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—From the desk of Marinka—

From the desk of Marinka
Peaceful solutions

Hello, Friend,

As political violence accelerates, to calm things down, I want to remind everyone about a couple of issues that most people agree on.

Do you know anyone who was thrilled when the politicians bailed out the bankers in the 2008 economic crisis? (bankers excluded)

No? … Me either.

How about this one? Do you know anyone who wants a justice system where oath-breaker judges can be bought off or unduly influenced in some way? (oath-breakers, dark money, funny biz people excluded)

No? … Me either.

You see we can calm things down. There are big issues that most people agree upon. Start there. We can save democracy, and bring people together by fixing real problems— accountability is a thing.

I don’t cover U.S. politics anymore.

Having reported problems on both sides of the aisle, and been attacked by both sides, it is what it is. When abuses of power and misconduct are acceptable when it’s your political-party-politician, but indefensible when it’s not, justice, decency, and the rule of law become warped.

It metastasizes and spreads into society and institutions like cancer jeopardizing democracy.

This is why we are where we are.

The question is are we going to keep repeating the same patterns or break them?

If people want to fix real problems change your mindset.

It’s not left-right. It’s oath-breakers versus oath-followers. Ethical versus unethical.

If we stop playing politics and hold the oath-breakers accountable in politics and the legal profession, we can solve big problems.

Thanks for taking the time to read my note.