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  • Looking forward to reading your book. Having observed the Clinton’s in person and via the media for many years, nothing about them would be a surprise.

  • mike

    After reading the clinton chronicles they had the whole state and police under their corrupt hand.

    Then it was easy to get away with it all because the americans did not care as long as the bull market continued and all portfolios were on the rise.

    What better cover and who cared who or how many were screwed as long as the stocks went up. Made Hilary look like the innocent victim.

    So with that legacy they will always appears to be saviors because people think Bill was responsible for the great 8 year bull market.
    So Americans became smug and arrogant all the while being set up and totally blindsided.

    Even now they think meddling Hilary is a saint. Every trip she and obama make is not for the good of the US but rather for their own agenda. Does obama even work at all?

  • Jon Covington

    Heard Marinka’s interview with Jerry Doyle today. Excellent exchange! Looking forward to reading the book.

  • Thank you Jon. I really appreciate it. Hope The Whistleblower makes a difference in restoring the rule of law in America.

  • Virginia Dougherty

    I heard a replay of your interview with Pittsburgh Radio personalities, Quinn and Rose. I first heard your interview commuting to work and never got the full info (your name) before I had to turn off the radio. Today’s rebroadcast was an answer to prayer. I remember you telling them that this is a book for government employees to read and understand principles. i am a federal employee, therapist at a VA. Your words spoke to my heart that we are to be honest, hardworking, and fearless to stand for what is right. In addition, I say we are to be servants to those who have in trusted us with a job–the American people; to not abuse that gift of a job (especially my job working with disabled veterans). I wish there was a social site for Gov. employees to gather together for encouragement; i mean those of us who are conservative by standard and ethics. There are many out there who feel they are an island. But we are many.

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