions here.

The link goes to Hagmann talking big about Fox News reporters and his NSA allegation that probably played a role in setting all this off.

Again, I sincerely apologize for being used by this trio. It’s mortifying.

More on Hagmann’s threat

When Hagmann threatens a journalist with legal action—who tries to get evidence of his allegation that he asked them to report, he sends his vicious threat with this:

The Northeast Intelligence Network is a private intelligence news & research agency. We are not affiliated with any government agency.

WARNING: CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATIVE WORK PRODUCT: This communication (including attachments) is covered by the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, U.S.C. Sections 2510-2521, is confidential, and may contain privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, or believe you have received this communication in error, please do not print, copy, retransmit, disseminate, or otherwise use this communications or any of the information contained herein. Also please notify sender that you have received this e-mail in error, and delete the copy you received. Thank you.

Since Hagmann has a pattern of taking legal action against innocent people (see below), I ask you to ask them to allow me to publish his threat in its entirety, without legal repercussions. This way everybody can see it. It’s a gem. I’ve been asking “W” for months to have McLeod and Hagmann do this to no avail.

You will be shocked when you see his threat, because I’m not the only person Hagmann threatened. Of course, Hagmann pulled the Saul Alinsky tactic – that I can’t be trusted with his “sensitive” information and tried to paint me like a loon. If you look at my reporting involving FOIAs, I publish the FOIAs. Duh.

If Hagmann and McLeod are so-called truth tellers and Christians, they had an obligation to update their readers/listeners, right? I gave “W” my green-light months ago to publish his threat against me. I have no problem defending myself.

Instead, shorty thereafter, “W” appeared on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report for the first time and gave Hagmann and exclusive interview at CFP. Joel Skousen’s statements about Hagmann’s questionable credibility regarding his DHS insider were also taking hold and I was hammering “W” since their “word” meant nothing now.

Hagmann is W’s stenographer and “W” protected his mouthpiece. Now he’s a regular feature on the show (on air and off-air) –so not spook-like at all. He compromised himself by exposing himself. No real spook would do that.

I ask you what “good guy” protects a man who threatens a journalist with legal action for trying to get evidence of THEIR allegation?

Note: The sound cloud link to W’s first radio interview is not working on Hagmann’s article anymore. Here is one of W’s early appearances.

To give you an idea how nasty Hagmann’s threat was, shortly after Hagmann and McLeod threatened me, they had a dramatic, vicious change of heart on the usefulness of FOIAs.

As Hagmann wrote in this column, Media Shield Law is armor for the autocrats, published and “properly vetted” by McLeod in Canada Free Press:

Additionally, the same people who rely on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to expose government corruption are the same people who will fall all over themselves to promote this feigned treaty of cooperation between the oligarchs and the unwashed masses. While they chase their tails over papers peppered in black that tell nothing to those requesting the truth, the people in power chuckle at the sideshow while advancing their objectives. They are doubling down to prevent the exposure of their nefarious plans of subjugating the world’s populace to global domination, and have no intention of disclosure.

Nice, right? Now FOIAs are good again in Hagmann and McLeod’s world regarding the Loretta Fuddy story. Hagmann actually raises money to help pay for them.

Review Hagmann’s article: Public interest and the price of truth and justice

I sincerely apologize for being used and deceived by this trio. This is not how decent people act. Words cannot express how deeply I regret reporting it, and I apologize again to my readers, CFP readers, his listeners and anyone else who came across Hagmann’s NSA allegation. With all the serious problems in the world, I am embarrassed and appalled that I have to write this.

Who needs to be writing this disgusting soap opera? This is a distraction and distractions take people’s focus away from what is really important. Unfortunately I had to write this so you would know the truth and you will not let Hagmann continue to deceive, distract or scare you. The truth of what is happening in the world is bad enough. There is no need to make anything up.

That being said, I don’t cover for anyone, and for those who do—shame on you. If you are a liar, hypocrite, scumbag or coward, don’t contact me. I won’t cover for you either. These are the types of people who have a problem with me.

Additionally, I would also like to apologize to the FOIA officers I was dealing with for wasting their valuable time on Hagmann’s allegation. I don’t like it when my time is wasted either. It is appalling–again my apologies. If I knew then what I know now I never would have filed the FOIAs or reported Hagmann’s allegation. Contrary to what some people say, not everyone in government is corrupt. There are still good people doing their jobs and are outraged by any government malfeasance. Thank you to the officials who were able to process my FOIAs quickly. The results spoke volumes.

There is no doubt that FOIA is not perfect. All the FOIA offices are backlogged and chronically understaffed. Perhaps some Congressman might want to help fix that to ensure that those of us who use FOIA regularly can get the information we seek quickly to inform the public. That’s what this is all about–the truth … wherever it goes. And time and time again we learn the truth thanks to FOIA. It is a invaluable tool that must be preserved and strengthened.

If I learn that Hagmann and McLeod have been honest finally with their audiences, I will link to it here. That’s the worst part about all of this. Both McLeod and Hagmann have sincere, trusting audiences. I apologize to you all.

If any of them have the decency to try to make amends with me, I will update this post accordingly too. You can run and hide like a coward or try to be decent. The choice is yours.

I sincerely regret reporting the story Judi McLeod asked me to report. Who would ask anyone to report such a serious allegation from someone they don’t believe but continues to publish? GoDaddy, the Obama Truth Squad, Judi? Really?

GoDaddy and the Obama Truth Squad is one example of another Hagmann false allegation from back in 2012 that McLeod’s claims was BS.

Review: Hagmann on Infowars claiming how the ‘”Obama Truth Team” ordered GoDaddy to shut down his website

According to Judi McLeod, Hagmann’s allegation was BS. Hagmann owed GoDaddy about $50. She claimed Brian, who works for her, handled the problem. She had gone into great detail about this, and other examples of credibility issues, after Hagmann’s SWAT allegation/family problem.. The date of this email is another day where he made those same claims about GoDaddy on his radio show. There are more including the same broadcast he claimed he had a NSA file number when it was my NSA FOIA Case #. Truth-tellers? You decide.


Really funny, right? I don’t know what the truth is about that Hagmann allegation, you will have to ask them, but imagine my horror to learn that McLeod asked me to report a serious allegation from someone she did not trust yet continues to publish.

Finally, unfortunately, I’m not the first person Hagmann has threatened with legal action but I hope to be the last. Ask Debbie Schlussel, who wrote: UH-OH! Northeast “Intelligence” Network Steps In It: Fake “Terrorism Expert” Douglas Hagmann Admits Plagiarism, Fabricated Info

Here Hagmann had to admit he plagiarized Schlussel after siccing a lawyer on her when she was innocent too. Yes, that’s what Hagmann does. I know from personal experience. Thanks, Judi for telling me this after you asked me to report his NSA allegation.

Again my sincerest apologies. I am sorry and mortified that I am writing this but you deserve to know the truth—as ugly as it may be. They have had months to privately make things right. People should be lifting up and not knocking down but you can’t say you are a truth-teller if you cover up for liars -no matter who the players are. If you do, you a hypocrite.

And remember. It is only wrong when the Obama administration threatens or intimidates journalists but when Doug Hagmann and Judi McLeod do that it is fine and “W” will cover for them. Don’t forget as they will tell you–they are also journalists, private investigators, truth tellers, Christians and James Bond-esque super spooks.

If anyone ever sees any mistakes with my reporting please tell me and I will correct it. Thank you.

Note: This post has been expanded upon and updated several times with more information since it was originally published. Forgive me, but this has been mortifying to report.

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out to me. I read all my emails and will get back to you ASAP. Welcome to all the new subscribers.

Note: Since I first reported this story I have been contacted by people who have been horrifically damaged by these self-professed “truth tellers” and “Christians.” There are no words. This is precisely why you must blow the whistleblower no matter how uncomfortable it may be for you personally.

Update: This is sad and very disturbing. What will it take for Doug Hagmann to admit the truth to his audience? The “truth-teller” is at it again.

Hagmann, in the opening minutes of his Friday, October 10, 2014, broadcast (beginning approximately at the 2:00 minute mark), warned his audience about a growing number of disinformation people who were “out there” on the internet and are attempting to lead them astray. He used words accusing these aforementioned disinformation people of trying to do anything “to rip down, tear down, tear at, thrash at” – “the walls that hold together truth seekers.” He even warned his audience to “beware.”

Who is putting out disinformation? Me? Did I tell a trusting, sincere audience that I was National Security Agency File Case #70900 based on NSA FOIA #70900 that a journalist I threatened with legal action obtained to give the false appearance that I had proof that the NSA targeted me? No, Hagmann did that.

Can we be honest please? The precise words he used were “nor without counsel” when he threatened me with legal action.

Look at the evidence. His own words and actions (or lack thereof) tell the despicable tale. “Walls that hold truth-seekers together?” Really? Pray for Hagmann. Seriously, this is not good at all.

Hagmann, McLeod and “W” could have privately handled this like adults months ago by providing me with proof of Hagmann’s NSA allegation or admitting they lied and acted like decent people by apologizing to their audiences for deceiving them. But no, they keep digging in. I don’t cover for anyone. No journalist should. I don’t care if you are in the White House, in the press, anywhere.

Now you see what I’ve been dealing with? Instead of showing some humility when he lies to his audience—or anybody, and apologizing, Hagmann digs in, and plays the disinformation card. This is painful to watch. It’s sad.

Moreover, who was it that made it public that I was filing FOIAs to get evidence of his NSA allegation to hold the administration accountable? Me? No. Doug Hagmann and Judi McLeod did –that’s who. Disinformation? Grow up. This is embarrassing. Have you no shame? Still trying to hype up your innocent audience? Tell the truth.

Examine: Judi McLeod made it public here: High Profiling Doug Hagmann against NSA (June 13, 2013). Hagmann spoke about it on his show as well as others including on Tru News with Rick Wiles on June 19, 2013, listen here and here (starting around 12:00 & again at 44:00).

The fact that they made what I was doing public came as a surprise and was disturbing for several reasons. Here are a couple of them. Number 1: Investigation 101. Never announce what you are doing. Just do it and then report your findings.

Number 2: At the time when they used me, I guess as proof, that they were going to valiantly hold the NSA accountable and demand justice from the Obama administration—I had not received Hagmann’s written consent to file the FOIAs.

No one can file a FOIA on another person for privacy reasons without their written consent. Short version. That was no easy task to get. You have noticed, right? All their big NSA talk had gone virtually silent for over a year.


Considering how the NSA affects billions of people around the world, it is especially disgusting how anyone could make such a serious allegation and treat it like a publicity stunt and then threaten the one person (a single woman I might add, real Christian-like, right?) who tried to get evidence of it. Had it been true, we could have potentially helped countless people by exposing government malfeasance. In my opinion that is sick and twisted. This is not a game.

If you wonder why McLeod would publish Hagmann, who she has serious credibility issues with (GoDaddy, Judi, Obama Truth Squad), I don’t know. I wouldn’t do that but perhaps this might shed some light. As she wrote here: “More than half a million readers learned Doug Hagmann’s name last Friday after he wrote a column trying to warn Americans: “It’s about to get very ugly” and millions more have read his Insider Reports published on Canada Free Press (CFP).” That story was dated June 13, 2013.

That Hagmann story did not materialize either. Thank God. Here we are and it is October, 2014. There is more than enough seriously bad stuff going on, you don’t have to make anything up. Oh, the love of money ….

Who knew that asking “truth-tellers” to tell the truth would be such a nightmare? I would have preferred that Hagmann, McLeod and “W” were “truth-tellers” instead of having to deal with this crap or write this appalling story. I’m sorry that they continue to dig in and are now playing the “disinformation” card. Very sad. Credibility and your word is everything.

Beware? Indeed. Beware.

More as necessary.

October 22, 2014 Update:

My apologies. The saga continues and the trio keep digging in. This is not surprising. How does someone admit to their audiences that they have threatened innocent people and lied to them? That’s a tough one to fix. Now, I guess all they can do is hope that you will not look at the evidence that exposes them for who they really are.

In the latest installment apparently “W” is now denying that he was the confirming source with me on Hagmann’s NSA allegation and that he tried to cover it up. That is a lie, pathetic and not super-spook like at all. It is too easy to expose. Stop lying and making this worse.

Here is a tip to liars, scumbags, hypocrites and cowards. The worst thing a person can do is lie to an honest journalist. We cannot be “managed” and we don’t cover up for anyone. It is easy to keep releasing more documentation. I will not tolerate anyone threatening me or anyone else. Innocent people have been hurt by this.

Note the timestamp on the June 4, 2013 email between me and Hagmann. As “W” knows, I have emails between us as well. The story was published at CFP hours later. I had sent the story to both Hagmann and “W” to ensure I had the correct information (according to them) before the article was published. Again, I am keeping screenshots.


Link to the original June 4, 2013 story on my site with the link to CFP.

Must listen: In this broadcast dated 6-13-2013 Hagmann goes into great detail on his NSA targeting allegation shortly after he claimed it happened.

Start listening around the 9:00 minute mark on BlogTalkRadio. Hagmann emphatically claimed that the NSA had an active surveillance on his telephone–an information file had been created on him. He also claimed that someone in the Obama administration either had to go to a FISA court and convince a judge that he was a threat to the United States or somebody in the administration circumvented the legal system. If it was the former, Hagmann claimed that person would need the approval not far from “presidential approval”–at least at the level of Attorney General Eric Holder. Keep listening Hagmann lodges allegations against other agencies including the DHS. He is throwing the word “treason” around. There is much more.

The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is broadcast on BlogTalkRadio, “the largest social radio network in the world.” BlogTalkRadio was founded by Alan Levy and Bob Charish in August 2006. Levy is also the President and CEO of Cinchcast where Charish is Cinchcast’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.

The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is also is simulcast on the Christian’s United Broadcasting Network. Apparently it is also carried on other stations not just in the US, but internationally.

Update November 30 (over a month later): Read Part 2: Steve Quayle Exposes Doug Hagmann’s NSA Targeting Allegation is Fake