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[21 Mar 2013 | No Comment | ]
Welcome to marinkapeschmann.com

Welcome! You’ve found the official online resource for news and information from Marinka Peschmann, an investigative journalist, and the author of The Whistleblower: How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power, the sequel, Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer, Crime & Incompetence: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis, and all my reporting that’s fit to print (for now).

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[21 Apr 2015 | 9 Comments | ]
She’s in: The Hillary 2016: Prison or President? campaign… Updated: Hillary for America Takedown Request

We’d like to congratulate the early HILLPoP2016 campaigners who had the foresight to know that no matter how bad things appeared scandal-and-indictment-wise for Mrs. Clinton—Benghazi, Radar’s Bill Accused! Jeffrey Epstein ‘Sex Slave’ Demands ‘Criminal Charges’ Against Clinton, Dershowitz, & Prince Andrew — Explosive New Affidavit, her private email server etc. etc., that Hillary would run for president again. Congratulations. Keep up your important work.

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[24 Feb 2015 | 73 Comments | ]

I never imagined, me, a woman, and a journalist, would have to defend and protect myself from self-described “men of God,” and potentially from some of their followers. But here we are. While Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle use intimidating, lawsuit language in their joint statement like: “slanderous,” “libelous,” ”malicious” etc. wrapped up in Bible scripture, while claiming “that [they] serve solely at the pleasure of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” it’s time for a reality check. Let’s see who is slandering and libeling who, and who is guilty of actual malice.

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[9 Feb 2015 | 37 Comments | ]
Poison Fruits: “Christian” alternative media stars Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann’s SWAT allegation also fake

Updated: While NBC’s Brian Williams is under fire, for lying about being in a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq, there is something wrong in the alternative media when “Christian” media stars make false, hair-raising allegations that scare their trusting audiences, seek donations, and are never held accountable.

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[26 Jan 2015 | No Comment | ]
Edward Snowden’s GCHQ journalists’ intercept threat revelation: How I became a risk to UK security after filing Benghazi FOIAs

This is what the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO), Libya Group, Middle East and North Africa Directorate, wrote me: “Additional resources would be required to deal with what is your fifth substantive [FOIA] request within three months, requiring the diversion of resources away from foreign policy work on such areas as security, counter-terrorism and developing the bilateral relationship with Libya.”

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[20 Jan 2015 | One Comment | ]
Egyptians on US Policy: Obama, Clinton and Patterson supported terrorism in Egypt. Memo to Benghazi Select Committee

About month after Morsi was elected, in July 2012, Egyptians were throwing tomatoes and shoes at Secretary Clinton’s motorcade and chanting “Monica.” They also held signs stating that Secretary Clinton was not welcome in Egypt. Neither was US Ambassador Patterson. “It didn’t help Patterson’s standing when she met with senior Brotherhood officials. For some liberal Egyptians, this was seen as nothing less than conspiring with the enemy.”

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[6 Jan 2015 | 12 Comments | ]
Select Committee asks why were we in Benghazi? Docs confirm MANPADS and gunrunning into Syria

As Shapiro’s remarks specify, the MANPADs Task Force, led by Clinton’s State Department, was an “interagency effort.” Those agencies included the Defense Chief Leon Panetta’s Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s DHS. Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petreaus’ CIA was also in Libya “collecting intelligence.”

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[19 Nov 2014 | 38 Comments | ]
Steve Quayle Exposes Doug Hagmann’s NSA Targeting Allegation is Fake … Updated

Updated again January 14. Please scroll down. It is in red. Thanks. I’ve obtained more evidence that Doug Hagmann, Judi McLeod, the owner and editor of Canada Free Press—whom I was writing for at the time, and “W,” Hagmann’s Intelligence Insider, also known as Agent Wayne, asked me to report a false allegation.

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[5 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]

As you are presently reviewing the records for transfer of 79 Gitmo detainees out of Gitmo, I respectfully ask for your same review of Sgt Miller’s record, and for that matter, a review of all our Sons serving in Leavenworth in relation to their actions on the battlefield of this war.

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[30 Oct 2014 | 4 Comments | ]
Memo to Chairman Gowdy’s Select Committee: Two military aircraft in full mission capable status on September 11, 2012. Never activated—Benghazi FOIA Exclusive

“On 11 September 2012, one KC-130T (AIC BUNO 022) was on station in Sigonella, Italy and the other KC-130T (AICBUNO 311) was in Djibouti, Africa. Neither aircraft was in an alert status. The two aircraft were in a full mission capable status, ready to be employed, but both aircraft lacked Aircraft Survivability Equipment (flares) which increased operational risk… There were seventy total SPMAGTF-A personnel at NAS Sigonella on 11 September 11, 2012.”

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[8 Oct 2014 | 20 Comments | ]

People deserve to know if they have been lied to, be it in the mainstream press or the “new,” “alternative” media, no matter how ugly the truth may be. There are “Christian truth-teller” media types who threaten and intimidate journalists with legal action and their colleagues who sanction such despicable behavior. Remember, it is only bad if the Obama administration does that but …

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[7 Oct 2014 | 2 Comments | ]
Memo to Benghazi Select Committee Rep. Martha Roby: Marines were Deployable—Benghazi FOIA exclusive

So the highly anticipated Benghazi Select Committee, chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), held its first open hearing on September 17, and the Committee is determined to get to the truth of the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, right? Then why did Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) make assertions about the Marines that were inaccurate and omit critical information?

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[10 Jul 2014 | 12 Comments | ]
Leaked Federal Reserve Doc:  Go from paper homeowner instruments to electronic.  Foreclosure fraud? What fraud?

Updated with what you can do, resources to check out and court cases. “Obviously an effort to introduce Federal legislation in support of a national electronic mortgage and mortgage note transfer system is a very ambitious effort,” Thomas C. Baxter, Jr., General Counsel and Executive Vice President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank wrote.

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[1 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]

Missed it? Listen. With Sgt. Derrick Miller’s mother, Renee Myers. We’ll be discussing her son’s case, who is serving a life sentence in Leavenworth for a shooting incident while serving in Afghanistan on his third combat deployment in a hot zone.

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[30 Jun 2014 | 15 Comments | ]
Legalizing Mortgage Theft? ULC’s Paper to Electronic Home Foreclosure Procedures Act

“If the HFPA proposal becomes law, it will make the theft of real estate in America as easy as pushing a button,” Marie McDonnell of McDonnell Analytics, a forensic mortgage analyst and certified fraud examiner, said.

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[26 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]

Missed it? Listen. It’s the economy, stupid! We’ll be discussing many issues including the ResCap bankruptcy, mortgage crisis, Warren Buffett, pensions and naturally the Clintons.

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[24 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]

Missed it? Listen here. We’ll be discussing how Obama frees terrorists and leaves U.S. soldiers in prison. The Sgt. Derrick Miller story.

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[23 Jun 2014 | 16 Comments | ]
Exclusive: President Obama frees terrorists while U.S. soldiers in Leavenworth. Sgt. Derrick Miller story

While President Barack Obama gave get-out-of-jail-free-cards to five top Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in exchange for POW Bowe Bergahl, U.S. Army Sergeant Derrick Miller remains in Leavenworth prison, in Kansas, sentenced to life with no hope of a sentence reduction, let alone clemency.

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[11 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]
VA Hospitals Scandal.  Civil RICO lawsuits  … Update

In an interview last week with Michael Savage on The Savage Nation, Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro concluded that the nationwide Veterans Affairs (VA) scandals constitute a RICO action. Naturally, the Judge is correct. But there is an important distinction to RICO that was not articulated during that short, fast moving radio interview. Criminal RICO versus civil RICO.

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[26 May 2014 | No Comment | ]

Is the pension bubble about to burst? Join us to find out.

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[22 May 2014 | 5 Comments | ]

Is a taxpayer bail-out inevitable or will millions of pensions eventually be wiped out? Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation represents 44 million Americans and runs a record deficit of $36 billion.

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[16 May 2014 | 4 Comments | ]

Update: Missed it? Listen. We’ll be discussing the latest reporting I’ve done on the mortgage crisis and NY bankruptcy that affects millions of homeowners plus how you can check you chain of title. Join us.

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[12 May 2014 | One Comment | ]
Sex, crimes and the generational blowback. The Clinton-Lewinsky it-was-all-about-sex-legacy + Videos

***Warning: Contains graphic, crude and vulgar descriptions*** Block children from view. Not for the faint of heart or easily offended. The truth is hard to swallow when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton’s sex legacy. Pun intended. If you have a problem with it, take it up them. *** You have been warned.***

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[6 May 2014 | 14 Comments | ]
Think you will own your house someday?  Think again.  How to check your chain of title … Video … Updated

With a stroke of his pen and a bankruptcy court order any chance of obtaining the deed to your home could be gone forever. If you find out later that you have a problem with the most important document that affects your legal, financial and property rights—your chain of title, sorry. Tough luck. Your legal options are gone forever. If you think you will be able to seek justice and get your day in court, you can forget about that too.

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[28 Apr 2014 | No Comment | ]

Missed it? Listen. We’ll be talking about the mortgage crisis, and civil RICO. If you are a homeowner and/or live anywhere–this affects you. Have you noticed how no one went to jail after the 2008 economic collapse? Tune in.

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[24 Apr 2014 | 76 Comments | ]

There has been virtually no press coverage of this bankruptcy that affects the entire U.S. economy, millions of homeowners and nations who purchased RMBS securities. It far exceeds, in dollar volume and social impact, the General Motors bankruptcy which garnered front page media coverage for months.

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[19 Mar 2014 | 2 Comments | ]
Response to Laurence’s Hit Piece:  The plot to ‘gut’ Hillary Clinton: dark arts and cheap Journalism. Hillary 2016. Prison or POTUS?

A highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct is another term for obstruction of justice. Attempting to lead a government investigation astray is a crime. Neither Hillary nor any of her staff were held accountable. This is only one example of many where Hillary Clinton has escaped prosecution.

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[9 Mar 2014 | No Comment | ]
Hit job in UK’s The Week: The plot to ‘gut’ Hillary Clinton: dark arts and cheap journalism … Updated

Another election cycle, another Clintonesque smear job. Looks like the National Enquirer’s WORLD EXCLUSIVE: INSIDE THE $500 MILLION PLOT TO DESTROY HILLARY CLINTON and my edited comments have struck a chord with the UK’s The Week, Charles Laurence.

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[9 Mar 2014 | No Comment | ]

Hillary 2016. Prison or POTUS? And latest with the National Enquirer …