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Content Policy

Marinkapeschmann.com content, be it written, audio, video, photographs, or other printed matter, is copyrighted and may not be used or distributed to others or re-produced under any circumstances without my express written consent with a signed release form releasing this information. Legitimate news media receives special permission for republication with proper credits attached. All others are invalid.

Please report typos and corrections in the event they are necessary. I have no issues with correcting errors. Errors must be corrected. Corrections must be accompanied with documentation –no conspiracy theories or speculation please. Everyone makes mistakes.

Update:  Please remember that freedom of speech is NOT the freedom to defame, to defraud, to incite violence and/or the freedom to solicit crimes against individuals.

Real people, not “crisis actors” are getting seriously hurt.

Holding individuals accountable who defame, defraud, incite violence and/or solicit crimes against individuals is not censorship.

Please learn the difference between protected versus unprotected speech.

As David A. Anderson wrote in Is Libel Law Worth Reforming? Without defamation law, public discourse “would have no necessary anchor in truth.

Do not become the next person who acts upon false/fake “news” and ends up in prison.

Thank you.


Marinkapeschmann.com does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links or of commenters.

Content Policy may be updated anytime.

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