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Because of confidentially agreements I cannot discuss all the books, stories and investigations I worked on, however, below are some highlights.

In the Washington Post.
In Los Angeles Magazine.
The critically acclaimed Hollywood Memoir: The Kid Stays in the Picture

Archives: Some of my work … not comprehensive.


September 15, 2013: The Blaze: Benghazi Exclusive: FOIA Reveals More Could Have Been Done During and After Attack

September 5, 2013: Benghazi FOIA exclusive: Navy Denies Expedited FOIA Processing … not urgent … whose lives are at stake?

August 29, 2013 : Benghazi FOIA Exclusive: “No-notice” U.S. Marines never sent to help Americans during Benghazi or to secure crime scene—Syria at stake

July 16, 2013: Benghazi, the Muslim Brotherhood Connection & the Libyan Intelligence Report

June 3, 2013: War Drums Syria: When the Ethnic Cleansing & Religious Persecution Begins

May 28, 2013: Whistleblower Exclusive: Benghazi cover-up is the proxy battle with the war with Iran

July 2014: Kenneth Timmerman’s book: Dark Forces: The Truth about what happened in Benghazi confirms my reporting.

May 21, 2013: Benghazi Exclusive: State Department Denies Libya Weapons Buyback Program Exists

May 14, 2013: Obama and Hillary’s Benghazi aftermath: Libya on the verge of implosion

May 8, 2013: Benghazi Exclusive: Libyans Couldn’t Protect Americans they didn’t know were in Libya

August 2, 2013: CNN’s “Exclusive” confirms my reporting in CNN Exclusive: Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack

May 7, 2013: Benghazi: Will Hillary be charged with obstruction of justice?

May 6, 2013: Exclusive: Benghazi insider speaks out and backs up Fox News Whistleblower

May 6, 2013: Are the Republicans helping to cover-up Benghazi?

March 19, 2013: Benghazi FBI FOIA Request Denied: Stonewall Continues

January 22, 2013: CIA FOIA Request Denied before Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony

January 8, 2013: The Fix is in Part V: Hillary’s Benghazi Cover-up 101 for Dummies

January 7, 2013: The Fix is in Part IV: Benghazi Cover-up: The Hand Shake … Update Kerry FBI FOIA request denied

December 20, 2013: The Fix is in Part III: Hillary’s Benghazi Report (ARB) Blames Amb. Christopher Stevens

December 19, 2012: The Fix is in Part II: Hillary’s Benghazi cover-up

December 17, 2012; The Fix is in Part I: Hillary’s Benghazi cover-up—like Vince Foster death investigation

October 15, 2012: Hillary on Benghazi: The buck stops with her .. she will NOT resign … Videos …

RICO Reporting beginning June 2013

RICO: How to peacefully hold lawlessness in Washington accountable using the Racketeer Influence & Corrupt Organizations Act

RICO: How to Stop the Obama Administration Crime Wave

A Warning to Public Servants in the Obama Administration: It’s RICO time!

Daily Caller: RICO: The real way to hold the IRS accountable

VA Hospitals Scandal. Civil RICO lawsuits for damages … Video

Party with Bill Clinton? Bring Photo ID

FBI insists Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist

Memo to Journolist: FBI docs show alliance between Obama’s associates, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayers

President Obama Votes Present on Immigration Reform

President Obama Addresses Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Legal or Illegal?

Immigration Reform: Mayor Bloomberg’s Green-Card-for-Investors Idea is Already Law

Clinton Redux: The Joe Sestak Affair

Radical Islamic Terrorists and America’s Immigration Crisis

You’ve Got Mail: America’s Broken Immigration Agency at Work

1990’s Clinton Redux: President Bill Clinton Smears the Tea Party Movement

President Obama’s Next Nuclear Disarmament Move? Enriched Uranium Handouts

Viva the Bill Ayers Weatherman Revolution v. the Tea Party Movement

4 D Strategy: Clinton Redux and the War Against the Tea Party Movement Part II

Immigration Reform: Terrorists have applied for Green Cards

1998 Redux: Clintons Political War against the Tea Party Movement

Path to citizenship blocked by corruption

December 22: Rally to Stop Gitmo Detainees from Coming to Illinois


Laptops for Wounded Warriors: September 11th at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Terrorists in America

Is Sandy Weill using last days with CitiGroup perks to get perks for his charitable foundation?

Total RecallThe Volcker report has led to new questions about the role of one of Canada’s richest families in the oil-for-food scandal…

The Devils’ AdvocateIran’s democrats are furious that former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark is protecting the mullahcracy he helped install…

Washington Times, America’s Morning News: On the transfer of Guantanamo Bay terrorism suspects to a federal prison south of Chicago.

Some media mentions … not comprehensive at all.

A nice mention here from David C. Morrison, Special to Congressional Quarterly Homeland Security.

Homies: New DHS software “tries to predict what would happen in a real-world terrorist attack . . . involving tens of thousands of people attending a major sporting event,” AOL News’ Sharon Weinberger spotlights. To DHS and sister agencies, “the nightmare prospect of a coalition of narcos and guerilleros cruising the border is reason enough to sustain agents on the ground south of the border,” John Ross ruminates from Mexico City for The San Francisco Bay Guardian. DHS’s USCIS, “the agency that would be responsible for processing millions of illegal aliens should a path to citizenship become law, deserves national security scrutiny,” Big Government’s Marinka Peschmann maintains.

America’s Morning News

Marinka Peschmann, journalist and purveyor of MarinkaPeschmann.com: Ms. Peschmann said Americans are hearing two completely different stories about the transfer of Guantanamo Bay terrorism suspects to a federal prison south of Chicago: one from an unconcerned White House and Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill and the other from worried residents of Illinois.

Los Angeles Magazine Face-off: The Confounding Case of Marchioni v. Keyes

Marchioni was running out of time. She’d filed a letter of intent to sue, which gave her another three months. But as she was turned down by lawyer after lawyer, she realized she was going to have to write the complaint herself She turned to Marinka Peschmann—the ghostwriter on Linda Tripp’s book proposal—whom Marchioni tracked down after hearing Leno’s monologue. Together they pored over a 1992 lawsuit filed against Keyes by Gloria Arrasmith (Keyes plaintiff no. 16), who alleged that part of a scissors had been left in her face during surgery (the case was settled). Using Arrasmith’s suit as a template, the two women hammered out a 26-page complaint that alleged personal injuries due to medical negligence, batterry, lack of informed consent, falsification of documents, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Fourteen months after her surgery on September 19, 2001, Marchioni became Keyes plaintiff no. 23.

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