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3 Steps to restore trust & integrity in the judicial system

Marinka Peschmann's 3 Steps to restore trust and integrity to the judicial system
3 Steps to restore trust and integrity to the judicial system

A recent Marquette Law School poll found that disapproval of the Supreme Court eased, especially among Democrats.

To me, it’s a funny poll given that the pollsters admittedly did not know why there was a “rise in popularity for the court.” SCOTUS had not issued any major rulings, “but it could have to do with people having less awareness of what’s going on with it this term.”

Therein is part of the problem with the courts. It is not just a SCOTUS problem, but a problem with courts at all levels.

… it’s a big deal. Democracy cannot survive without an independent justice system with integrity. Additionally, a court’s ruling may affect you even if you have nothing to do with the legal system.

For example, everyone is experiencing the fallout from my oath-breaker judges’ misconduct—misconduct that has also harmed and put some of their colleagues in danger too.

Judicial misconduct is an everyone issue

Judicial misconduct is not a left-right issue, it’s an everyone issue.  I think it is fair to say that the problem of judicial misconduct is one of the few issues that most people can agree upon regardless of political beliefs.  

So, I made a video about the 3 Steps to restore trust & integrity in the judicial system based on facts, reality, and tangibles by using a real case demonstration.

The oath-breaker judges and the oath-follower judges show you who they are. You just need to know what to look for.

Come, I will show you some ways you can identify them. Everyone can help restore trust and integrity in the judicial system by helping the legal profession self-police.  

And the best part?  You don’t have to be a lawyer to know about these things.

We are here because the legal profession, for the most part, has failed to self-police. Likely because it can be highly lucrative not to.

“Robed in secrecy: How judges accused of misconduct can dodge public scrutiny, Thousands of complaints are filed against judges every year, but very few result in discipline. Ethics experts say the time for states to transform the judiciary is now.” NBC News, Dec. 26, 2021.

Let’s go.

Transcript with links to the sources …

 … including more info you might want to know about.

How to restore trust & integrity to the judicial system in 3 steps

A peaceful solution

Exhibit A

Real case demonstration


Shine a light on potential judicial misconduct

You must shine a light because typically oath-breaker judges won’t admit that they are oath-breaker judges, who abuse their authority.

Oath-breaker judges will still dig in, after you shine the light, as we saw during the Wall Street Journal investigation, but it won’t be as easy for them to keep digging in.

“Dozens of Federal Judges Had Financial Conflicts: What You Need to Know.” Wall Street Journal, April 27, 2022.

Real-world case demonstration coming next …

Joe Patrice, “Federal Judge Handcuffs Crying 13-Year-Old Girl Attending Father’s Hearing: Absolutely shocking abuse of authority.” Above the Law, February 27, 2023.

Meet the Federal Judge

Hon. Roger T. Benitez, of the Southern District of California

Hon. Roger T. Benitez has been a lawyer since 1978.

That’s 40+ years.

He’s been a judge since 1997.

That’s 25+ years.

Additional info: Judge Roger Benitez was nominated by former President George GW Bush.  Before he was confirmed to serve on the Federal bench with a lifetime appointment, there were red flags about his temperament.

Excerpt from his 2004 nomination:

Mr. LEAHY. Mr. President, today the Senate considers the nomination of Roger Benitez to the Southern District of California. Judge Benitez is being considered for the last of 5 new seats in the Southern

District of California that were created by statute on November 2, 2002, as part of a package of judgeships created for border districts that have a massive caseload and that needed more Federal judges. I worked hard with Senator Feinstein to help create these new positions under Democratic Senate leadership. By doing so, we did what the Republican majority refused to do in the years 1995 through 2000 when there was a Democratic President. We did so under Senate Democratic leadership knowing that the appointments would be made by a Republican.

Unlike many other nominees who have come before this Committee, Roger Benitez comes before us with judicial qualifications, having had experience serving as a judge both in State and Federal courts. He served for 4 years as a California Superior Court Judge for Imperial County and 3 years as a U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Southern District for California.

However, like many nominees of this President, concerns have been raised about this nominee’s fitness to serve. Judge Benitez is one of 28 of President Bush’s nominees who have received a partial or majority rating of “Not Qualified” from the ABA Committee that conducts a peer evaluation of judicial nominees. Of those, 18 have already been confirmed and another has been recess appointed.

Before President Bush ejected the ABA from the process of providing an informal rating prior to a nomination, temperament or ethics concerns would have been raised at the early stage of a nominee’s consideration and in time for the White House to make a decision whether to proceed with that nominee, with knowledge of such determinations and the opportunity to conduct follow-up inquiry. The change in the role of the ABA has led to ABA ratings being less helpful. In Judge Benitez’s case, based on interviews with 23 judges and 44 attorneys, more than 10 members of the ABA committee concluded that, based on his temperament, he is not qualified to serve a lifetime appointment on the Federal bench.

Despite these concerns, Judge Benitez is supported by both of his home-State Senators and is the product of the bipartisan commission that Senators Feinstein and Boxer have worked so hard to maintain. I will honor their support of this nominee and support him, as well. With this confirmation, the Senate will have confirmed 14 nominees to the district courts in California.

From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office, Congressional Record Volume 150, Number 84 (Thursday, June 17, 2004).


The court finds out about the allegations of judicial misconduct

This is where oath-follower judges are identified.


Oath-follower judges act.

Oath-breaker judges don’t.

Ethical, oath-follower Chief Judge contacts the higher court… and an investigation begins.

Cheri Mossburg, “Misconduct investigation underway after federal judge in California has 13-year-old daughter of defendant handcuffed,” CNN, March 2, 2023.

Chief Judge Dana Sabraw of the Southern District of California contacted the higher court on February 17 about the allegations. Mary Murguia, the chief judge of the 9th Circuit, said in an order filed Tuesday that she reviewed court transcripts and identified a complaint.

BINGO! This is an oath-follower judge.

What else to look for …

Meanwhile, the case was transferred to another judge to preserve the integrity of the justice system.

BINGO! Another sign this is an oath-follower judge.

Joe Patrice, “Federal Judge Handcuffs Crying 13-Year-Old Girl Attending Father’s Hearing: Absolutely shocking abuse of authority.” Above the Law, February 27, 2023.

“As one might imagine, this case was transferred to another judge.”

What’s next?

The investigation will likely take a while. 

In the meantime, the victim-survivor(s) of alleged judicial misconduct can obtain due justice.

No one should be subjected to a cruel, oath-breaker judge for one day, let alone for months or years.

This is how to restore trust and integrity to the judicial system.

Shining a light on potential judicial misconduct…

Oath-following judges holding oath-breaker judges accountable. Oath-breakers don’t.

Want to help?

You can help the legal profession self-police by going to my bio link to learn how to identify oath-breakers & oath-followers in the legal system (it’s free), and …

Do you need some crash course help?

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Judicial misconduct undermines the integrity of the judicial system.
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Judicial misconduct undermines the integrity of the judicial system.

Innocent people are being harmed.

Don’t wait. Go to How to Legal Hacks where I have already done the heavy lifting for you.

The more you learn about the justice system, the more you will appreciate, admire and respect the ethical judges who hold their unethical, oath-breaker colleagues accountable.

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