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Please report typos and corrections in the event they are necessary. I have no issues with correcting errors. Errors must be corrected. Corrections must be accompanied with documentation –no conspiracy theories or speculation please. Everyone makes mistakes.

Thank you.


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  • Rose

    I’ve added you to my library of good reading material. I look forward to your follow up on the MERS case in NYC. Greg Morse, I pray he will make it into the history books once again. I would also like to share your articles on FB and other reading sites where appropriate audiences can appreciate your work.
    Thank you for keeping real journalism alive.

  • Hi Rose,
    Thanks for writing. I really appreciate your kind words.
    Please share away. Thanks!

  • r. cirillo

    Enjoyed your interview with John B. in October. Of course I had to see who this talk show host was and I was not completely surprised. I have never had a feeling the son embellishes but I got the feeling on more than one occasion I might have been hearing exaggerated statements from the individuals mentioned here so this just confirms my gut feelings. I absolutely agree that being honest and correct when reporting is crucial and it’s something that is almost non-existent today. I can’t even stomach MSM anymore and have just shut them off completely. I believe I will be adding this site to my list of trusted new sources. Thanks for what you do and God Bless.

  • Thank you so very much for your kind words. Words cannot express how much I appreciate it. – M