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SDNY-WDPA Federal District Court: Settlement & Apology

Marinka Peschmann has amicably settled her defamation and false light claims against Stephen Quayle and Douglas Hagmann in U.S. District Court.   Mr. Quayle and Mr. Hagmann apologize for certain statements conveyed during their Broadcast and/or the Joint Statement issued on or about February 10, 2015 which Ms. Peschmann believed to be harmful to her. In addition, they did not mean to imply or insinuate that Ms. Peschmann had sought to harass or threaten them as a result of another individual posting a photograph of Mr. Quayle’s house on the Internet. 

The Parties have agreed that it is best to clean the slate, go their separate ways, and they will have no further comment.  

Update: Judicial misconduct that enabled the spread of QAnon & domestic extremism

#CleanHands, Rule 8.3 #Judicialmisconduct