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Exclusive: NY Judge in Largest Bankruptcy Case in History Receives IRS & SEC Whistleblower Filing … Updated

24 April 2014 76 Comments

Creditor and Whistleblower evidence alleges securities fraud, income tax fraud and income tax evasion. Further investigation is necessary to protect millions of homeowners.

New York City, New York – U. S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York’s Judge Martin Glenn, presiding over the simultaneous Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings of 51 residential mortgage companies, received a whistleblower filing package today from one of the creditors in this case, a private American citizen, Greg Morse.

The Internal Revenue Service and Securities Exchange Commission received the same package today. Among its contents is Morse’s whistleblower submission of IRS Form 211—Application for Award for Original Information, and SEC Form TCR—SEC Tip, Complaint or Referral, accompanied by voluminous supporting documentation. These federal agencies are mandated to investigate allegations of corruption and fraud.

The 51 bankrupt residential mortgage companies are directly or indirectly owned by Residential Capital, also known as ResCap.

Morse, a commissioned officer was honorably discharged from the U. S. Air Force and the U. S. Navy as an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot. He was one of the initial people who uncovered and successfully prosecuted a federal fraud case regarding the savings and loan debacle in the late 1980’s.

Like millions of Americans, Morse, believed when he refinanced his home mortgage in 2008 that it was legitimate but found out otherwise when he discovered that his chain of title had been broken by Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS). His home in Texas was not and is not in foreclosure. He has never been late or missed a mortgage payment.

According to N.Y. bankruptcy court records, as of March, 2012, at stake are over 2.4 million mortgages and Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) representing over 6.2 million Americans, according to U. S. census statistics.

The value of this bankruptcy case, as of today, is well over $400 billion—making it the largest bankruptcy in history.

There has been virtually no press coverage of this bankruptcy that affects the entire U.S. economy, millions of homeowners and nations who purchased RMBS securities. It far exceeds, in dollar volume and social impact, the General Motors bankruptcy which garnered front page media coverage for months.

68 percent of these mortgages in this N.Y. bankruptcy are either owned, insured, or guaranteed by Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. Purportedly, a significant number of the mortgages are owned by RMBS Trusts.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in conservatorship (bankruptcy). Their conservator is the U. S. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). $45 billion is guaranteed by Ginnie Mae.

It appears this single bankruptcy represents at least 3% of all active U.S. residential mortgages.

Morse’s whistleblower filing package that was received by the Court today includes his 279 page jurat affidavit in support of IRS Form 211 and SEC Form TCR. His jurat affidavit is supported by 11,000 pages of corroborated, publicly sourced and court admissible evidence related to the mortgage crisis, the 2008 economic crash, his 2011 Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) civil case addressing his fraudulent mortgage—and the alleged acts of securities fraud, income tax fraud and income tax evasion.

As a court designated creditor, Morse has had access to documents through the official court-ordered website for large bankruptcies. He and his team have scoured through court documents and, to the best of their knowledge, it appears that these issues have not been introduced or investigated by the bankruptcy court.

Additional court docket information is available at KCC L.L.C. at their website and at the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors website.

The next hearing regarding Morse’s case is currently scheduled for May 15. It regards his RICO civil case due to a fraudulent residential mortgage on his Texas home, in which he is the sole pro se plaintiff. Morse’s RICO civil case is how he became a creditor in this New York bankruptcy case. Under 18 USC Section 1964 private citizens may seek civil damages due to RICO fraud activities. He has been in federal court since April 26, 2011 attempting to get the court to allow the evidence to be brought before a jury of his peers.

Morse’s whistleblower filing to the IRS and SEC grew out of his RICO case which was originally filed in the U. S. Federal District Court, Eastern District of Texas, and is currently on interlocutory appeal in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In an exclusive interview, when asked what he saw taking place behind the scenes of the mortgage crisis, Morse said, “I see this RICO fraud enterprise with MERS in the center as being a well-masked, legally controlled and potentially a judicially assisted resource, land and asset grab from the American people. Just look at the publicly disclosed evidence. Remember, according to the Federal Reserve’s own reports, the current value of all residential mortgages in the country is estimated to be $13 trillion or so. Compare that number with only the short term federal debt that now exceeds $17 trillion. That means that the total value of residential mortgages alone represents 76% of the national debt. This is very serious and the stakes are high. It doesn’t appear that Judge Glenn is aware of the alleged securities fraud, income tax fraud and income tax evasion issues related to a number of the 51 bankruptcy petitioners,” Morse added. “If Judge Glenn elects to consider our evidence, he could do nothing or he could place this bankruptcy hearing in abeyance pending the results of my requested IRS and SEC investigations. If Judge Glenn allows the bankruptcy to proceed …”

According to court documents, the second amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan, approved on December 13, 2013 allows for the liquidation of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of homeowners’ mortgages to legendary business billionaire magnate—the fourth richest man in the world, according to Forbes, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. and Ocwen Loan Servicing, L.L.C.

The bankruptcy terms allows Berkshire Hathaway and Ocwen to purchase over $400 billion worth of mortgages and RMBS trusts for less than $5 billion. Once these mortgages are sold, Berkshire Hathaway and Ocwen will be bankruptcy remote. That means that once the mortgage assets are sold to them, American homeowners, like Morse, will not be able to obtain, through discovery, in judicial proceedings, the documents pertaining to their mortgages to determine if there is an issue with their property’s chain of title or verify if there is a free, clear and legally traceable ownership of their homes. It’s called bankruptcy 101. You can’t go back after the ink is dry.

In effect, mortgage records of millions of American homeowners would be destroyed.

Last March, Ocwen, was found guilty of breaking laws in 49 states.

As the Los Angeles Times’ Scott Reckard reported: “California victims of alleged foreclosure abuses will get $268 million in relief from a $2.1-billion national settlement with Ocwen Financial Corp., the nation’s largest non-bank provider of mortgage customer service … The announcement … also spotlights a growing controversy as major lenders outsource their mortgage servicing operations to Ocwen and other firms that specialize in collecting payments, pressuring delinquent borrowers and foreclosing on defaulted mortgages.”

Berkshire Hathaway and Ocwen did not respond to a request for comment for this article.

“The result of this massive sell-off of mortgages is that this effective destruction of documents could contribute to covering up, and making it more difficult to corroborate the alleged acts of securities fraud, income tax fraud and income tax evasion. This is the endgame exit strategy and cover-up I warned about four years ago,” Morse explained to this journalist. “For obvious reasons, it was necessary to ensure that Judge Glenn was made aware of the evidence otherwise he could go down in history as the man who unknowingly destroyed the rights of millions of American homeowners.”

In October, 2010 Morse wrote an article that was well circulated on the Internet where he forecasted and warned that this exact set of bankruptcy proceedings and results would occur and prove to be the endgame exit strategy for those banks and participants, like MERS, in the RICO fraud enterprise at the heart of the mortgage crisis.

“The light speed rate at which this bankruptcy, on behalf of the money changers with their Fortune 125 law firms, is being pushed through is breathtaking. For the last 3 years, I, as a pro se plaintiff, have been following the rules and have not been able to present the evidence before a jury. Unlike my savings and loan days in the late 1980’s, where the rule of law still applied in America and the guilty were held accountable, I have witnessed acts of perjury and misrepresentation on behalf of the defendant’s attorney’s made to the court with no redress or accountability.” Morse said.

James Kidney, a SEC trial attorney, is also concerned about the lack of accountability in the 2008 economic crisis. As Bloomberg News’ Robert Schmidt recently reported, Kidney warned during his outgoing retirement remarks, “The SEC has become an agency that polices the broken windows on the street level and rarely goes to the penthouse floors. On the rare occasions when enforcement does go to the penthouse, good manners are paramount. Tough enforcement, risky enforcement, is subject to extensive negotiation and weakening.”

Because of the scope and volume of evidence Morse has uncovered and documented, in addition to the IRS, SEC and Judge Glenn, his whistleblower filing was submitted to over 500 other recipients including: President Barack Obama, the Secretary of the Treasury, all Supreme Court Justices and other members of the U. S. Judicial Branch, Chairmen and Ranking Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Standing Committees, Inspectors General of numerous federal agencies, G20 Summit members, members of the U. S. Senate, the national and international media, attorneys from the Birmingham, Alabama law firm of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP, who are representing both debtors and creditors in the N.Y. bankruptcy case, and the New York law firm of Morrison & Foerster, LLP.

According to Morse’s whistleblower jurat affidavit: “The IRS and the SEC are the last remaining hopes for justice in disclosing the complete and truthful facts regarding this RICO fraud enterprise that is the mortgage crisis and are the federal agencies with the experience, capability, jurisdictional authority and congressionally mandated tasks of investigating, stopping and prosecuting fraud. Justice and the rule of law must be maintained in these legal actions or the rights, homesteads and financial lives of millions of Americans will be destroyed. The results, positive or negative, will directly affect millions of Americans today and in the years to come.”

Update: The Court will not consider Whistleblower evidence which apparently was not submitted properly.

Update: May 15th hearing under seal until August 19.

Update: Be careful when people ask you for money for a legal defense fund (or anything for that matter). I do not sanction anyone’s legal defense fund or signing petitions.

At the end of this article: Leaked Federal Reserve Doc: Go from paper homeowner instruments to electronic. Foreclosure fraud? What fraud? I provide several free resources as well as professional services that homeowners who are victims of the banks can look in to. There are countless homeowners, who have been fighting the banks for years, and are very generous about providing free information. Another excellent place to look is at court cases. These are open source and will not cost you a dime. Do your own research. In addition to the corrupt bankers, there are cons jobs out there coming out as angels of light.

Update: Hollywood takes the problem to the big screen in The Big Short.

Update April 21,2016: Why Haven’t Bankers Been Punished? Just Read These Insider SEC Emails

Is your home at risk? Is your landlord’s home at risk? Check the list below.

Residential Mortgage Company Bankruptcy Petitioners
Residential Funding Company, LLC
Residential Capital, LLC
ditech, LLC
DOA Holding Properties, LLC
DOA Properties IX (Lots-Others), LLC
Equity Investment I, LLC
ETS of Virginia, Inc.
ETS of Washington, Inc.
Executive Trustee Services, LLC
GMAC-RFC Holding Company, LLC
GMAC Model Home Finance I, LLC
GMAC Mortgage USA Corporation
GMAC Mortgage, LLC
GMAC Residential Holding Company, LLC
GMACRH Settlement Services, LLC
GMACH Borrower LLC
GMACR Mortgage Products, LLC
Home Connects Lending Services, LLC
Homecomings Financial Real Estate Holdings, LLC
Homecomings Financial, LLC
Ladue Associates, Inc.
Passive Asset Transaction, LLC
PATI Real Estate Holdings, LLC
RAHI Real Estate Holdings, LLC
Residential Accredit Loans, Inc.
Residential Asset Mortgage Products, Inc.
Residential Asset Securities Corporation
Residential Consumer Services of Alabama, LLC,
Residential Consumer Services of Ohio, LLC
Residential Consumer Services of Texas, LLC
Residential Consumer Services, LLC
Residential Funding Mortgage Exchange, LLC
Residential Funding Mortgage Securities I, Inc.
Residential Funding Mortgage Securities II, Inc.
Residential Funding Real Estate Holdings, LLC
Residential Mortgage Real Estate Holdings, LLC
RFC-GSAP Servicer Advance, LLC
RFC Asset Holdings II, LLC
RFC Asset Management, LLC
RFC Borrower LLC
RFC Construction Funding, LLC

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  • l. Snider

    Could this mean justice at last for the homeowner. Please Please make these bad bankers go to jail, no more payouts, it is only a sell out for justice.

  • l. Snider

    His fight is everyones fight. The American dream is dead. I am numb. Please contact me. I would love to tell you what Chase has done to me

  • K. A. Hruzer

    This is IT!

  • Sorry to hear. I can just imagine. Okay. I will email you now.

  • DC

    There has been many,look at Thornburg Mortgage,Countrywide,etc,Washington Mutual it more than likely means NADA unless we come together en mass and take to the streets.

  • Tia Smith

    Great story!!!
    Thank you to Greg Morse.
    May God’s hand of protection and favor surround you both.

    Please Investigate Invitation Homes. Invitation Homes is a subsidiary of the Blackstone Group.
    Invitation Homes is allegedly purchasing single family homes for CASH at online auctions and are renting them back to the homeowners.
    I don’t believe they are paying CASH for these homes. They are colluding with the fore closers.
    First, they steal your property, then offer to rent it back to you.
    I am also a creditor in the RESCAP bankruptcy.
    I’m currently appealing my civil case that was dismissed against Aurora Loans Services, MERS and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas for the Certificate-Holders of the RALI 2007-QO1 Trust.
    I would love to tell you my story as well.

  • david black

    this may be a beginning but we still need a case like this to expose the misconduct on even a much larger scale by JP MORGAN Chase.


  • My family’s civil RICO charges against Warren Buffett and his known associates to include Robin Arkley and Martha HW Crowninshield date back to the late 1980’s. I have written extensively about our complaints on nhjustice.net. The main underlying asset that Mr. Buffett et al targeted was my family’s spring water property and water rights located in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. The springs have been estimated to have a reserve capability of up to 10 million gallons per day. We had permits to extract up to 1 million gallons per day, prior to the contamination of the springs on September 11, 1997. Where I was wrongly named the primary suspect by one of Mr. Buffet’s cronies.

    The difficulty that we are having is that Mr. Buffett and his cronies are in the Too Big To Jail category. But not me. I was arrested in my family’s home, and charged with criminal trespassing in my family’s home in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, which it had owned since 1978. The facts in the criminal trespass matter are laid out in No Witness = No Case that has been posted in the High Birches Section of nhjustice.net.

    Mr. Buffet and his cronies were able to influence the assistance of certain agents of the State of New Hampshire to see things their way. A payment of $100,000 was used to further convince the State to cooperate. And, cooperate the State did. Among other violations of my family’s due process rights, in 2009 it filed a Forensic Evaluation Report that diagnosed me ‘not competent’, which prevented me from introducing into evidence my ‘affirmative defenses’, which would include RICO crimes of Mr. Buffet and his cronies.

    Now that I am aware of your reporting, is there any way that I can be updated? My family is in the process of filing our own civil Rico law suit…in addition to Ordering me ‘not competent’, the State of New Hampshire has caused other damages to my family. Also, due to stolen ID issues, I have been denied my full US social security and US citizen benefits, which will also be the subject matter of my USC Title 42, sec 1983 law suit.

    I have been forced to currently live out of the US. I am a dual citizen. My father worked for the US Government owned company the Pamana Canal Company for over 30 years prior to his retirement. I was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

    My two sons and myself were in the process of seeking counsel when we read about the discovery that Attorney Linda Terrelli made with respect to the Wells Fargo Foreclosure manual. We knew there had to have been a play book since the Affidavit that won the day for Robin Arkley was signed by none other than uber Robo Signer Victor Parisi, the man whom Judge Schack had called out in his court for wearing too many vice president hats at one time.

    I agree with Greg Morse. All of our independent investigation leads us to conclude that Mr. Buffett and Owcen are using the same old playbook that Southmark used in the late 1980’s. And, Mr. Gene Philips also has played a prominent role in our RICO charges, and you know who the silent Southmark partners were then?

    Thank you for your reporting on this matter. You can also review my FaceBook posting on this subject. Jean Allan Sovik.

  • Karen R.

    This is my case in the ResCap bankruptcy. I’d love to be put in touch with this team.


    I am trying to prepare my motion for reconsideration and would love some help. I now have the evidence that ResCap misled the court with its opposition motion, as well as the evidence that US Bank is lying in my CA case. After I proved that I was paying my mortgage when GMACM declared default in March 2008 and returned my money, they changed their story. US Bank then claimed that I tore down our 4,206 square foot home that was built in 2005 and replaced it with a 2,096 shack that was built in 1954. A federal judge — the former head of Bank of America’s bankruptcy division — allowed that version. That case is in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where I am also pro se. [I am not a lawyer, but I probably should have listened to my mother!] I am also suing Bank of America for damages stemming from a wrongful foreclosure, which they rescinded ten days later. Thanks.

  • I’ll forward your info along to them. — Marinka

  • Thanks for writing. I’ve forwarded your info to Greg.

  • David, Thanks for writing. I’ve forwarded your info to Greg.

  • Thank you Tia for your very kind words. May God bless you too. I’ve forwarded your info to Greg.
    — Marinka

  • Hi DC, Thanks for writing. I’ve forwarded your info to Greg.
    — Marinka

  • david belanger

    why isn’t he getting all of us that are fighting into this . if millions sign on with him, and it get’s into all media that millions are on board with this complaint. wouldn’t it be better.

  • david belanger

    we should be collecting all names of all millions going through this and who has been through this and lost homes or had to go bankruprt to save home. and we should be marching right down to the supreme court of this country as the million home owners march. and dont leave until the court here all. right. i will bet millions would show up. lets get this going.

  • david belanger


  • Charles Reed

    As with the Madoff Ponzi it was Harry Markopolos a military veteran the was blowing the whistle and now again another veteran and there another veteran blowing the whistle about the Ginnie Mae mortgage backed securities!

  • Mary

    I have whistleblower complaint gone unresponded for seven months. I have lists of trusts claimed by USB that are not registered with the SEC; I have ALL the documentation with Negative Attestations. USB claims to be the Trustee and has taken homes under these fraudulent trusts; This information along with what you have just disclosed MUST be exposed. Contact me and I will gladly share this; I also consulted with Dr Black and he agreed that If I had what I told him that it would be criminal for the big banks! Please contact me.

  • Patrick Farrell



    1. COMES NOW the United States “Intervenor ex relatione PATRICK LORNE FARRELL© state sovereign national, of ONE OF the states united for America, Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and Federal Witness, Christian, Sovereign American and Secured Party Creditor, Ex-Patriated to demand mandatory judicial Notice by this honorable Court of a list of former and existing Complaints and documents previously filed and incorporated by reference containing relevant adjudicative facts, and to provide formal written notice to all interested Party(s) of same.
    2. SHORT PLAIN STATEMENT-Plaintiff has been victimized, damaged by Fraud since 1994 by the USA INC, the IRS and it’s clients who had 501C3 tax exempt status; ISKCON [HARE KRSNA CULT] and the parties in non REMIC-MBS, IMPAC SECURED ASSETS-2005-2, and all the other co-conspirators of Fraud for profit, by Retaliating against a Whistleblower.
    3. Plaintiff requests this Honorable Court, to take notice that he has filed an IRS 211 against defendants Wells Fargo, IMPAC and GMAC.
    4. In related state case 07-CA-14942-16767, attorney Monica Wilson submitted a Motion for Summary Judgment [scheduled for APR 30th @ 11AM] with it was an Affidavit of Indebtedness naming a completely different party then the plaintiff of 7 years.
    5. Upon information and belief, my alleged note and mortgage was illegally used in two different MBS “trusts” which is Counterfeiting and Racketeering.
    6. Taken as true, that means the case 07-CA-16767 Wells Fargo v. Farrell has been a Fraud from the beginning, and is now untenable as FRCP 1.110b requires verification, and this submission destroys that, and FS 720.015 demands the plaintiff have the proper papers at the filing of the case. As of now this is impossible, and Wells Fargo and GMAC and IMPAC have been illegally harassing Plaintiff herein since DEC 2007, and Plaintiff demands damages.
    7. Both “trusts” were “valued” at about $1.8 Billion each, they are both a Fraud, as they copied the same notes and mortgages and made two trusts out of the same papers.
    8. A QUI TAM reward, which I have been asking for since about JAN 2010, would amount into the tens of millions. The gist is that the notes were never in the trusts, they were pledged to DEUSTCHE BANK and Wells, GMAC,IMPAC are using the mortgage paper to foreclose on notes already discharged in AHM bankruptcy in JUNE 2008.
    9. Attached is a copy of my Opposition.

    I HEREBY CERTIFY, that a copy has been sent by US Mail to defense counsel

    Patrick Lorne Farrell-in Propria Persona
    Attorney In Fact-Sovereign-Secured Party Creditor
    signed “without the united states” and without prejudice/UCC 1-308
    UCC-1 Filing # 2007-356-2344-8 [12/22/07]-Wash. St. -DOL
    2904 NW14th Terrace-Cape Coral, Florida
    D.M.S.R. SEC.112.32
    APRIL 9,2014

  • Chris

    I have quite a case with Ocwen too. Took all payments, down payment, never applied anything, stole the money. Now, in 2012 the originator, while still in bankruptcy, claims ownership of this note and trying to get approximately 2x’s the amount originally due! Like you have everything…the judges are sitting on their hands…the government has to be allowing this massive land grab, IMHO Lawless at every level and destroying all land records, for years to come. Bum titles, etc…Thanks for your contribution.

  • Sylvia

    This is great news. However, I’m still wondering where the investigative reporting is on the meeting or meetings that resulted in the 49 state attorney generals agreeing to the mortgage settlement. The American public got sold out by the officials who should be the top law enforcement officers in their states. Where is the story on how that sell out occurred? We’ve read about the infamous Wall Street weekends when Lehman crashed, AIG, etc. But I want to know what you say to 49 AGs, presumably from both parties, that makes them sell their fellow Americans down the river! And when are the Clerks of Courts and Deeds of Register going to be held accountable for looking the other way as the tsunami of fraudulent deeds flow into their offices?

  • Yes. You are right. That “settlement” was a joke. Stay tuned for more reporting. We are just getting started. Marinka

  • david belanger

    GO http://WWW.rescaprmbssettlement.com THEN go to RECENT UPDATES



    Schedule A

    Schedule B


  • conrad burnett


    Thanks so much for publishing this article. I am an active creditor with the two secured claims and one administrative priority claim properly filed in the RESCAP bankruptcy case. I have stood before Judge Martin Glenn and he treated me fairly.
    GMAC foreclosed on my home while I was under contract for a loan modification.
    The “ROBO” signing and Notary Fraud was proven through administrative agencies and the trustees have yet to “exponge” my claims. I would like to be involved in this RICO suit so please forward my information.

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  • Maurice Welsh

    Its about time someone spoke up for the Homeowners. I have been fighting them in the courts for over five years with no results. I plan to stay up with this case as I am a FIGHTER! Maurice

  • levi

    “This is not a drill soldier, This is a live mission and you are a go!” I hope this man slaughters these filthy sub-animal international bankster thieves. Under the Bretton Woods Agreement these internationalists have no loyalty to anyone at anytime for any reason. These international bank thieves have done this in country after country and they are here doing the same activity. Destruction of the finances and economies of any country in which they are allowed to operate. If this filth and theft in the name of the American people does not come to a crashing end then America will shipwreck on the shoals of the criminal central bank (5th plank of Communism) and their fiat currency and credit scheme. We’ve all been trained to think in terms of a communist existence since early childhood (public schools, 10th plank) and we all participated. Just weights and measures money and no interest will eliminate this criminal element and cure our economic failure. Yes, corporations will not rule the world under honest money and we do not need them as we’ve all been indoctrinated to believe. They are a colossal failure for society and only serve the criminal element who plays on our greed with the promotion of this imaginary “person”. So destroy the communist banking and theft scheme of “commercial paper” used to plunder the wealth of the nation and destroy its industry, jobs, access to the natural resources and also attack the stability of families and their homes. I hope this 400 billion loss falls totally on the heads of this criminal element in positions of social manipulation and purposed harm they have worked toward us all.

  • Keep fighting. These cases can help all homeowners. Thanks for writing. Delighted to hear.

  • Thanks for your kind words. Done. — Marinka

  • KJC

    I wondered why Ob wanted everyone to refinance!

  • Deborah


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  • Herbert Lubitz

    I have been Pro-Se for 6 years against Homecomings and GMAC and when GMAC was in agreement with the federal Reserve and then claimed they sold the mortgage to Nationstar Mtg. through MERS which never was because the MERS mortgage was with Homecomings not Nationstar and actually tried to sign themselves into the mortgage foreclosure through secretary of MERS when she was Foreclosure specialist for Nationstar at the same time and after the deadline of Jan 1, 2009- 2010. The courts here in Bradford County PA side with the foreclosure Mills because their retirement funds are tied to the MBS that they put their retirement funds into. The citizens are sitting ducks to fraud through these courts, but nobody want to investigate. I need help here in PA to get an investigation started, there is unfair advantage going to these crooks.


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  • .
    Money laundering occurs when criminals disguise proceeds from criminal activities [ OPM FEHB _ HMO Program Fraud and HCFA|CMS State MEDICAID HMO KICKBACK http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm – Fraud ] as legitimate funds.
    The Clinton health care plan, known officially as the Health Security Act. Chair of the task force *devising the plan*, First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    1999 National Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Task Force: Deputy U.S. Attorney General ERIC HOLDER / http://www.JUSTICE.gov/dag/pubdoc/HIPAA00ar21.htm / running a criminal enterprise
    U.S. Attorney – Dispute Resolution Procedure T18CFR242CRIME
    Clinton Health Care – 1998 ANTI TRUST Exemption for the health insurance industry — PREDITORY PRACTICES _ criminal denial of covered claims _ Dispute Resolution Procedure _ ADVERSE DETERMINATIONS – T42CFR438.704 — allowing patient dumping and illegal billing, to force illegal HCFA|CMS State Medicaid Kickback conversion — in California T18CFR242CRIME http://www.dmhc.ca.gov/dmhc_consumer/pc/pc_imr.aspx, Florida, Illinois, Michigan T18CFR242CRIME http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm, Ohio, New York, and Texas
    Michigan Attorney General – Dispute Resolution Procedure – ADVERSE DETERMINATIONS – http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm / T42CFR438.704
    MICHIGAN Law Enforcement Industry
    Convicted in 1992 of stealing 2.6 million in Tax payer funds
    Detroit ( MI ) Police Chief – Wallace Hart — becomes the Division Chief – Health Care Fraud Division
    Michigan Office of the Attorney General from July 1997 – October 2010 — FULLY LAUNCHED in 1999 http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm
    During 1996, reorganization of State [ MICHIGAN ] Health Agencies and [ CMS ] Medicaid managed care ( HMO _ http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm ) initiatives were prominent because of their potential to keep the growth of health care costs in line and to PREVENT the need for HIGHER TAXES to support these programs.
    United_States_SENATE_Judiciary_ MALFEASENCE
    Subcommittee_on_Antitrust,_Competition_Policy_and_Consumer_Rights Jurisdiction
    Oversight of antitrust and competition policy laws, including the Sherman and Clayton Acts;
    Oversight of antitrust enforcement policies of Justice Department; and
    Oversight of antitrust and competition policies of the Federal Trade Commission
    Anti Trust Violation allowed by corrupt Department of Justice Officials T18CFR1001CRIME http://www.pacourts.us/NR/rdonlyres/3859D3F1-70EB-493E-9837-9D5F59E588A2/0/PennsylvaniaPublicHealthLawBenchBook.pdf
    Federal racketeering statutes, first enacted in 1934 and periodically amended, target a number of specific offenses, such as conspiracy to obstruct, or obstruction of, interstate commerce by robbery or extortion
    — From 2000 – 2007, For family health coverage in Michigan, the average annual combined [ illegal – http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm / health insurance ] premium for employers and employees rose from $6,817 to $12,151.3
    • For family health coverage in Michigan from 2000 to 2007, the average employer’s portion of annual [ illegal health insurance ] premiums rose 63 percent, while the average worker’s share grew by 171 percent.
    • From 2000 to 2007, the median earnings of Michigan workers increased 5 percent, from $25,910 to $27,096. During that time health insurance premiums for Michigan working families rose 17 times faster than median earnings — FORCED POVERTY http://www.pacourts.us/NR/rdonlyres/3859D3F1-70EB-493E-9837-9D5F59E588A2/0/PennsylvaniaPublicHealthLawBenchBook.pdf / causing individuals to loose thier HOMES and other personal property.
    2012 – T18CFR1035CRIME false statement — Debbie Wasserman Schults – Democrat – FLORIDA / interstate commerce / ” DENIAL OF CLAIMS is a thing of the past. ” — Anti Trust Exemption _ Department of Justice Officials allowing Federal HMO _ Patient Dumping and illegal billing to force illegal CMS State Medicaid HMO kickback conversion
    MEDICAID EXPENSE RECOVERY – More Extortion against Retired ( OPM FEHB et al ) Federal HMO Beneficiaries – http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm / illegal termination of Existing Federal HMO Hospital Insurance Policies and illegal billing, FORCED into illegal application for CMS State Medicaid HMO program for poor.
    Obama Health Care – 2010 — ANTI TRUST Exemption for the health insurance industry — PREDITORY PRACTICES – criminal denial of covered claims – Dispute Resolution Procedure _ ADVERSE DETERMINATIONS – T42CFR438.704 — allowing patient dumping and illegal billing, to force illegal HCFA|CMS State Medicaid Kickback conversion — adding – Connecticut, Maine, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Alabama, Mississippi and Nebraska.
    24 FEB 2010 — 12:00 PM Noon — U. S. House H.R. 4626 just passed – Removal of the ANTI TRUST Exemption for the Health Insurance Industry [ — FORCED POVERTY – 1998 still pending: http://www.pacourts.us/NR/rdonlyres/3859D3F1-70EB-493E-9837-9D5F59E588A2/0/PennsylvaniaPublicHealthLawBenchBook.pdf / T18CFR242CRIME – criminal denial of covered Federal HMO Hospital Insurance Claims_allowing http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm / patient dumping and illegal billing, to force illegal CMS State Medicaid HMO kickback conversion
    —- NOT passed by the SENATE
    Anti Trust Violation – T18CFR242CRIME — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder – Office Of Dispute Resolution For Acquisition (ODR) — Nov 23, 2010 … http://www.pacourts.us/NR/rdonlyres/3859D3F1-70EB-493E-9837-9D5F59E588A2/0/PennsylvaniaPublicHealthLawBenchBook.pdf / The Office of Dispute Resolution [ DENIAL of COVERED CLAIMS – using – State Liscensed Hospital HHS and Federal HMO employees for enactment of T42PHC417.1, the U.S. Attorney General ( ERIC HOLDER ) ‘Dispute Resolution Procedure’ fully launched in 1999 – http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm / Denial of Covered ( OPM FEHB ) _ Federal HMO Hospital Insurance Claims: a $25,000 HHS|OIG hospital anti-dumping violation, a $25,000 nursing home anti dumping violation, and a $50,000 HHS|OIG anti-kickback violation = $100,000 on EACH defrauded United States Citizen collected from the Federal HMO for denial of covered claims / civil and crime victims rights denied ] for Acquisition (ODR) is the sole, statutorily designated tribunal [ Federal District Courts have origional jurisdiction T18CFR24CRIMES ] for all [ Federal OPM FEHB _ HMO — Health Policy ] contract disputes …… T18CFR371CRIME / T18CFR1518CRIME / T18CFR1001CRIME ….
    From: PIONoReply@supremecourt.gov
    To: JustmyOpnion@aol.com
    Sent: 1/24/2011 10:41:52 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
    Subj: Supreme Court Submission
    Thank you for your submission http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm, it has been received and should it require any other information we will contact you at this e-mail address. – Public Information Officer, U.S. Supreme Court
    Subject: Health Law Contract Dispute DOJ Racketeering – http://www.pacourts.us/NR/rdonlyres/3859D3F1-70EB-493E-9837-9D5F59E588A2/0/PennsylvaniaPublicHealthLawBenchBook.pdf
    If someone is in imminent danger / http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm ‘ T42CFR1003.105 / http://www.pacourts.us/NR/rdonlyres/3859D3F1-70EB-493E-9837-9D5F59E588A2/0/PennsylvaniaPublicHealthLawBenchBook.pdf ‘, call 9-1-1 or your local police immediately. You can also provide information on the FBI’s electronic tip line, which we monitor 24/7. If you do so, please be specific and let us know up front that it is an emergency.
    Sent: 4/20/2011 12:42:32 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Subj: Imminent Danger ignored since 1999 http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm /
    FBI Tips and Public Leads
    Criminal Complaint Number 26799
    Your tip has been successfully submitted.
    HHS OIG Exclusions – http://www.pacourts.us/NR/rdonlyres/3859D3F1-70EB-493E-9837-9D5F59E588A2/0/PennsylvaniaPublicHealthLawBenchBook.pdf — Affordable Care Act (ACA); Public Law 111-148: Enacted March 23, 2010.£. The effective date for the new provision section 1128(b)(16) is the date of enactment, March 23, 2010.
    [CITE: 42CFR1003.105] Sec. 1003.105 EXCLUSION from participation in [ HCFA ] Medicare, Medicaid and all Federal health care programs [ OPM FEHB, TRICARE, CHAMPVA ]. A gross and flagrant violation is one that presents an Imminent DANGER _ http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm / allowing Federal Hospital Insurance Fraud _ Patient Dumping and illegal billing / denial of covered claims.

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  • Enjoy No Debt

    The 297 page affidavit filed in the Southern District Bankruptcy Court in New York is effectively a repeat of Morse’s dismissed case in the Eastern District of Texas which he has on appeal. This voluminous affidavit has many statements which are not first hand knowledge and are inferences on behalf of Morse. While the merits of the fraud may be correct, the affidavit has many troubling statements which the banks will attack.

  • The evidence needs to be presented before a jury. That is a critical point here. Why this is a problem is something you should consider.

    What aspects are troubling? You might want to go back and re-read both.

    Also, the case has not been dismissed. A final order was not filed. Morse is appealing judicial errors–it is in interlocutory appeal. You might want to look up what that means. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before commenting.

    Are you with the banks? Of course the banks are going to challenge everything. They have a lot to lose. They are challenging everyone and they are also taking homes away from people who have never missed a mortgage payment too boot. Nice. Hope it is not your home next. Marinka

  • mrT

    I have a similar story regarding securitized mortgages with a different bank, the Indpendent Foreclosure Review, Independent Foreclosure Review Administrator and the OCC. I’m a 99 percenter and the 1 percent wants that last little piece of me.

  • Sorry to hear. This really is everyone’s fight to restore the rule of law. You are either for it or against it. — Marinka

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  • elizabeth

    Dear Marinka, Thank you so much for this article. I joined Mortgage Endgame 2 years ago. Greg Morse is affiliated with this site and complaint and all his evidence is here. Greg’s lawsuit gave me encouragement to fight JPMorgan Chase. It has been so hard trying to defend my home when all i have come across is greedy lawyers that only want to shuffle paper looking at you with dollar signs. They look at how much you are not paying and want that money for themselves when they know they have you over an emotional barrel if you want to try to save your home. I had to stop paying my mortgage because 3 entities were claiming this property belonged to them.

  • Enjoy No Debt

    Hello Marinka
    I appreciate the feedback and I DO NOT work for the banksters. I am a legal consultant and expert witness that assist homeowners and attorneys defending their foreclosures. I have assisted in hundreds of foreclosure cases, many pro bono. I am not your adversary or the homeowner’s adversary, I am on the side of the homeowner, but I also examine evidence objectively. Additionally, I consult on numerous cases involving Declaratory Relief in Federal and State court over titles to homes.

    First of all, I didn’t state any facts, it was an opinion based on the information in the affidavit, which I have read. I am very familiar with Morse’s case in the Eastern District of Texas, Case # 4:2012-cv-00375. Morse has filed two cases in the Eastern District, the first one (case # 4:2011-cv-00230) was dismissed mostly without prejudice which allowed him to refile. The judge in that case said Morse’s case was ripe for adjudication at that time. Unfortunately, he pled a number of criminal RICO allegations, which one cannot do in a civil RICO case.

    The second case was filed with essentially the same merits. Alleging RICO, which is extremely difficult to prove and trying to do so against MERS and the Banksters is a real tough fight. I think the merits of the RICO case were solid, except it doesn’t appear that they were pled correctly. If you want to understand RICO, there are some very explicit prerequisites that must be met to prove RICO. Anyone can allege RICO, proving it is another story.

    My point about the affidavit is that it looks good to the average eye, but there are a number of conclusions made by Morse where he does not a have first-hand knowledge to the events, which makes those points within the affidavit questionable at best and therefore will be attacked. I am not saying they are correct or incorrect; I look for weaknesses in homeowner’s cases all day long so we can be prepared to defend them appropriately.

    Also, I am not convinced that this is an interlocutory appeal; I am not sure where you received that information. Interlocutory orders are generally temporary orders, i.e., a homeowner will get an interlocutory order to keep their house from being sold at foreclosure auction until the merits of the trial have been adjudicated. Federal Interlocutory appeals are typically permitted when the trial judge certifies to the appellate court in an interlocutory order that an important question of law is in doubt and that it will substantially affect the final result of the case. As far as I can see there are no interlocutory orders, only the “Order of Dismissal Adopting Report and Recommendation of United States Magistrate Judge”.

    The appellate docket in the 5th Circuit only has an ‘Notice of Appeal” and is not designating the case as an interlocutory appeal, see Court of Appeals Docket # 13-41141. Obviously, it will take time to develop and file the appeal, but at this juncture there is only an appeal from the Order of Judge Ron Clark in the Private Civil Diversity case filed by Morse previously.

    It would be nearly impossible for a homeowner to file a RICO or Qui Tam lawsuit and see it to the end. First, the cost would be prohibitive to the average homeowner if they needed to hire an attorney and a lot of attorneys could not handle the job, it is a big task. Second, the average homeowner would spend years trying to prove these types of cases.

    If you recall, Attorney Lynn Szymoniak helped to bring down the Linda Green Robo-signing case against Lorraine Brown and DOCx/LPS, which she filed as a Qui Tam, but she also had a team of office help to do research, write and edit briefs, etc.

    Are the banks stealing homes? Absolutely Yes! However, the successes that we have achieved have been to force the banks to follow state law, recording assignments by the law and following the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which has been codified into all the states’ statutes and force the banks to obey the laws of commercial paper.

    To reply to your statement:
    “They are challenging everyone and they are also taking homes away from people who have never missed a mortgage payment too boot. Nice. Hope it is not your home next.”

    I agree that they challenge everything, and there are cases where they go after people that never missed a payment, but this is not the biggest problem right now. The way the system is stacked this could become more prevalent as more layers of the fraud onion are peeled away, especially in light of the amount of agency mortgage backed securities being sold to China.

    I also hope it is not my home next which is another reason I fight these banksters every day. I hope this clarifies my comments.

  • 3 entities all claiming ownership? That’s awful and a common theme I’m afraid. Where do things stand now? Greg is in court as pro se. I have yet to hear from anyone who has had a positive experience with their lawyer.

  • Enjoy No Debt


    When you say “their” lawyer are you referring to the Defendant’s lawyer?

    If you do the research on the Defendant’s lawyers they have some real insiders inside the firm in Birmingham.

    Morse did not gain any brownie points with his statement that Judge Bush was suffering from diminished capacity, in response, Judge Clark responded in his Order Adopting the magistrates findings,

    “Finally, the court finds that plaintiffs argument that Magistrate Judge Bush’s rulings are the result of “potential diminished capacity, definite inattention to detail and potential judicial malfeasance” are baseless and without merit. The report is more than 21 pages in length and thoroughly addresses plaintiff s pleadings herein.”

    Due to the ResCap, et al., bankruptcy in the S. District of New York, several of the claims by Morse were stayed. It is easier to quote Judge Clark in regard to what was dismissed and stayed:

    “On August 13,2013, the report of the Magistrate Judge was entered containing proposed findings of fact and recommendations that Defendant Commonwealth Title Insurance Corporation’s Motion to Dismiss for Plaintiffs Failure to State a Claim [Doc. #15] and Defendants Homecomings Financial, LLC (“Homecomings”), GMAC Mortgage, LLC
    (“GMAC”), Ally Bank (“Ally”), Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”),MERSCORP, Inc., and Federal National Mortgage Association’s (“Fannie Mae”) Motion to Dismiss [Doc. #17] be GRANTED and that all claims against Defendants Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, MERS, MERSCORP., Inc., Ally and Fannie Mae be dismissed with prejudice for failure to state a claim, that any declaratory judgment action against Homecomings and GMAC be dismissed with prejudice, that any claims against Homecomings Wholesale Funding be dismissed without prejudice pursuant to Rule 4(m), and that all remaining claims against Homecomings and GMAC be and remain STAYED pending the resolution of the bankruptcy proceedings [Doc. #50].”

    Several of the claims were dismissed with prejudice, which means he cannot bring those claims again against those Defendants, if they were dismissed without prejudice he would be able to bring another suit and attempt to try them again. The stayed claims are tied to the bankruptcy case and cannot move forward until which time the bankruptcy case is over, however, if Morse can prove RICO those claims could survive to take another shot at the banksters on another day.

    Morse’s appeal will not be about retrying the case in front of the 5th Circuit, he will need to provide evidence that there was abuse of discretion, or other evidence that the lower court somehow erred when they were handling his case. Appeals are complex and have to be written and plead within strict and narrow boundaries.

    Furthermore, Morse attempted to make the same objections as his first lawsuit, as quoted by Judge Clark:

    “Many of plaintiff’s objections reference the Magistrate Judge’s rulings in a prior suit, Case Number 4:llcv230. According to the record in that suit, plaintiff’s prior suit was filed in this district based on federal question jurisdiction. The Magistrate Judge (who presided over the case based on the consent of the parties) found that plaintiff s claims were ripe but dismissed plaintiff s federal claims for failure to state a claim. The Magistrate Judge declined to exercise supplemental jurisdiction over plaintiffs remaining state claims and dismissed those without prejudice to refiling. Because Texas defendants were named and served in that suit, there was no diversity jurisdiction.”

    Judge Bush continues:

    “This suit was originally filed by plaintiff in state court but removed based on diversity jurisdiction. No Texas defendants were named in this suit, and plaintiff has never challenged the court’s diversity jurisdiction. Whether a plaintiff has stated a particular claim, the matter at issue here, is a different inquiry from whether that claim is ripe, one of the matters apparently before the Magistrate Judge in plaintiffs prior suit. To the extent plaintiff seeks reconsideration of the Magistrate Judge’s findings in 4:llcv230 in his objections in this suit, such objections may not be properly raised before this court in this case.

    The judge makes it a point to delineate between the claims that were ripe and a different inquiry, but makes the point that you cannot seek reconsideration from issues in the previous case. While much of this may seem like the judge is cutting hairs, this is the nature of the court. As I previously stated, the ideas and the merits of Morse’s case are viable and I am convinced that there was RICO fraud and the banks are stealing homes, however the pleadings were insufficient to push Morse’s claims across the threshold.

    In fact, I have read the entire pleadings in both cases and the one thing that stands out and is agreed amongst our legal team is that the pleadings are too complex and wordy and say the least with the most words. These mistakes are difficult for a Pro Se and a lot of attorneys to filter out prior to the submission of pleadings; in this case the inexperience in identifying certain avoidable technical mistakes appears to have really hurt him.

    Chief Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme court says in very succinctly in his Book, “Making Your Case, The Art of persuading Judges” that simple and concise pleading will win the day.

    These judges have to read voluminous pleadings day in and day out, the simpler and more concise you make it for the judge the better outcome will be for the Pro Se or attorney. As one judge said to me one time, “Your pleadings are fundamentally strong, except you say too much, just keep it simple stupid”. I understood that trying to impress the judge with my lengthy pleadings actually was an obstacle which he didn’t appreciate.

    Where this case is going, nobody knows at this juncture, however, a number of people on our legal team have questioned the filing in the bankruptcy court, but who knows maybe the judge will entertain the issue due to the SEC and IRS filings. In any event, it should be interesting!

  • Yes. It will be interesting. You do understand, right, that it is on interlocutory appeal? That is different than on appeal. Are you looking to represent him since you referred to “our legal team”?

    What you had written in your earlier post about arguing criminal RICO v civil RICO was correct. Greg did not do that which is why he is now a pro se. As you can see from other comments, good lawyers are hard to find. Thanks for your interest in this story.

  • StressedOut

    Marinka, thank you for this article, it was an eye opener. I currently make my payments to OCWEN, a debt collector. They are not listed on any of the documents I tried to get at the Los Angeles County Recorder’s office but I did see the words MERS written on almost all of the original documents from GMAC. My original lender was Homecomings and they structured it with a 1st and 2nd. Then GMAC came along and I was expected to mail my payments to them but the 2nd was assigned to Greentree. I also have 2 rental properties and Chase is the lender on one and Wells Fargo on the other. These documents also have MERS written all over them. We are struggling to make the mortgage payments and I fear OCWEN is ready to pounce on us and take our home.

  • Bear with me. I’ll have another story published shortly that will help you check your chain of title. If it is broken you might want to consider doing what people like Greg are doing. I’m afraid you might be right. Please keep me posted.

  • Paulette Ramsingh

    This article is a sad eye-opener. Thank God for Investigative Journalists. This is living on the edge…of Truth and Deception.

  • Enjoy No Debt

    Marinka. While a case of this magnitude is tempting to take on, the reality is that we have limited resources and the cost would most likely be prohibitive. Secondly, there is a number of mistakes that have been made and at this point most likely could not be rectified.

    As I previously stated appeals are tough and you are limited to what you can appeal. Furthermore, I am not convinced that this is an interlocutory appeal as there were no interlocutory orders issued in the case, so that terminology still puzzles me and I didn’t see anything on Morse’s 5th Circuit docket that indicates that this is an interlocutory appeal, unless there is something I am missing.

  • Enjoy No Debt

    StressedOut: OCWEN has a history of purchasing garbage loans from the banks that have slandered the homeowners loan package. OCWEN (btw, if you were not aware, they are an Indian bank) takes a lot of BOA garbage and tries to get the homeowner to bite on it.
    OCWEN has also purchased the GMAC garbage with the blessing of the bankruptcy court, which is just going to be another layer to cover the fraud. My suggestion, if you have not already is to file Qualified Written Request and Validation of Debt letters with OCWEN and repeat several times. You may be surprised at what they send back to you.

  • Yes, there are a few things that you are missing and it looks like your approach for today is to do nothing because it is cost prohibitive. Brilliant. Who knows what you will say tomorrow. You give me whip lash. Why don’t you just simply stayed tuned. Who are you? One minute it looks like you work for the banks and the next minute like a lawyer looking for cases? Who are you? Whip lash ….

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  • Enjoy No Debt

    Marinka, Sorry for the confusion, I was simply making comments about this case from a knowledgeable perspective. One of our clients forwarded this website to me and asked me what our opinion was.

    I don’t believe that I ever stated that we were soliciting clients, and I wouldn’t do such in this type of forum, it would not be professional.

    It is puzzling to me why you are being aggressive towards me, have I offended you in some way? What is the reason? I am not the adversary, this is exactly what the banksters want: divide and conquer. The banksters of their misinformation machine working the Main Stream Media and the internet to discredit any viable argument and make the homeowner look like the one who is the fault of this fraud.

    We have spent many years in this venue assisting homeowners, many times at absolutely no cost to the client. I would be willing to wager that we have spent more time than any other assisting people pro bono because we felt it is the right thing to do.

    That being said, we also need eat, feed our kids and put gas in the car, like everyone else. I don’t think it is very fair statement to tell me that my, “approach for today is to do nothing because it is cost prohibitive.”, when you don’t know me, don’t know what kind of work we do and how many families we have assisted by keeping them and their children in their homes.

    I would be willing to speak with you if you think we can be of some assistance, you have my email, contact me.

    We have a responsibility to do a good job when we get involved in someones case, whether it is pro bono or being paid and at this present time we have an extremely full case load of pro bono and paying clients. Are you asking us to assist in this case?

    Once again, I apologize if for some reason you misunderstood my comments to be something other than what they were.

  • Suzy

    Marinka, I am scared. I can’t open the steps to take to find out what to do. After two years in 2010 my mortgage was restructured by the exisiting loan holder ASC Wells Fargo.

  • No worries. No need to apologize. I don’t offend easily. I did find it amusing initially how you would write these epic comments and make sweeping conclusions without having all the facts. Are you going to keep doing that? Like I said, stay tuned. Get the full story. This case is live and Greg is not looking for an attorney. So, you are a lawyer or you work for one? Yes, we all need to eat and keep our lights on. Me too. Hence my excellent donate button. Reporting these stories takes a lot of work. I’m buried in documents right now. – Marinka

  • I’ll email you the link directly. — Marinka

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  • Ann Inquirer

    Who cares if something is ‘exclusive?’ I’ve never understood the egotistic need for that. What counts is that the information get out(without plagiarizing of course).

  • Have you noticed all the “media” outlets who only “report” other people’s reporting/work and don’t do any original reporting themselves? Original reporting takes a lot of time and effort. I know, because I actually do it. Exclusive shows it’s original. Journalism is not totally dead and no it is not an ego thing. It’s an ego thing when someone says its “exclusive” and it’s not. It’s ridiculous how many media outlets only offer “opinion” and “report” other people’s work. Lighten up.

  • Please join our cause.

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  • Curt Williams

    I’m considering taking B O A to court because my house is worth only half of what I’m paying for it I have the taxes lowered to reflect it’s true value now but I’m still paying the inflated value that it was sold to me for I tried to do their refinance program that is out here but they denied me it wasn’t to lower the over price but just the payment anyone have any idea where I should begin????

  • kween

    I was one of the individuals whose home was stolen from the Banksters who wasn’t even Holder in due course. A Forensic detailed Audit report with Cusip numbers and so on and so on was submitted to the Courts, Attorney’s and Attorney Generals qnd Governor’s, only to disappear and not even discussed or submitted into discovery, my own Attorney was in on the cover up as well. So how do you WIN!

  • Karen Mobley

    I have a lawsuit invovling Rico ,Mers and quite a few companies named within your article. I have some great information that details Sec fraud,altering records at your register of deeds office and tax assessor in the handshake. That helps MERS to pull off these illegal schemes. I would. Love to contact you. I believe that my case could possibly. Help yours and vice versa.

  • Jan

    We must bring the case before the Grand Juries. See: http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org Grand Juries are the 4th branch of government (WE the People). “Their” courts have no say – it is the court OF the People, FOR the People, BY the People. 10 states have set up their Grand Juries. We need ALL states to follow in their footsteps and take back our country from those that are stealing it before our very eyes.

  • Hanneke Lohse

    I have done a lot of investigating and actually have taken courses to understand this debacle. We are going to court next week. We actually are suing Homecomings, Residential Funding Corporation, Residential Accredit Loan , Deutsche Bank Trustee, Nationstar, Aztec Foreclosure Co……………………
    Yes after I found out that our loan was securitized and had learned that my loan in no way could have made it in the Trust, even though, it shows up in the Bloomberg Report as being in the Trust.
    It went from the originator Homecomings, to the Sponsor Residential Funding, directly into the Trust. The Depositor was bypassed, even though, the PSA requires it to be deposited into the Trust by the Depositor Residential Accredit Loans. I know it is wrong, I know where it went wrong,,,Still the question is who has my Note…..It is still unbelievable that the opposition says, that this does not matter. You signed a Note….Deutsche Bank says they are the owner and so does Nationstar say they are the owner, all within a matter of one month……An impossibility? May be there are more people who say they are the owner as well……Love this investigation and pray our system of justice will be fixed for all home owners

  • Thanks Karen, thanks all for your comments. Will pass along your contact info to Greg. Yes. The evidence overlaps. Thanks!

  • Greg has provided a lot of info at his website for steps you can take. It is:

    Hope it is helpful to get you started.

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