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Another Hillary Clinton Fabrication? Clinton contradicts President Obama’s Iran Position

23 September 2009 One Comment

Typically when a U.S. Secretary of State makes an explosive, unsubstantiated statement regarding Iran, a country at war with the U.S. for 30 years, whose Regime is beating, raping, imprisoning and murdering its own people, has the blood of American heroes on their hands and a nuclear enrichment program that stands as the premier threat to the world, it would garner worldwide news and that person would possibly be held to account.

Not so with President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton even though her statement directly contradicted his Iran position. Instead Clinton is at the United Nations General Assembly with the President and so is Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmandinejad.

The accusation questioning America’s top diplomat’s credibility comes from Iranian protestors, many of whom have risked their lives to live free from Iran’s oppressive, murderous theocracy. The protestors disputed Clinton’s public contention that the United States had been helping them “behind the scenes” to rise up against the Regime’s barbaric crackdown after they peacefully protested the fraudulent June 12 re-election of President Ahmandinejad. The election results were endorsed by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who holds ultimate authority in Iran.

“We did not want to get between the legitimate protests and demonstrations of the Iranian people and the leadership…” Clinton said in an interview with CNN broadcast during her seven nation tour in Africa last month. “Now, behind the scenes, we were doing a lot,” Clinton continued. “We were doing a lot to really empower the protesters without getting in the way. And we’re continuing to speak out and support the opposition.” Watch interview.

Immediately afterward furious tweets coming from Iran dismissed Clinton’s assertion as false. Following is a sample:

  • This Velvet Revolution is MADE IN IRAN. Don’t try and take any credit Hilary [sic]
  • wld those of U who R US voters do Iran a big favour? Write 2 Obama & tell him 2 stp Hilary talking abt Iran evr again [sic]
  • Let me assure 1 & all that thr R no US/CIA ppl backing me or any of my trusted sources who R organising protests [sic]

And then the criticism rolled in.

  • @rosemaryCNN Great anger over Hilary remarks that US helped protests.
  • Twisted to use as evidence against those on trial. she risked lives

Secretary Clinton’s remarks are antithetical to President Obama’s no–meddling-in-Iran position.

So the obvious question that needs be asked and answered is who is telling the truth? Is it President Obama or Secretary Clinton? Because inquires to the White House and State Department have thus far gone unanswered let’s review the events to possibly see who is truth challenged.

Recall from the earliest days after the rigged June 12 election when the Iranian people gathered in peaceful demonstrations, wearing green arm bands, carrying signs, many in English that read: “Where’s my vote?” “We want freedom,” “Ahmadinejad is Not Our President, “We are not sheep,” “Stop Killing,” and in French, “Liberte Pour L’Iran.”

The Iranian people reached out to the world using the social network Twitter as their only means to communicate to the outside world. They tweeted allegations of the Regime’s brutal crackdown, which were later confirmed by graphic videos of abhorrent violence. Yet in the face of the Regime’s violence and oppression, the courageous Iranian people continued to oppose them armed with nothing more than their voices, signs, rocks and bricks, and for weeks after the election they were savagely attacked, clubbed, beaten, arrested and even executed, by axe-knife-baton-gun wielding Basij militia, the volunteer paramilitary force loyal to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei along with other Regime thugs.

Remember the protesters cries for help? Below is a sample of some of them via tweets and videos taken from last summer.

  • Dear UN & NGOs, why is Iran allowed to butcher civilians without even a word from you?
  • The situation in Iran is now CRITICAL – the nation is heartbroken – suppression is imminent
  • PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: We need help and sourvernity, today it turned out we need it more than ever [sic].
  • do you even recognize something called the rights of humans? who is still killing ppl in afghanistan? who turned iraq into what it is [sic]?
  • so predictable of our supreme leader! he talked about US conspiracy (as usual)
  • He is pointing 2 @BarackObama .
  • Khameini says Zionist-owned Western media to blame too
  • RT (retweet) @FROM IRAN: It’s Happening again It’s Happening again It’s Happening again! Obama Help Us! Obama Help Us!!!!
  • Hell on Earth RIGHT NOW ~Where are our world leaders ? Brave Iranians are spillin’ their blood for freedom: HELP SHINE A LIGHT [sic]

Read and see more here.

Recall how the Obama Administration’s response was to do nothing. Then as the irrefutable proof of the Regime’s violent, bloody crackdown continued to pour out on videos, President Obama eventually used strangely mild language to say that he was “troubled,” “appalled and outraged” by the crackdown. Instead of actively supporting the Iranian people standing up to a Regime who happens to be the largest State sponsor of terror, the leader of the free world assured the Regime that the United States would not “meddle” in Iranian affairs.

The very fact that Iran’s President Ahmandinejad is scheduled to speak today in New York at the United Nations, does not bode well for Secretary Clinton’s assertion that the US was helping the Iranian people “behind the scenes.” Her statement is simply astonishing. Did Secretary Clinton boast fake foreign policy credentials again—this time at the expense of the Iranian people as she did during her failed Presidential bid when she erroneously claimed to have dodged sniper fire in Bosnia or is President Obama not telling the truth? As Iran draws closer to becoming nuclear, America’s warriors who fight Iran’s terrorist activities in Iraq and Afghanistan and the peace-loving people of Iran deserve to know the truth. Indeed, Clinton is right about one thing, Iran’s nuclear program is “on everyone’s mind.”

Related. Update. On October 19, 2009, Iran blames ‘satanic’ US and UK for attack

IRAN’s armed forces have blamed Britain and the United States for a suicide attack which killed six senior Revolutionary Guards.

Military officers yesterday said the two bombings were carried out by “terrorists” backed by “the Great Satan America and its ally Britain”.

Note to the Obama Administration. For the last 30 years, the Iranian regime has blamed the US and the UK for everything whether it is true or not. This is just another example of that.