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Coming Soon: Amnesty?

22 January 2009 No Comment

If Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and thirteen other senators achieve what appears to be their goal—what amounts to amnesty is coming soon. On January 6, the “Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009,” S. 9, was introduced as “among the legislative priorities for the new Congress.” But thus far, the content of this bill does not reflect what its bold, tough title implies. Rather, using Vermont’s Senator Patrick Leahy’s introduction of S.9 as the barometer, the precise opposite will occur. It is a bill which would weaken America’s border with Mexico and legalize illegal aliens.

Already read twice in Congress and placed on the calendar, S. 9 appears to be on the fast track. The thin text of the bill reads as follows:

“Expresses the sense of Congress that Congress should enact, and the President should sign, legislation to strengthen the economy, recognize the heritage of the United States as a nation of immigrants, and amend the Immigration and Nationality Act by:
(1) providing more effective border and employment enforcement;
(2) preventing illegal immigration; and
(3) reforming and rationalizing avenues for legal immigration.”

Now, take a look at the bill’s intent, according to Senator Leahy’s introduction of this legislation after he first criticizes former President Bush.
“If our immigration policies are to be effective and play a role in restoring America’s image around the world, we must reject the failed policies of the last 8 years.

Senator Leahy declines to mention how the Bush Administration inherited a backlog of immigration applications from the Clinton Administration. The Bush Administration attempted to remedy this perpetually growing backlog via a $500-million initiative that failed. Failed immigration policies occurred under both Democratic and Republican administrations. As reported earlier, a December 2008 Homeland Security Department intelligence threat assessment determined: “Long waits for immigration . . . will cause more foreigners to try to enter the U.S. illegally.

Next, here is where a secure border, the wall, with Mexico will become a distant memory as recited by Senator Leahy:

“And I believe we would be wise to reconsider the effectiveness and cost of a wall along our southern border, which has adversely affected the fragile environment and vibrant cross-border culture of an entire region. Such a wall stands as a symbol of fear and intolerance. This is not what America is about and we can do better.”

Followed by a de facto amnesty:

“Those who oppose a realistic solution to address the estimated millions of people currently living and working in the United States without proper documentation have offered no alternative solution other than harsh penalties and more enforcement… I am confident that our country and our economy will be far more secure when those who are currently living in the shadows of our society are recognized and provided the means to become lawful residents, if not a path to citizenship.”

Read Senator Leahy’s entire introduction of S.9

The irony here is the illegal alien crisis can be attributed to two decades of failed leadership in Washington. Unfortunately, lawmakers have ignored the realities and consequences of the situation by continuing to fund a $2.6 billion a-year agency, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, as it transmogrified into an inefficient backlogged boondoggle instead of measurably reforming it. The USCIS’ ineptitude created a pathway to crime, where bribing a federal official was often easier, faster, and even cheaper than following immigration laws. Had elected officials reformed the USCIS years ago, and ensured taxpayers were funding a competent agency, it is reasonable to suggest there would not be millions of illegal aliens living in the shadows today.

It is disturbing that any long-serving lawmaker from either political party would support a path to citizenship, ah hem, amnesty under the clever guise of compassion, moral high ground, or reforming America’s image around the world. Because what these elected officials are really supporting is an amnesty bailout to cover up for their own indefensible failure of leadership that compromised national security, and created the illegal alien debacle in the first place. The USCIS cannot police themselves or process lawful immigrants capably. Imagine the colossal corruption which would ensure if any type of amnesty becomes the law of the land. See story.

But the fallout from failed immigration policies gets even worse. According to a 2004 study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the estimated costs of education, health care and incarceration of illegal aliens, costs Californians “$10.5 billion per year.” Five-years later, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger requested an emergency $7 billion bailout from the federal government because California is on the verge of bankruptcy. Do the math. California spent approximately $50 billion on illegal aliens over the last five years alone. The failure to meaningfully reform the USCIS and immigration polices has directly contributed to California’s and America’s economic crisis.

Incidentally, Senator Leahy “looks forward to working with [Harry Reid], Senator Kennedy, Senator McCain, and others interested in working toward the goal of immigration reform.” The co-sponsors of the “Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act” are: Senator Mark Begich, Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Richard Durbin, Senator John Kerry, Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Jeff Bingaman, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Edward Kenney, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Carl Levin, and Senator Clarie McCaskill.