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Tehran Times: Turkey won’t mediate between Iran and U.S.: Erdogan

29 October 2009 No Comment

Some more results from the Obama Administration’s foreign policy reset?
These two reports are from Tehran Times, Iran’s Leading International Daily.

TEHRAN – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkey is not going to mediate between Iran and the United States.

At a press conference at the Turkish Embassy in Tehran on Wednesday, Erdogan said that the fact that he is currently in Iran and plans to travel to the United States in the future does not mean he is going to conduct any mediation between the two countries.

The Turkish prime minister stated that he came to Tehran to discuss regional problems and global issues…

Full report.

Reset? Is Turkey turning East instead of West?

ISTANBUL — With Turkey’s prospects for joining the European Union growing more elusive and the country reaching out to predominantly Muslim countries with a vigor not seen in years, a longstanding question is vexing the United States and Europe: Is this large, secular Muslim country turning East instead of West?

When President Obama visited Turkey in April — a symbolic gesture that underlined Turkey’s geostrategic importance — he emphasized the country’s role as a bridge between East and West, acknowledged its mediation in the Arab-Israeli conflict and threw his weight solidly behind Turkey becoming a European Union member.

Now, six months later, some in Washington and Brussels are questioning Turkey’s dependability as an ally, and many Turks are asking whether they should reject the European Union before the bloc rejects them…

Ibrahim Kalin, chief foreign policy adviser to Mr. Erdogan, said Western critics of Turkey’s new inclusive foreign policy were using a double standard. “When the U.S. makes an overture to Russia, everyone applauds this as a new era in diplomacy,” he said. “But when Turkey tries to reach out to Iran, people ask if it is trying to change its axis.”