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Iran: Live-Tweeting The Revolution

16 June 2009 No Comment

Click here for the latest news in Iran courtesy of Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish.

Iranian Blogger: I May Get Killed Tomorrow

I will participate in the demonstrations tomorrow. Maybe they will turn violent. Maybe I will be one of the people who is going to get killed. I’m listening to all my favorite music. I even want to dance to a few songs. I always wanted to have very narrow eyebrows. Yes, maybe I will go to the salon before I go tomorrow! There are a few great movie scenes that I also have to see. I should drop by the library, too. It’s worth to read the poems of Forough and Shamloo again. All family pictures have to be reviewed, too. I have to call my friends as well to say goodbye. All I have are two bookshelves which I told my family who should receive them. I’m two units away from getting my bachelors degree but who cares about that. My mind is very chaotic. I wrote these random sentences for the next generation so they know we were not just emotional and under peer pressure. So they know that we did everything we could to create a better future for them. So they know that our ancestors surrendered to Arabs and Mongols but did not surrender to despotism. This note is dedicated to tomorrow’s children…” June 19, 2009 Read more…

The Ground Truth in Tehran
The latest views from the street as Iran’s extraordinary election, and perhaps the fate of a country, hangs in the balance.It has been an extraordinary few days in Iran.

A disputed election. Rival claims of victory. Mass rallies. Mass protests. A crackdown. Violence and uncertainty.

Throughout the weekend and into today, GlobalPost correspondents have been on the scene, in Qom, Tehran and elsewhere — using mobile phones, email and other means to help tell this unfolding story from a tense and difficult reporting environment.

We’ll be using this space to keep you updated on the latest from the street, as well as analysis and color from what is turning out to be a key test for Iran, its 72 million people, and perhaps the world. Read more here.

Power structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The supreme leader has absolute power. This is how:

The institutions of power in order of supremacy:

1 – Supreme Leader
2 – Guardian Council
3 – Assembly of Experts
4 – Expediency Council
5 – President
6 – Parliament
Read more here.