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Debunking Vince Foster Murder Conspiracy Peddlers

A line-by-line breakdown of Michael Rivero’s latest falsehoods…And Rivero’s cohort “DCDave” aka David Martin Defames Vince Foster’s Sister Again.

Part II

When murder conspiracy peddlers, ahem … alternative media Internet “journalists,” “experts,” talk radio hosts, and bloggers demand that they should have the same protections as journalists because they claim they bring the real news the mainstream press will not, shouldn’t they report real news?

Spreading deceitful information on the Internet, making false statements, lying by omission, distorting facts, and basing definitive murder conclusions on “predictions,” and “suggestions,” while harming families, is not real news. 

It’s not journalism.

It’s not how decent people act either.

Michael Rivero on Alex Jones Infowars

If you missed my introduction to what I refer to as this Vince Foster murder conspiracy racket (“VFMC Racket”) in the alternative media, please see Part I. You know the Vince Foster murder conspiracies are falling apart when…

These are individuals, grown men, who attack, troll, and defame anyone and everyone who does not peddle their discredited murder conspiracies as if it is real news. 

    • Apparent ring leader, a grown man who calls himself “DCDave,” aka David Martin of;
    • Internet talk radio host Michael Rivero of;
    • Some “fearless” faked name, “White Power” type of guy, “BMAN,” of BMAN’s Revolt because, evidently, it’s heroic in the alt-media to hide behind a fake name, being on the front lines of tyranny, and all, even though Americans are not living under tyranny;
    • and Hugh Turley of, who was banned from free republic for his belligerent ad hominin attacks. How frequently does the Free Republic ban individuals from their forum?
    • Update: White Power guy’s “BMAN’s revolt” website was removed

You can read the appalling, pitiful saga here on Michael Rivero’s website published on May 17, 2016.  It started when this DCDave/David Martin person wrote a fraudulent misrepresentation of me, others, and my book, Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer, in a book review that was not a book review, but a hit piece.  It’s based on false statements, fraudulent misrepresentations, omissions, distortions, and ad hominem attacks lodged at me and others.

DCDave/David Martin likes to tag team people on the web with his VFMC Racket cohorts “BMAN” and Turley.

As tedious as this is it’s necessary to do a line-by-line breakdown of one of their published fabrications for legal purposes—this one (below) was written by Internet Talk Radio host Michael Rivero, a former Alex Jones Infowars “expert,” [YouTube link has been deleted] as he circled the murder conspiracy wagon with DCDave/David Martin. This way people can also see and decide for themselves who the hardcore liars are and who is telling the truth.

This matters because words matter and millions of people believe alt-media murder conspiracy “experts” on the worldwide Internet, as we’ve seen this election cycle, and elsewhere, where people have been acting on or spreading bad information.

Also see my Retraction, Apology demand to DCDave/David Martin (also at the link above) that addresses the beginning of Rivero’s post that DCDave/David Martin wrote and his fraudulent book review.

Despite this, the VFMC Racket continues to defame people, including Foster’s family, and spread deceitful information on the internet, as if they are above all laws. No one is, except perhaps, Hillary Clinton.

Time and time again, prosecutors have used their discretion not to indict her, despite having had evidence to indict, as I have reported in my Clinton books, The Whistleblower and the sequel Following Orders.  We just saw this happen again in Hillary Clinton’s classified email scandal where she got another pass that others would not have received.

As I wrote in Part 1, the VFMC Racket does not have to agree with me, like me, other authors, or my book, Following Orders—that’s free speech. I don’t have to like them or agree with them either.

They can also believe that Foster was murdered and any conspiracy they want–no matter how far-fetched, and wrong-headed they are (crisis actors, fake blood, etc., etc.). That’s not the issue here.

The issue here is this: they may not defame me, other individuals, including Foster’s family, or the entire FBI, and fraudulently misrepresent my book, and other people’s books, make false statements with actual malice, and omit facts, plug their injurious falsehoods—that’s unprotected speech. 1+1=2.

If you enjoy being lied to and freaked out over falsehoods when real problems exist and are actionable because an alt-media expert in the VFMC Racket told you that you were “awake,” please stop reading now. Otherwise, let’s go, and get this over with.

Hillary Clinton Vince Foster conspiracies
—’s, Michael Rivero’s written, published content begins here. —— Rivero’s text is in black, mine is numbered in blue.


Rivero: Peschmann’s book was a clear attempt to reframe the Vincent Foster murder and bury it at a time when Hillary’s campaign has revived interest in the matter.

(1)  FALSE: Following Orders was published in 2012. It is 2016, so Rivero’s claim, that my book was a “clear attempt…” is based on what exactly? Nothing.

(2) This also applies to Rivero’s false claims that I would want to “bury” or “re-frame” the Foster case. Why would I or any writer want to do that? Rivero does not say this because his claims are false and nonsensical.

(3)  FALSE: It wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s campaign, that revived Foster’s tragic death. It was a reporter at the Washington Post who asked the presumptive Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, about it, who did, but that does not stop Rivero from publishing easy-to-debunk falsehoods.

Here all three statements in Rivero’s first sentence are false and we have only just begun.

Rivero: Peschmann is attempting to reconcile the copious amounts of contradictory evidence in the Foster case with the theory that Foster’s body was moved, while preserving the claim that Foster killed himself, then was moved because his death occurred somewhere embarrassing, therefore, according to Peschmann, people should simply stop talking about Vince Foster, at least until after November!

(4)  FALSE:  Here Rivero fraudulently misrepresents facts and categorically lies. While it is true that there were legitimate questions regarding Foster’s death (for starters, see why in Following Orders: Chapter 3), copious amounts of contradictory evidence supporting murder do not exist. Rivero is referring to copious amounts of conspiracy theories, wild conjecture, misrepresentations, unverified assumptions, distortions, and DCDave/David Martin’s “predictions,” and “suggestions” that Foster was murdered (see below, etc.).

Rivero: “…therefore according to Peschmann, people should simply stop talking about Vince Foster, at least until after November!”

(5)  FALSE:  Rivero has manufactured another outright fabrication. I have never said that people should stop talking about Vince Foster at any time, let alone, until November. Don’t believe me? Ask Rivero for proof and you will see he has none because he is a liar.

(6) When Rivero uses the word “embarrassing” he does so to paint a false impression to mislead his audiences that is not a true representation of the content in Following Orders. Moreover, he diminishes the serious significance of gossip to pander to people who believe that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian who also was having an affair with Foster. You will find that sometimes the VFMC Racket has a hard time keeping their conspiracy theories straight. Indeed. It is tedious trying to keep up.

Michael Rivero Radio Action Figure.doll(That image is a Michael Rivero superhero action figure doll you can buy at his website because Rivero is on the front lines fighting tyranny or something, even though Americans are not living under tyranny.)

Rivero: Peschmann has now sent a demand for retraction and apology to DC Dave and to the websites that cross-posted his critique, claiming that pointing out the factual inaccuracies in the book qualifies as defamation… fraudulent misrepresentations, false statements, deliberate omissions to paint a false picture, defaming other individuals who have nothing to do with me, or my book, to plug VFMC Racket’s debunked claims… etc.

(7)  MISREPRESENTATIVE AT BEST:  The formula the alt-media conspiracy theorists use is not complicated. For starters, Rivero does not finish his sentence, tell the full story, or provide context for his readers for good reason—to deliberately misrepresent and distort my retraction, and apology notice to cast a false light. By using partial truths and facts that he twists into exaggerated claims he manipulates his listeners into supporting his false assertions.

Case in point. Fact: I have never claimed, despite what Rivero fabricated, that pointing out factual inaccuracies in a book qualifies as defamation because it does not. Moreover, weeks have soared by since I requested the retractions, and not one “truth teller” in this VFMC Racket has come up with a shred of proof to prove that any of their false statements (defamation) I have identified here, in Part I, including, but not limited to their false claim that I did not write my book, and I work for Hillary Clinton and other fabrications in my retraction notice. They have not provided proof, as none exists, or else they would have by now. That makes them guilty liars, yes?

Defamation is: Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person. Defamation may be a criminal or civil charge. It encompasses both written statements, known as libel, and spoken statements, called slander.

Here is 18 U.S. Code § 1001

(8) TRUE:  I wanted DCDave/David Martin’s fabrications and misrepresentations retracted and removed from all the websites where they are published because these alt-media “experts,” act like cyber bullies, set up multiple websites with their pals to cross-post their fabrications and this incites audiences.

The VFMC Racket sets up multiple platforms so when they tell their “awake” audiences “to do their own research,” as they like to do, the original bad source appears in multiple places, thus giving a false impression of credibility. Also, their falsehoods and ad hominem attacks come up with me in google searches and who would want that?

The only good association with the VFMC Racket, if this is considered good, is showing what desperate, vicious liars they are.

(9) It speaks volumes that Rivero has downgraded DCDave/David Martin’s book review of Following Orders to a “critique.” This appears to be damage control deception and a watered-down acknowledgment that what DCDave wrote was not a book review because it was not as I correctly claimed.

Rivero: In fact, Peschmann ignores key facts that undermine the “Foster really did kill himself, just somewhere other than Fort Marcy Park” theory. It is documented that the gun found with the body in Fort Marcy Park did not in fact belong to Vince Foster. [(10) “In fact” the VFMC Racket needs to go back and read Rivero’s link to see why what he wrote is wrong—also see below].

Rivero: It is a documented fact that the FBI fraudulently manufactured the testimony of Lisa Foster to claim the dark-blued gun found with the body was the “silver colored” (The FBI’s description) was the nickle-plated revolver Foster inherited from his father.

(11) FALSE:  Typically when the VFMC Racket says something is “documented” it means it was falsely verified by themselves or one of their cohorts. From there, fabrications become echo-chambered false facts.

(12) In this instance, to prove Rivero is lying about Foster’s gun, please read journalist and author, Dan Moldea’s sourced reporting from his book, A Washington Tragedy: How the Death of Vincent Foster Ignited a Political Firestorm. Moldea has also had the unfortunate displeasure of having to deal with the VFMC Racket’s fabrications and long ago debunked this one. I did not address it in Following Orders because it was and is a non-issue–a discredited conspiracy theory.

In part from Moldea:

3. Rivero’s claim: Moldea never questioned why Robert Fiske, the ex-BCCI lawyer, used such obviously flawed and legally invalid testimony to claim that Vincent Foster owned the gun he was found with . . .

Moldea’s response: What does BCCI have to do with this case? The answer, of course, is nothing. Regarding Fiske and the mystery gun, I accurately reported on page 423, endnote 70:

The Fiske Report did not address the fact that the gun Mrs. Foster had identified was silver, not black–which was the color of the gun found in Foster’s right hand.

However, on page 218, I discussed the Fiske/FBI investigation of Foster’s ownership of the suicide weapon, saying: Regarding her husband’s possession of guns, Mrs. Foster said that he had received several from his late father’s estate. The FBI report states:

[Lisa Foster] is aware of a handwritten note from the elder Mr. Foster regarding the disposition of his property after he passed away. According to this note, all of the elder Mr. Foster’s guns were left to Foster and a diamond was left to Lisa Foster. After the funeral for [his] father, Foster went down to his father’s house and retrieved the guns. Lisa Foster believes that there were approximately three to five handguns included in the guns retrieved by her husband. She believes that her husband obtained all of the guns which were left by Foster’s father.

(13)  Moreover, there is only one person who could have confirmed the VFMC Racket’s claim that the FBI fraudulently manufactured Lisa Foster’s testimony and that person is Foster’s widow, Lisa Foster. Not anyone in the extreme right-wing alt-media. Mrs. Foster has not made that claim.

Also see Following Orders Chapter 8 for multi-sourced evidence that the FBI (far from perfect, as nobody is), also could not do their jobs properly or thoroughly either. This is another fact that the VFMC Racket needs you to ignore because they have defamed the entire FBI for years based on their fabrications.

(14).  Furthermore, this is far from the first time when the FBI, and or other agencies have had their hands tied, by top leadership, while trying to do their jobs. [i.e. Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, by former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, and House Border Security Caucus: Obama Not Allowing Agents to Do Their Job, ‘Putting Every American at Risk.’

Rivero:  Perschmann [sic] claims that Foster’s blood had dried by the time Foster’s body was found, yet when the body was moved, fresh blood flowed out of the wounds, staining Foster’s shirt! There is a medical report of a wound to Foster’s neck, which was then whited over!

(15)  FALSE:  Rivero is a liar. It is disturbing how he consistently makes categorically false statements. I did not write that all of Foster’s blood had dried by the time Foster’s body was found. For starters, see Following Orders:  Prologue, first paragraph:

“While it might have initially appeared that the deputy counsel to the president of the United States was taking a nap in a park—lying neatly face-up on a steep embankment with his feet pointing down—Vincent W. Foster Jr. was not napping. He was dead. Dressed in expensive trousers and a white dress shirt, less than eight miles from the White House, he was lying dead. A single gunshot wound to the head. Dead. Some of the blood on Foster’s face was still wet, but starting to dry.”

Following Orders Chapter 4 (one example, there are more):

“[Rolla] had “observed that some of the blood on Foster’s face was still wet, but starting to dry. [Rolla] touched Foster’s body, and noted it was still relatively warm, and there was no sign of rigor mortis.” [98]”
Endnote #98: Robert B. Fiske Jr., Special Prosecutor, Fiske Report, June 30, 1994, p.34. (bold added)

(16)  FALSE:  Rivero’s link does not go to a medical report that’s been “whited over!” either.

(17) Additionally, the VFMC Racket has been drawing definitive murder conclusions, in part, based on an anonymous caller tip which no responsible journalist or investigator would do. The point of tip lines is for law enforcement to follow up on the tips they receive. Tips are not always accurate. Come check out, others don’t. It’s called raw data.

Enjoy this short horror flick, “You Are Awake,” directed and photographed by Pedro Martin-Calero. If you are VFMC Racket alt-media “awake,” you might want to snap out of it.

You Are Awake from Pedro Martín-Calero Medrano on Vimeo.

–We pick up now with more of Rivero’s disturbing, serial fabrications–

Rivero: It is not defamatory to point out errors in a published work. One very alert reader write [sic] in to ask how many people planning to commit suicide go out for dinner first!

(18) Partial truth and then more fabrications. Pointing out errors in published work is not defamatory, but that’s not what occurred here or what I claimed either. Sigh. The truth protects people from defamation. As I’ve already shown that’s not applicable with Rivero’s VFMC Racket (see above, below, Part I and retraction demand).

Furthermore, unlike the VFMC Racket, I give credit where credit is due. The one accurate point that DCDave/David Martin did make was a bad URL out of 339 endnotes. Bad URL’s happen on the Internet, and are beyond my control, as I immediately acknowledged, like decent people do. They are not “factual inaccuracies.”

(19) FALSE: Rivero’s very alert reader has been intentionally deceived because that assertion is not in Following Orders, either.

It is worth pointing how Rivero habitually states on air, or in written form, that his listeners and readers are the smartest in the world and/or compliment them for being “awake,” “astute” and so forth.

Rivero encourages his audience to seek out “like minded” individuals on his show, and to be a part of a family like a cult. This is group-think, not journalism, and in my view, the antithesis of free speech.

I think Rivero does this to manipulate his listeners into feeling as if they are a part of an exclusive club. This also plays a role in why audiences blindly follow him and the VFMC Racket, and do not question their authority, assertions and conspiracies, no matter how preposterous and obviously false they are, when it is easy to impugn the veracity of their claims, as you are seeing here.

From there, the conspiracies are echo chambered on the worldwide Internet.

Moreover, group-think makes audiences easier to provoke and incite into action by tapping into their fears—(like having the fear of being murdered by politicians).

Rivero: But let us stipulate for a moment that Perschmann [sic] is correct, that Vince Foster really did kill himself, and the body moved by a panicked White House staff

[(20) and what else and who else? Here Rivero is cherry picking and taking Following Orders out of context too.

Unlike the VFMC Racket, I did not make a definitive conclusion. What part of “now we may know… in regards to the location” is not clear?

Proper journalism requires following where the evidence goes. Pandering to the choir, while it is the easier path to take–the more lucrative path, and in my view, the sell out, cowardly path, is not journalism either or honest.

Rivero:… that is still Obstruction of Justice, and that is an impeachable offence!

(22) Finally BINGO. Rivero’s “let us stipulate” is his admission of guilt that he has been willfully defaming me, others, and my book, to peddle his murder conspiracies, just like DCDave/ David Martin, did at the end of his fraudulent, deceitful Following Orders book review, where he admits his definitive Vince Foster murder claims are based on “suggestions,” and “predictions.”

This does not give anyone in the VFMC Racket a license or a free pass to fraudulently misrepresent books, attack and defame a litany of people, including Foster’s family, for years.

Rivero: That is still Obstruction of Justice, and that is an impeachable offence!”

(23) FALSE: Good grief. ”Obstruction of justice” is a criminal offence, not an “impeachable offence” in this situation. Bill and Hillary Clinton do not hold office and cannot be impeached. 1+1=2

That being said, obstruction of justice is obstruction of justice and actionable. Remember, the VFMC Racket claims that I work for the Clintons based on thin air and this makes sense, how? It doesn’t because it’s not true.

Rivero: “Impeachable offence!”

DCDave David Martin Murder Foster headshot

(24) While DCDave/David Martin insults my IQ and other people’s IQs based on his fabrications, “predictions,” “suggestions” and invisible bona fides as an IQ expert, in my view the right-wing alt-media’s VFMC Racket’s lack of knowledge regarding the U.S. system of government and legal system is not only disturbing, but injurious to their audiences.

I write that as a person who is not an American, does not vote in U.S. elections, and does not have a dog in the U.S. 2016 election race.

Rivero: More about the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster is HERE.

Read more:

Added November 15, 2017. Take a break from Rivero’s serial lies and watch a Jimmy Kimmel man-on-the-street segment called, “Should Hillary Clinton Be Impeached?”

–End of latest round with VFMC Racket’s fabrications—

Finally. Let’s Wrap This Up.

Rivero’s ability to fabricate, like DCDave/David Martin, White-power-“BMAN,” and Turley, is disturbing. While I am not a doctor it appears to be chronic. I personally think it would have been better if the VFMC Racket ignored me, and other author’s reporting, and hoped that nobody noticed their false statements, twisting of facts and omissions.

As aforementioned, I’m not the first person who has had to debunk Rivero et el, but I do hope to be the last.

Update: White Power guy’s website, “BMAN’s REVOLT” has been removed.

Conspiracy Peddler, White Power guy's website who published falsehoods about Marinka Peschmann has been removed

Trouble in Lucrative Right-Wing Murder Conspiracy Paradise?

Indeed, it appears that the VFMC Racket is getting nervous that their murder conspiracy peddling days are coming to end. Why? Since the publication of Following Orders four years ago (2012), my findings of what may have happened to Foster and where have been independently confirmed, by Roger Stone and his co-author, separate from my findings.

While I cannot speak to what Stone does or says, it is noteworthy that he does not peddle debunked murder conspiracies, given there is a built-in-lucrative “Christian conservative” right-wing audience who believes debunked murder conspiracies.

Stone’s co-author had told me about the confirming information they had which includes, but is not limited to what came from a source when they sought my permission to cite some of my reporting from Following Orders in their book, Clintons War on Women.

Moreover, Stone, his co-author and I, are not echo-chambering cult-like robots who pander to bases either. Unlike the VFMC Racket, we can also agree to disagree on things, and we most definitely do not agree on everything either. I cannot confirm all their claims to be factual in their book. It’s their book, not mine.

For example, Stone is an active Donald Trump supporter. His co-author actively can’t stand Trump.

Me? I don’t vote in U.S. elections, I’m not American and I don’t back candidates. I see problems on both sides and go where the evidence leads, no matter who likes the outcome or not.

See how thinking for yourself works?

It’s worth noting that Stone’s confirming information regarding Foster’s untimely death, by suicide, is a dilemma for these right-wing alt-media men of valor, who need their audiences to believe fabrications about me and my book, to keep peddling their discredited murder conspiracies.

It is also worth pointing how the alt-media VFMC Racket has no problem attacking me, a woman, based on falsehoods, distortions or omission, but to my knowledge they don’t attack Stone.

What does that say about them and their integrity, honesty, character and credibility?

Since Following Orders was published, I have been contacted by several individuals who adamantly insist their murder theories were accurate, yet not one person has produced a shred of actionable evidence, anything at all frankly, to substantiate their big-talking claims. This has been ongoing, off and on, for the last four years. Had someone produced evidence that the Clintons murdered Foster, I would not have hesitated to update my book.

Now that you have seen how Michael Rivero and his VFMC Racket makes serial false statements, whether you choose to see the VFMC Racket, and their regurgitated echo-chambered falsehoods about Vince Foster’s tragic and untimely death (and new fabrications about me and others), for what they are, is up to you.

For the latest on what’s happening with me in Federal District court you can always check the docket (SDNY: 15-cv-09504-PGG) .

Hold on . . . Just when You Think the Right-Wing Alt-Media’s VFMC Racket Cannot Go Any Lower . . . Think Again

Chief Foster murder conspiracy peddler, DCDave/David Martin, continues unabated to attack and defame Foster’s family based on his “predictions,” and “suggestions” in another hit piece on his website, called, Sheila Anthony Defends Her Changed Foster Story. . This one he did not spread on BMAN’s Revolt, but on another “patriot” website called [update post has been removed from Treasure Liberty]. Sigh.

Now DCDave/David Martin has determined (just because he said so) that someone else wrote, Foster’s sister, Sheila Anthony’s Washington Post story: Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed, for her to “sign,” in response to the presumptive Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump’s response to a WAPO reporter regarding Foster’s tragic death being “fishy.”

Sound familiar?

It does not stop there. It is disturbing how it never does. DCDave/David Martin also claims that Sheila Anthony is lying about having given her brother names of psychiatrists, just because he said so. Look. In part:

“Please note carefully that in today’s article, Sheila (or whoever wrote it for her to sign) repeats the claim that she is the source of the list of psychiatrists, but she says that the note “was found in his wallet with his body…

We said that the whole story about this list of psychiatrists is probably bogus, and for substantiation of that claim we turn to my article, “Vince Foster’s Valuable Murder:”

“We said… is probably bogus?” Who on earth harms a family and accuses others of murder based upon “probably bogus.”

The Vince Foster Murder Conspiracy Racket, that’s who.

David Martin long ago abandoned any signs of reason, decency or compassion. What has Foster’s sister ever done to anyone in the VFMC Racket to cause or justify defamation, and the pain, devastation, harm and anguish they have intentionally inflicted, and continue to inflict on his family for all these years based upon David Martin’s random, unsubstantiated, conspiracy riddled thoughts?

I cannot fathom what it must be like to wake up being DCDave/David Martin and others in the VFMC Racket.

What can you say about him, or anyone else who knowingly, relentlessly peddles conspiracies, based upon “predictions,” “suggestions,” “probably bogus,” “stipulations,” fabrications, omissions and distortions injuring innocents and watch them suffer for years?

… And people believe the Clintons murdered Vince Foster based upon these original murder conspiracy peddlers, Michael Rivero, “DCDave” aka David Martin etc. “just because”? Wow.

Indeed reason has been abandoned. Here’s why. The Vince Foster murder conspiracy peddlers want to have it both ways–need to have it both ways.

On one hand they claim Bill and Hillary Clinton are highly skilled at having people killed. On the other hand, they need people to believe the Clintons masterminded and executed the worst planned and sloppiest murder in history.

Which is it? It cannot be both.

I sincerely hope Sheila Anthony files a defamation lawsuit to stop them once and for all from peddling falsehoods about her and her brother’s tragic and untimely death. It is clear they will not stop otherwise, and the harmful effects of fabrications and debunked conspiracies echo chambered as false facts on the Internet can no longer be ignored.

Please see: Sheila Foster Anthony’s, “Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed”

If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text HOME to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line.

If you need help in Canada, please call 1-833-456-4566 for the Canada Suicide Prevention Service.

For Military Veterans Canada and USA, please call 1-800-273-8255 Press 2 for Spanish.

For help around the world, please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources.

Update: On March 21, 2017, another easy to debunk Vince Foster fake news story began circulating the Internet.

Incredibly, some stranger contacted me by email and essentially demanded to know when I was going to update my book based on these latest appalling lies and easy to see fabrications.

Can people critically think anymore?

Tragically, the answer is no. Please see: Acting on False/Fake “News” Can Land You in Prison.

This post is not intended to be a complete description of the facts and/or laws pertaining to this matter, and nothing contained herein shall be deemed an admission and/or waiver of any of my rights, remedies or defenses all of which are hereby expressly reserved.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a conspiracy?

A: A conspiracy is the act of conspiring together; and an agreement among conspirators.

Q: What are conspiracy theories?

A: Conspiracy theories are theories that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators; and a theory asserting that a secret of great importance is being kept from the public

Q: What is White supremacy?

A: White supremacy is the belief that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races. It is also the social, economic, and political systems that collectively enable white people to maintain power over people of other races.

Q: What is fake news?

According to the Center for Information Technology and Society (CITS), the term fake news means “news articles that are intentionally and verifiably false” [1] designed to manipulate people’s perceptions of real facts, events, and statements. It’s about information presented as news that is known by its promoter to be false based on facts that are demonstrably incorrect, or statements or events that verifiably did not happen. 

Fake news “is fabricated information that mimics news media content in form but…lack(s) the news media’s editorial norms and processes for ensuring the accuracy and credibility of information” [2]. It overlaps with misinformation (false or misleading information) and disinformation (false information purposely spread to mislead people).