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Media Alert: Sam Sorbo Show at TRN 11:30 am ET…Listen

24 June 2014 No Comment

Missed it? Listen here.

Beverly Perlson of the Band of Mothers also called in about half way to share her experiences with Renee Myers–Sgt. Derrick Miller’s mother meeting with members of Congress.

Join Renee and I next week on the Sam Sorbo show.

Join me tomorrow at 11:30 am ET on the Sam Sorbo Show on the Talk Radio Network.

Listen live here.

We’ll be discussing how Obama frees terrorists while U.S. soldiers imprisoned in Leavenworth. The untold Sgt. Derrick Miller story.

Join us to learn about the story the administration does not want you to know about and the sickening double standard that favors terrorists over U.S. servicemen–for years.

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