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Marinka Peschmann’s content, be it written, audio, video, photographs, and/or other printed, published matter, is copyrighted.

It may not be used or distributed to others or re-produced under any circumstances without my express written consent with a signed release form releasing this information.

Legitimate news media receive special permission for republication with proper credits attached. All others are invalid.

Please report typos and corrections. Marinka has no problem correcting errors. Errors must be corrected to restore a free and honest press.

Correction and/or retraction notices must be accompanied with documentation. No conspiracy theories, hearsay, or broken telephone speculation please.

Marinka Peschmann does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links or of commenters.

Finally, if you see any of her published content and/or content purporting to be her content republished any where on the Internet, where anyone can pretend to be whatever they want and publish anything, please email her the link(s).

Unfortunately, there are scores of bad actors on the Internet and “free” books, and the like, may contain malware and/or false information.

Thank you in advance.

For individuals interested in learning more about retractions, there is @RetractionWatch on Twitter which tracks “retractions as a window into the scientific process,” which you may find interesting and want to follow.

Content Policy may be updated anytime.

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