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Support peaceful solutions for today’s problems

When you donate it helps me to be able to create more educational content that confronts the dangers of fake news, defamation and judicial misconduct by using the good side of the Internet to combat the dark side.

Support Peaceful solutions for today's problems

The information and fake news crisis were years in the making.

Fixing it is not a short-term project. But it is an important project given the real-world consequences of fake news, and the increasing lack of trust in justice systems, and institutions, around the world.

Every day we can help prevent others from being deceived or hurt by fake news, misinformation, defamation and judicial misconduct is a good day.

Every day we can stop the flow of fake news and defamation is a day we can focus on fixing real problems.

Every day we shine a light on real problems, the real problems can be fixed, and bad actors held accountable.

If you appreciate my efforts to make the Internet a safer and more honest place for everyone, and to help restore integrity to institutions that preserve democracy, you can help out by donating using Paypal.

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