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Breaking: 30th Anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Massive Protests in Iran- Live on Twitter

4 November 2009 No Comment

Today, on the 30th anniversary of the Iranian hostage crisis where 53 Americans were taken hostage at the American Embassy in Iran and held captive for 444 days, massive protests are breaking out in Iran. President Obama issued this statement.

This event helped set the United States and Iran on a path of sustained suspicion, mistrust, and confrontation. I have made it clear that the United States of America wants to move beyond this past, and seeks a relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. We do not interfere in Iran’s internal affairs. We have condemned terrorist attacks against Iran. We have demonstrated our willingness to take confidence-building steps along with others in the international community. We have accepted a proposal by the International Atomic Energy Agency to meet Iran’s request for assistance in meeting the medical needs of its people. We have made clear that if Iran lives up to the obligations that every nation has, it will have a path to a more prosperous and productive relationship with the international community.

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8:00am VIDEO. Meanwhile on Twitter tweets from Iran are coming out fast and furious. Take a look.
RT @Iran_Translator: Reports are surfacing that several student leaders have been arrested during protests (can’t confirm) 1 minute ago from TweetDeck

  • Reply RT @JSLeFanu: RT @TNTIran #SOG Stay in the streets as long as you can… The world is watching!! We are with you!!
  • Reply RT @Iran_Translator: Again, RT as much as you can: People stomping over picture of Khamenei: http://bit.ly/6nKCw
  • Reply RT @nchevre: RT @manic77 Reports ppl sitting down around Hafte-Tir. Clashes outside Tehran UNI. #iran
  • Reply RT @Iran_Translator: !!!!URGENT!!!! People stomping over picture of Khamenei:
  • RT @oli2be: People prepare to stay out as long as possible. Tehran (via @manic77) #IranElection less than a minute ago from TweetDeck
  • Reply RT @Iran_Translator (Partially Conf) Isfahan: Many streets and avenues have been closed off by Sec. Forces to stop flow of ppl #iranelection 1 minute ago from TweetDeck
  • Reply RT @Iran_Translator: Update2: Partially Confirmed: Isfahan – Unconfirmed Mashhad, Qom, Lahejan 1 minute ago from TweetDeck
  • Reply RT @ghazal20033: news about shiraz&tehran/wed http://bit.ly/zqvAB 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  • Reply RT @Iran_Translator: Update1: Confirmed protests in Tehran, Mazandaran, Shiraz, Arak, Tabriz 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  • Reply RT @lissnup: @manic77 Confirmed Protests today in Esfahan, Shiraz, Mazandaran, Tabriz, #IranElection 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  • Reply RT: @judyrey: Radio: when around 7-Tir square, do not go to the side streets. Stay w/ the crowd.
  • Reply RT @manic77: Plainclothes from outside Tehran who were at pro coup protest outside US Embassy bussed to Enghelab st
  • Reply RT @royasmusic: RT @edwand: RT @EANewsFeed: #13Aban: Report of 2000-3000 people in Isfahan rally
  • Reply RT @Artemis_ia: RT @iran88 RT @iranproxy New #13Aban video chanting against Russia
  • Reply RT @Iran_Translator: (UnConfirmed) Isfahan: Clashes broke out between Greens and Sec. Forces. No news of casualties.
  • Reply RT @omidhabibinia: Call 4 Staying in Streets & Resistance- Heavy Clashes at Karimkhan Bridge. . Villa St. & Hafez Street.
  • Reply RT @ghazal20033: 2 video first show today wounded protester
  • Reply RT @iran88: Karroubi’s son to RadioFarda: Karroubi was at 7Tir Sq.security forces used tear gas on him,he’s OK
  • Reply RT @lissnup: RT @royasmusic if anyone gets locked out of twitter – go to www.twitterfall.com & you can tweet from there! #
  • Reply RT @ghazal20033: a new media windows yesRT@Ppl shouting out info abut ongoing protest to ppl in streets from their windows
  • Reply RT @AtlSafa:
  • Reply RT @lissnup: 13Aban 15:30 PLEASE RT, YouTube unfiltered in Iran, aTRAP 4those who upload videos., use PROXY servers
  • Reply RT @fahimn: Eyewitness from office: heavy riot police in vozara/ bucharest, lots of people, no blood
  • Reply RT @Artemis_ia: RT @Iran_Translator Reports of NEW clashes have been confirmed in Beh-Afareen Avenue and Hafez Avenue
  • RT @fahimn: Gunshots can be heard. I hope they are shooting in the Air Tehran 3:15 #Iranelection #13Aban #Iran rt
  • Reply RT @ghazal20033: but any way have some food and water for ur friends who are at streets sec forces now tired &hungry too
  • Video of people stomping on picture of Khamenei

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