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Marinka, a freelance journalist, and writer, is the author of Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in Power, and Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer — two Clinton White House books she would have written had the events occurred in a Republican White House. 

Marinka has served as a United Nations correspondent, and covered U.S. Presidential elections.  She has collaborated, ghostwritten, and contributed to books, film treatments, textbooks and stories from showbiz and celebrities to true crime, education and politics. Not American, she stopped covering U.S. politics prior to the 2016 Presidential elections.

She has also been a pro se plaintiff, and litigated against not one, not two, not three, but five lawyers from five different U.S. law firms. Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice.

Marinka was first published when legal reviews were mandatory. Her first book collaboration, the critically acclaimed Hollywood memoir The Kid Stays in the Picture (Hyperion) was made into a documentary by Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter and aired on HBO.

If you contact Marinka and don’t hear back, it is likely because she is living offline as opposed to living online. 

Best wishes to all and stay safe.


All content is copyright Marinka Peschmann. No content from this site may be reproduced without permission. To submit a republishing request, please contact her here.

As such, if you see Marinka appearing as an author at outlets such as Breitbart News, it is not because she worked there. She did not–evidently FREEDOM only applies to them and they have been refusing to remove her from their website. Oh, the ghastly hypocrisy of it all.

All original writing and reporting at marinkapeschmann.com is: Copyright © Marinka Peschmann, All Rights Reserved

Some of my old press credentials. Not comprehensive.

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