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Marinka Peschmann is a ghostwriter, author, occasional journalist, and consultant.

Words can lift up, educate, expose injustices, and words can harm. How will you use words?

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Marinka has collaborated, ghostwritten, and contributed to books, film treatments, and stories from showbiz and celebrities to true crime, education, U.S. politics and the United Nations.

She also writes legal briefs.

In this era of fake news, misinformation, and defamation, she has litigated as a pro se plaintiff against five lawyers from five different U.S. law firms in multiple jurisdictions (2015-2020) during the same time- frame when threats against U.S. judges increased over 400%.

Marinka has walked the walk. She sounded the alarms, and knows how serious this fake news, misinformation and defamation problem is. She lived it.

Loathing injustices, self taught, she first started writing legal filings in 2001 to help another individual. To wit, she is not an attorney and cannot give out legal advice. Thus, nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice.

In 2021 Marinka created The Break Free from Media Echo-Chambers 30-Day Challenge, and the ongoing free educational series How to Legal.

Marinka Peschmann's How to Legal

How to Legal empowers people, non-lawyers, to learn from credible legal resources about the United States justice system, and court cases. This way they won’t be deceived by fake news, defamation, politics, bad actors — or discount real news about real problems and corruption. #SaveDemocracy

In 2011 and 2012 Marinka’s books, The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power, and Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer were published. These are books she would have written had the events occurred in a Republican White House. As such they can essentially be re-written by swapping out “Trump” with “Clinton” and their respective scandals and impeachment(s). There are problems on both sides of the aisle.

Marinka Peschmann is a ghostwriter
Marinka is a ghostwriter.

Political-Free Zone

Marinka stopped covering U.S. politics prior to the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.

In part, after being exposed to the belligerent, time consuming wrath and lies of right-wing murder conspiracy peddlers, she sounded the alarm regarding the dangers of fake news, conspiracies, and an abused Communications Decency Act § Section 230, before the public-at-large felt the real world and often tragic consequences of it. Her writings tell the tale.

Marinka was first published when legal reviews were mandatory. Her first book collaboration, the critically acclaimed Hollywood memoir, The Kid Stays in the Picture (Hyperion) was made into a documentary by then Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter and aired on HBO.

In a perfect world Marinka would’ve been a rock star, but she was not blessed with a good singing voice. So she writes.

Marinka’s writing spans multiple genres, go to: Marinka’s books and writing samples.

+ She never worked for Breitbart News. She is not an author there contrary to their website so goes this era of online journalism and “freedom for me, but not for thee.

All content is copyright Marinka Peschmann. None of Marinka Peschmann’s content may be reproduced without permission. To submit a republishing request, please contact her here.

All original writing and reporting is © Marinka Peschmann, All Rights Reserved

In the rear view mirror ...

old press credentials

Some of Marinka’s old press credentials from campaign trails and the United Nations.

Not comprehensive.

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